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Join the summit on the 3rd of June and hear from our incredible authors who will share their story.

These are authors who have healed trauma through the power of words, and have shown incredible bravery in writing and sharing their stories.

Speakers: Dale Darley, fellow lead author Wendy Kier, Lorraine M Biggs, DebS, Dr. Monika Chugh, Merilyn Parker, Nicole 'Kaliani' Sakarra.

Date for your diary: 3rd June 2022

Time: 12.15 to 3.45pm UK

From The Back Of The Book

The phoenix is the symbol of renewal and rebirth. As one life ends, a nest is built, the old phoenix sets fire to itself, and a new one emerges from the ashes.

Rebirth and renewal are never easy, as the stories of these brave women will testify. Each shares a story of a fragmented and fractured life. To feel safe and secure often means stepping through layers of darkness and fragments of yourself to find the light and a way back to who you truly are. 

Letting go of fear, shame, guilt, and anger asks that you allow yourself to connect with the emotions you have suppressed and acknowledge them. It also asks that you grieve the old you, learn to love yourself, reclaim your self-worth, speak your truth, and allow the old illusions to dissolve.

Taking charge of your inner healing as our writers have done is life-changing. We hope that these stories inspire you to know what is possible with your healing.

What you will learn:

  • How trauma, old wounds, and deep emotional scars do not define you
  • How to find purpose, meaning and hope in your story
  • How to rebirth, reclaim and step into the authenticity of who you truly are
  • Step into a new stronger, resilient wiser you igniting and rising from the ashes and into your power
  • Seven proven, time tested personal development exercises that you can do straight away to change your life today

About the Healing Book Project

The Healing Book Project Is the brainchild of Wendy Kier and Dale Darley. In this book, we share inspiring stories of women, who have overcome trauma in some guise or another, stories that create insight, influence, learning and change lives.

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