Plan Your Non-Fiction Book

All good books start with a plan. It makes writing, editing, publishing and marketing it so much easier.

What Clients Say

The first step is always the most difficult - so here’s the help you need

They say everyone has at least one book inside them... but for so many people, that’s exactly where it’s destined to remain. Without a clear road-map, it’s a daunting undertaking. Which is why this guide is so very helpful, in getting the structure out of your head, and committed clearly - so the big-picture thinking is done, and you can focus on the execution. This book will not write your book for you! But it will help you get out of your own way and make a start.

Excellent book

This is an excellent book if you wish to write a non-fiction book. It is clear and concise and takes you through the whole process so you will be organised, inspired and ready to write. I would certainly recommend this book

I really refreshing difference on how to plan to write a book. I found this book really useful and am already starting to find structure in something I was putting off for years! Well done and thank you

In a weekend (or series of weekends) you will:-

Write The Right Book

When you don't know where to start, this book will help you to get clear, planned and ready to write. Let this book guide you through the process of writing your best book.

Be one of the 2% who starts and gets their book published.

  • Go from no idea to THE Idea and know what your book is about
  • Have your outline strategy completed
  • Know who your reader is
  • Have your book outline, chapter plan and chapter framework
  • Know what content you have, where the gaps are and what new content you need to write
  • How long it will take you to write, edit and publish
  • Have your master plan by your side to help you to complete and publish your book
  • Have your first draft written
  • You will be ready to write and publish your non-fiction book

Take A Course

Pathway to Publication

This course is for people who want to plan, outline, write, edit and self-publish their non-fiction book.

smple steps

This course is for people who want get their non-fiction book out of their heads and find time to write it.

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101 Questions to ask before you write a book