Self-Love Multi Author Book Project

These anthologies are all about self-love and sharing inspiring stories and wisdom from women about their self-love journey.

These are collections of stories that touch hearts and change lives.

  • Are you an inspiring, motivated woman who is on a mission to share her story and lead by example?
  • Do you have a healing story based on your self-love journey that will inspire and changes lives?
  • Have you overcome something that has taught you about the power of self-love?
  • Would you like to have your book in your hands and be an author in just 12-weeks?

Then apply now...

We start in September

The Self-Love Anthology Series

Three incredible books in the series...


Journey To Self Love 


The Power of Self-Love


Beyond Self-Love

Here's What You Will Get...

The short version...

Conscious Women Tribe
  • THE CHAPTERS: Share your  empowering personal journey to self-love story.  Write two chapters - one your story and two your wisdom/self-help piece.
  • THE BOOK: I will guide you through how to craft your story so that it connects with your reader. You will learn how your wisdom/self-help piece. And I will show you how to edit, and format it, ready for publishing
  • TRAINING AND SUPPORT: Amazing LIVE training and get it done sessions. 
  • BESTSELLER STATUS: Everyone becomes part of the marketing team and you'll be guided you step by step through a proven - get you to No. 1 on Amazon process. You will be able to use the title of No. 1 Bestselling Author for ever!
  • THE LAUNCH: We'll create a launch event showcasing you, your book and your business.
  • AUTHOR SHOWCASING: I will interview each author for my YouTube channel and blog - you will be able to use this in your own follow on marketing.

Investment: £865 (payment plan £295 non-refundable deposit and 3 monthly payments of £190.

More than just a book...

My role is to inspire female entrepreneurs to write, and publish brilliant multi-authored personal development books on the subject of self-love. These are books that reach hearts, impact lives, change the world and help them to leave a legacy.

  • This is done differently. No drop me a chapter and I’ll do the rest
  • As a long standing writing coach and mentor I will help you to find and develop the right story
  • You get two bites of the cherry, one is your story and the second is your self-help piece which will connect you, your story to your brand and business
  • And we work together as a powerful marketing team – now and in the future


Not only will you learn how to elevate your authority and credibility, you will learn how to use this book as a launchpad into a brighter future.

Previous Book Projects


The Phoenix Rising

Rebirth was launched on 6th June, 2022 and contains stories from incredible women who have overcome trauma in some guise or another.

Make a real change - Join the next project

One vision

This is for women who have overcome something in their journey to self-love. This has enabled them to become or they have the desire to become inspiration leaders. You have taken risks to break free from what was holding you back.

You have trusted your intuition and instincts, which supported healing your heart.

You are a heart centred, warrior woman, who knows the truth of who you are and you are here to lead and inspire.

Are you ready to come on a magical journey? Is the spirit of the your story calling you?

Leading The EVE-olution

The world needs women who have woken up to their true power and lead from the heart. You connect your heart's desires to an innate knowing of how to use your challenges, lessons and gifts to inspire hope.

Together as we share our stories, we have the power to create alchemy and bring to life what our communities need.

So, what do you want to create? 

Why I created the Self-Love Book Project

Following the success of Rebirth I witnessed first hand how having a life changing book affected each of the authors and their confidence. I knew that I needed to do the same for others. My journey to self-love is what inspired me to take this theme forward.

Warrior woman

What is your WHY?

We each have a purpose, a reason for being, something that we are here to do. Some call it soul purpose, and some call it our divine destiny. What is certain for me is that what we have been given through the challenges, conflicts, and lessons are gifts. We have experienced these things so that not only can we heal in this lifetime, and we can help humanity to heal.

 In all of us is the power to heal. 

Is this your time?

Is it as simple as sitting down at your keyboard and letting it all flow? Not exactly…

Writing and publishing a book is something you do with careful planning and intention. But don’t worry, that's covered.

Self-love project website

Dale will help you to:

  • Find and develop the right story
  • Know where to start your story and make sure that it emotionally connects with your reader
  • Plan your chapters
  • Clarify your message
  • Find inspiration and flow
  • Help you to overcome any resistance
  • How to develop a consistent writing practice
  • Get it edited with a professional editor
  • Manage this emotionally
  • And all of the rest of the book stuff
  • Plus how to create a product roadmap for future success

What else?

