April 2

Plan Your Non-Fiction Book #21 – Creating Ideal Reader Archetypes


So much has been written about who your ideal reader or ideal customer is, it can become quite overwhelming and rather amusing when someone turns up who is in the wrong timezone or gender. However, you have to start somewhere…

Right now, how well you know the ideal reader for your book? People buy books because of some sort of outcome, solution or result that it gives them. In the first of a series of articles, we explore what makes an ideal reader and how to find yours.

Who is your ideal reader?

Reader archetypes

Trying to come up with ‘your reader archetype’ is a lot of fun. This is where you start by creating a written profile of your reader, what they look like, their name, where they live, what they may read, drink, where they go on holiday, among other things.

Your readers day

This is imagining what your reader is upto from the moment they wake up to the point that they close their eyes. It gives even more of an idea of who they are.

When you have finished, leave both of these and reflect.

The picture of your reader

Draw a picture of your reader. Do this by collecting images of things that you think encapsulates who your reader is. Collect photos of: –

  • Where you think they may live
  • What would they eat?
  • Their perfect holiday
  • Pets
  • Hobbies

As you can see, there are many ways to classify your reader, these are included to stimulate your thinking.

The ideal reader mood board

After this, collect pictures of things that connect you to your reader and create a mood board. Keep this in front of you when you are writing your book. It’s great for focus.

Leave these exercises for a day or two. When you come back after a period of reflection you should be clearer.

Knowing your ideal reader is one part of the knowing what the heart spot for your book is. I share these things in my book Plan Your Non-Fiction Book In A Weekend, which is available on Amazon.

Connect with me for 121 mentoring and take a look at the annual summer writing school. Make this year, your year to become a published author.


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