Another book I adored working on is Motivate Yourself by Andro Donovan. Andro is one of the most’ motivating’ as you would expect women I have ever met. All wrapped up in a beautiful, caring soul.

Andro found me via recommendation. I was blessed that she did because her book is another that challenged and changed me as it unfolded.

It is never just the words, it is the process, and the person that combined have such an effect.

It was 2015, and back then, we met on Skype, and I had hoped that one day we would meet in person. It is often difficult to coordinate diaries for an in-person meet-up when you live in different countries and one of you also travels widely.

Andros’s job, if you can call it a job, is as a personal leadership coach. She runs incredible retreats which enable busy people to find their life balance. Everything she does is based on living according to your values.

It seems obvious, doesn’t it, to live your life according to your values? However, do any of us do it? By that, I mean fully immerse ourselves in what our values represent for how we live and love.

When finally I met Andro, it was as if we had been friends forever. First, she opened her home for me so that we could work together. Her family, which had the added bonus of a gorgeous dog, welcomed me and made me feel so at peace. Then, as an even bigger surprise, Andro arranged for the gorgeous Alison Anandi Francis, aka The Sleep Guru, another book client (and friend), to come for dinner and a morning yoga session. I had equally never met Alison, so this was enormous for me.

Collaboratively editing the book over the next three days brought up many things about the aforementioned living a values-based life. But also for me about finding some personal balance. Because of this, I eventually gave myself permission to live in this way. Our time together was unforgettable for so many reasons. I left motivated and inspired, which is a good job as the book is called Motivate yourself.

What also inspired me was Andro’s determination to find a traditional publisher. This was an important aspect for her personally and for her personal brand. She worked incredibly hard on her book proposal and found a way to get it to the right person. The rest, as they say, is history.

Andro is an expert on motivation. She delivers with grace and practices what she preaches. When up against deadlines and running retreats, she nailed it. She motivated herself and took brilliant action.

My advice is naturally to buy the book, but don’t just read it, do the work, and you will find fulfilment. And don’t forget, if you loved it as much as I did, review it. Reviews mean so much to an author.

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