01 - Writing
  • Provide a safe space for you to learn and create your best chapters
  • Live training on how to write your life-changing story
  • Personal feedback with Dale
  • Professional proofreading and editing
  • Get it done sessions (planning, writing and editing)
  • On line training for when you need to catch up or need extra support
02 - Book Creation
  • Cover design
  • Interior design and formatting
  • Final edits completed and book ready and available as a paperback, hard copy and e-book
  • Get it done sessions
03 - Marketing and Launch
  • Live training on getting the book launch-ready (week 8)
  • A done for you marketing bundle to help you reach as many people as possible
  • Meet the author live online event
  • We go live, and you become an established book author
  • Get it done sessions
  • Live one day launch

More than just a book, I go the extra mile….

writing time
  • I will share the book project plan so that you understand the timelines
  • I am on hand in the private Facebook community
  • Each month I will host "Get it Done" coaching sessions to help you stay motivated on track and hold you accountable
  • I will answer any questions you have and provide training on demand when requested
  • I will create a website page that will showcase you as a published author with your author interview
Author content strategy

The truth is if you were to write a book and go it alone, you could end up taking years, could end up paying thousands in editing, proofing, design, feedback and getting reviews.

So what I am doing is providing you with a shortcut because I and my team are doing all of the backend work. That takes time, money and energy so you can focus on what you do best.

What I need from you

  • To write a 3000-word story that has a clear being, middle and end, which focuses on healing that takes people on a journey
  • Write a second smaller chapter of up to 2000 words which is your practical guide to healing which supports your story and your business
  • To make use of the "Get it Done" coaching meeting and expert training
  • To work collectively towards the deadlines provided in the 3-month book launch breakdown
  • Be an active participant in the book launch and marketing
  • Use the marketing bundle created to promote the book to gain global recognition and exposure for you and everyone involved
  • Reach out when you are not sure, need help or feel stuck

Becoming a self-love book project writer

Book proposal

And best of all...

  • You will become an established and credible author of a healing book
  • Your profile will be significantly raised, increase your fees, be paid to speak, get into the media, become recognised as an authority
  • You will be impacting others for years to come all around the world in places you would otherwise never be able to reach


You can network with the other authors - we are facilitating online networking events for our authors, so you get to create joint venture opportunities, collaborations, and referrals!

Journey to the centre of your heart

Dale's gift to you

BONUS: WRITE: Your non-fiction book course so that you can go on to plan, write, edit and publish your own book if you want to


Can I write and edit my chapter and just join in the launch and marketing phase?

Yes, you can. Your chapters must be polished, proofed and edited, without spelling and grammar errors. You will join at week 8 with the marketing training and stay with us through all of the phase 3 get it done sessions. You will get the marketing bundle and a course that will help you to plan, write and edit your chapter. The cost for this is £595.

When does the next project start?

The next project starts in August with the preplanning phase. The LIVE sessions commence on Wednesdays at 3pm CET, 2 pm UK, 7am PST, 10am EST.

Can I market the book on my own if I want to?

Yes, you can market the book, being mindful of the other authors.

Will I be able to sell the book on my own and who gets the proceeds from the sales?

You can order up to 999 copies of the book at cost price plus postage from Dale. You can then market and sell these at events and from your website AND keep all of the profits. All books must be paid for before delivery. The books are shipped directly from Amazon.

Who gets the profits from the books sold by the Self-Love Project on Amazon?

All profits are stay with the project lead.

Do I as a co-author, own the chapters written by me?

Yes. You will always retain the copyright of your chapters.

Can I quote or use another author's content for marketing?

Yes you can.

Can I market the book with another author?

Yes, we actively encourage you to work with other authors.

Can I turn my chapters into anything I want?

Of course. Your chapters will lend themselves to many other products that will help you to build your brand.

Can I promote the book through my PR channels?

Of course. Please check with other authors before they are quoted and gain their written permission.

How will all of the authors work together?

Each book has 6 authors. Each project is 12 weeks, although the ongoing promotions will be for much longer, through the individual and joint efforts of the authors and founders.

The authors will work as a team to support and promote their book - there is a plan!!!

Then each cohort will be able to support all future ones, giving them further promotional opportunities and a reminder to market their book and story.

Plus the authors will have the opportunity to meet all other authors for networking and potential collaborations.

What is my investment?

Investment: £1285 (payment plan £497 non-refundable deposit and 6 monthly payments of £151. This is not a membership and therefore the total payment is required.

Can I get a refund?

Once the project commences, there are no refunds available as we assume that you have agreed to start and will have consumed the content.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Please note that legally we cannot guarantee any incomes or sales results, no coach or mentor can. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, skill set and work ethic, we simply provide what has worked for us. Our program covers content creation and strategy, marketing and implementation is outside of our remit. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, this is not for you.