March 14

Reasons To Write A Healing Book


Come on a journey with me as I share with you the tale of a book that is not yet published…

This book has helped me to heal in so many ways, and it will help me again.

Back in 2018, my spine fractured, and I could not walk properly for almost six months, and I certainly couldn’t work for a year. It wasn’t just that my spine fractured; I had some other complications.

The doctor prescribed me strong painkillers and other meds to take my mind off what was going on. After four days of being in a stupor, I decided to go with the pain and use other methods to heal. When the rheumatologist told me to take the drugs or die (silly woman), I felt something stir in me as if someone had released a raging bull.

I was angry. No one was going to tell me that I was just another number in their practice. Nor tell me that they would not support a natural approach to healing. I would be seen and heard, and I would heal my way.

Call me bloody-minded, but I believe that medical care should be collaborative.

The first book in this longe healing journey was my journal. A journal, for me, is always the first book of healing. In this book, I shared, blurted and raged. But I also researched and reflected. It was because of this book, I wrote a book.

I wrote a book called Healing Osteoporosis Naturally.

Hours and hours were spent reading other books on osteoporosis, nutrition, physiology and energy healing, research papers (ug), watching videos and being in specialist groups. What helped me was that I had over the years studied nutrition but had never qualified – my choice.

Armed with all of this knowledge, I created a living document of everything I knew about myself and then, with the big picture, I experimented on myself. I tried different protocols while I searched for my root cause.

It took me a long time to work out why my bones had almost faded away. Like a massive jigsaw puzzle, it came together.

In no time at all, my book was almost ready. I’d got my second DEXA scan, and I was elated as my bone density had risen by 2.2%. All of my hard work had paid off. I was ready to get out there and share my story, the journey and my healing secrets.

Then disaster struck. What I thought was my root cause wasn’t—doubt set in. Yes, I had done an amazing thing, but who was I to write and publish a healing book when what I had was not what I’d been writing about.

The book went into the OLD folder. There was no way I could share this. And so that is where the book that helped me to heal languished.

So far, my journal and writing my book helped me to heal.

But more was to come.

Discovering MGUS

I discovered that I had a condition called MGUS. MGUS rolls off the tongue – monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance. Which means they don’t know much about it. But the kicker is that it is allegedly incurable, and it’s the precursor to multiple myeloma and other cancers – which are incurable.

I’ll be honest, I freaked.

It turns out that many people with this little delight get osteoporosis. This is what threw me. Little is known, so most people who do get osteoporosis with this follow the drug route.

After my initial shock and fear, I used my journal to support me. I simply put this to the back of my mind, decided to continue to eat well and live my best life. Unlike me, I did not decide to write a book

The haematologist I have been assigned is rude, always late, disorganised and will not answer questions. This approach to medicine riles the hell out of me. For someone like me, this is an igniter.

On our last consult, she told me, like the earlier specialist, that I would have to take drugs. My latest bone scans tell me that my bones remain the same (two wedge fractures and osteopenia), the MGUS is the same, but some of the other things are low. I realised that during lockdown because I could not buy the foods and other things that I needed, and I’d slipped into a place where I thought, it’s ok, I can sort this out later.

I simply muddled through, to my detriment.

However, later has come. My book, which I can’t publish in its current state, has come back to haunt me.

I have a new title and a new reason for being with it. Doh! It’s my story. It’s my healing journey, and going back to it with new eyes will help me continue to heal and keep my bones healthy. I need this focus and motivation to make sure that I remain well – if only to walk the furry ones four times a day.

Write a healing book

We are all on a healing journey where different people, philosophies, messages and teachings come into our lives at just the right time as if we are magnetically drawing them to us. Each of these makes us who we are, and it is never by accident. Therefore, it is never by accident that you feel drawn to write your story – however, you approach it. Or however long it takes.

None of us finds ourselves on a healing journey by accident, as you will discover as you move through writing your healing book. The path to successful healing (wholeness) can be long and strenuous. It may involve pitfalls and obstacles, but it will none the less be rewarding.

You are likely on a strange journey, like me, encountering many intertwining, crisscrossing things. How those journeys go depends on our willingness to open ourselves to the knowledge and wisdom we receive and consider with purpose and faith what the messages mean.

What clues they provide are part of your inner guidance system.

With the best will in the world (and the best planning), you will not be able to anticipate everything. And not even the shiniest crystal ball can show you the way. Therefore, you must be willing to adapt and change as necessary. Having an open mind and heart will help you navigate any uncharted highways and byways of this life and the button that says publish.

Like it or not, we are always changing and adapting to challenging circumstances in our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and in our environment.

It is important to not tolerate change for change’s sake but embrace and accept it so that our soul’s journey through this life is much more pleasurable.

In some respect, the journey we are on is a journey without end until we reach the end of our Earthly existence. It seems to me that every time I think I have succeeded, something else comes along. I am simply flowing from experience to experience. From a new vantage point, I can design the next step of my journey with new perspectives and outcomes.

Your book will be a part of your healing experience. It will and can be a fantastic transformative process. I hope, too that it allows you to accept the lessons that you have been given without judgement, shame and guilt.

When you write a healing book, you write it so that you can heal, grow and change. But that is not all; you will write your book to inspire and impact others.

