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Create lasting change through journaling, writing, reflecting and creative writing exercises

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Monthly Journal Prompts

Each month there will be a theme. You'll get prompts to guide you and in the group we will discuss that months theme.

Affirmations & Mandalas

Affirmations create pathways to better habits and a stronger mindset.

Mandalas, help you to connect with your inner wisdom.

Writing Exercises

Extra writing exercises to give you food for thought and personal growth.

What do you want?

Become The CEO of Your Life

What is the vision you have or had for how your life would pan out…?

How's that going?

Are you on track?

Perhaps you are in a phase of your life where you are adjusting to that and getting clearer on what you want. Maybe you have given up, believing that it just isn’t possible (for now) or are you working your way through treacle and know it will be ok in the end?

Go forwards in time. Will you look back and wish you had taken a different route. Wish, perhaps you’d read the book, even written the book, taken the course, followed your heart, said goodbye to a job or business you hate?

I believe that we are always on the right path but that we always have a choice about how that pans out and which direction to follow. There is never failure, only feedback.

By aligning your energy, hearts desires and vision, you can set a path towards what you really want.

Fear leads to procrastination and lack of motivation and usually stops you from moving forward. However, this spell can be broken, and you can manifest magic in your life.

Let me ask you:

♥ What do you want to create?
♥ What do you want?
♥ Who do you want to become?

We are all on journeys to discovering who we are so that we can use those experiences to make a difference and an impact in the world.

People who do this know who they are because they have been on an inner journey to find the leader within and use that to take charge of their lives and the direction they want to go.

When you decide to lead your life from the inside out, you get to write a new story, start a new chapter and become the author of your life.


The Journaling Club

Get to the heart of who you are with journaling, writing, creative life writing and reflecting

About You

You are a busy person, sometimes feeling like a headless chicken, you know you need to find time for you, and you do want to find a corner of your life where you can de-stress, make space for you and discover what you want - GET BACK IN CONTROL and find 'you'.

You've heard about journaling and you may already journal, but you want a more focused approach and you may even want support and community.

Come and join us in The Journaling Club and let's do this thing called life together.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The Journaling Club has been designed to provide you with inspiration and motivation to enable you to put pen to paper and explore you and your life.

First of all, you need a journal. Put some time aside. Get ready to write.

  • Each month you will get a new journal for you to download
  • Mandalas and affirmations
  • Journaling and writing tips
  • Writing Exercises
  • BONUS! Access to Introduction To Journaling course

Why join The Journaling Club?

This club is for anyone who wants to start or maintain their journaling habit.

Writing is cathartic and when you add in reflection and creative life writing the opportunities for change and healing open up.

So often with journaling people don't know how to start or what to do. By having prompts and exercises you can stay motivated every day.

A journal is your best friend, sounding board, your constant companion

I use journaling to support my adventures through life. Journaling is the foundation of everything I have ever created. And it can be for you too.

Journaling is the clearest pathway to inner wisdom that I know of. You will be amazed at the words that flow from your pen and act as a reminder that your soul knows just what you need to know and will guide you if you are open.

Ready To Change Your Story?

Love to journal - gives you the foundations for a better life and takes you on a journey.

That all starts when you first pick up your pen and write in a journal.

To then reflect on what you have written and rewrite it with positive intention so that you change your story.

As you change the way in which you view life and your story, your life will change.

Who Is The Journaling Club For?

Journaling and writing


If you’ve never journaled, find the idea intimidating, or have no idea where to start, this membership is for you. You'll find your style and way of journaling and be off to a great start.

Journaling and writing


You’ve written in a journal sporadically over years, but never seem to get a practice in place, this membership will get you back on track.

Journaling and writing

Journalers who want more

You want additional inspiration and a supportive community.

Journaling and writing

The Writers

You want inspiration and to use The Journaling Club to help you to maintain your writing habit and help you to get your book written

Pricing Plans

The Journaling Club



  • Each month you will get a new journal for you to download
  • Mandalas and affirmations
  • Journaling and writing tips
    • Writing exercises
    • BONUS! Access to Introduction To Journaling course

    Where do you want to go?

    Writing to Heal

    Writing to Heal takes you on a journey to discover who you are, what you need to heal and what you want, It allows you to discover your voice, listen to your body and heal your unexpressed emotions. 

    Writing To Heal Course and Writing Circles

    Writing To Heal is a way to find yourself again. Through the power of journaling, writing and creative life you will learn more about who you are and what you want. Best of all you will uncover what needs healing and a way to support the healing pathway.

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