There are people out there waiting for your story to motivate them on their healing path.

A tale of two healing books

When I originally wrote Healing Osteoporosis Naturally, it followed my story from the moment my spine fractured, over a year of discovery (personal and medical) and ended two years later with the results of my hard work. I shared my step by step approach, which worked for me and my healing. Although the personal experience at the time was horrible.

Writing it was massively cathartic, and it served its purpose by allowing me to heal. But it has come back and is asking to be reviewed, updated and shared in another way.

The book now languishing on my computer will be rebirthed and will help me to continue to heal.

Which is the best way to write your healing book?

I always start with your story, which will lead you into your reason for being. Then it is all about planning and finding a writing process that helps you to put your story in perspective. When you do this, you can sort things out because you are seeing the events of your life in order and will see the patterns of your behaviour. As you consider each chapter’s key messages and how possibly you would advise another how to deal with these things, you gain massive insight.

The first draft will be an outpouring, and it is in the editing that you will gain clarity. I confess that it is not an easy process, but it is cleansing for the soul and rewarding. I often look back at what I have written and think – was that really me?

You can also write this like a patchwork quilt. Write a list of possible chapters in the order of the story and put them in a ‘hat’, and drawn one out as the urge to write comes to you. In this way, you are dealing with what needs to be considered at that moment. Later you can timeline your patchwork quilt and put it in order. Though I suspect that you will have healed when writing and reflecting and may not wish to go back over old stuff.

As you write, you will heal

There is nothing like the magic of writing a book that allows you to heal as you write. However, now you are driven to inspire others. Books often have this magical power that opens our eyes to a need in the wider world. When you write a healing book for a bigger purpose, it can lead you into a business that you might never have realised was bursting to get out.

We need stories; they are the foundation of humanity. It is with your story you grow, expand and transform. And it is your story that will enable someone else to know that it is possible for them to do the same.

Your book (or books) can become a brand asset, which is part of a bigger branding toolkit. You now have something, which can be used in many different ways – online programmes, building a speaking career, a methodology for x, workshops and whatever else you feel is right for you.

Your book is how someone else can get to know you without ever having met you, or after meeting, you become more intimate with your thoughts and ideas.

It’s important to not get carried away and to ground your book with some business sense. Make sure that you have the right support around you to become clear on what your business is, who your ideal client is, your vision, core message and what you want to be known for, among other things.

Your book contains a package of knowledge that will help you to create something you can be proud of in the world.

Your healing will continue as you inspire others.

Will your book become a bestseller?

Whilst being a bestseller is a wonderful accolade and achievement, touching the hearts of others and inspiring others to heal and grow is, in my opinion, what we are here to do. And yes, you can do both, as long as you understand what is required to market your book to bestseller status.

If you have been on an incredible healing journey, you may not have the energy to take your book and sell hundreds of thousands of copies. We will look at true bestseller status another time.

Your inspirational message

Knowing that you have an inspirational message to share is the first step; how you get it planned, written, edited, published, and marketing is simply a process. Apologies, I make that sound easy, and it is, if you know how. It makes sense to do what you can and want to and outsource the rest.

When the process is connected to your story and reason for being, you have something that will have you smiling for a long time to come.

I often get huge goosebumps as I am drawn gently into the world of another’s story. When these books are published, I know that they will be using them as part of that bigger picture and will, without a doubt, leave a magical spell in the hearts of others. Not only that, their content will provide the basis for many other products and services that I talk about.

I continue to maintain that a book is not just a book. It is a brand asset; it is a personal development and healing tool. It creates clarity of purpose, draws out your reason for being and lets you make a heart to heart connection with your community. When you are in your zone and can add genuine value, you will get a return on your investment.

Should you publish?

No. If what you want to do is to write your story for yourself, why put yourself under that pressure? I have coached many people through a healing book process, where we have known that the book will never be published – it is the healing that matters.

You may have this feeling and calling that you want to get this book and your story out, but something keeps holding you back. I’d suggest that this is a book just for you and to stop thinking about how to get it into the world. Write it and then decide what next?

Yes. If you want to create something with this book. Decide what your vision and strategy are and what you need to do to make this a reality. Consider what you will do with this book and create a plan.

Start your healing book with a journal

My favourite book of all is the humble journal. I have many of them, and when I feel I am entering a new or different phase of my life, I start a new one. This is a place I can write, scribble, doodle and rant. It’s what I reach for when I wake up in the night feeling fearful or excited. Writing in my journal has saved my life.

When I was first my healing bones, my journal was my constant companion and research assistant. One day, like all of my other journals, it will be burnt. I like to release the past to the flames and ignite something new.

I know many like to hold on to their journals, but for me, they need the clutter in the house to be let go off. In this way, we open up space for a new opportunity.

To start journaling, all you need is a beautiful journal and a pen. Put it by your bed and when you clamber in, write about your day, perhaps ask some questions, and most of all, let go and simply must.

Many swear by morning pages, a few sides of your journal where you let your muse guide you in the morning. I find that in the morning, the questions I have asked the night before seem to magically have answers.

The bottom line is the reasons to write a healing book is for your continued healing journey and to inspire others on theirs. And, of course, you can build your personal brand and ignite your success.

Ready to write a book? Get in touch.


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