The Power Hour

Do you ever find yourself with a million and one ideas and no idea what to do with them?

Of course you do! The Power Hour has been designed to help you to unravel the mess...

From ideas to inspired action

Imagine what it might feel like if your were able to...

  • Find a home for your ideas
  • Know which ideas are a goer
  • Declutter your fried brain
  • Know what you want to create in the world
  • Feel inspired to do whatever your next step is
  • Have someone who will listen and brainstorm with you

It starts with a YES. A YES to connect and work with me intuitively and a YES from your soul

I have been there with brain full of mush and muddle and it's not much fun, is it?

Dale pointing right

What might we cover?


We will cover what needs to be covered. It might be:

  • How do you take a piece of content and turn it into a led magnet, an email sequence, a mini course and a short book - yes really!
  • It might be how to make sense of the book you are writing so that you come back to loving it
  • What about that content strategy that's been wasting away in your brain - it could just need a few tweaks
  • And don't tell me about those 6 million book ideas and which one to write - I can help with that too
  • Of course, it could equally be about life and feeling lost

Whatever it is, know that I have great ears and eyes, using deep listening, intutition and a few nudges from my guides the clarity you seek will come.

Warning: My guides often share songs - so I may sing out of tune to you too...

Are you ready to power hour and discover your solutions?

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."  Henry David Thoreau


Unlocking your potential is a major investment in not only your now but also your future.

Imagine seeing a rise in your confidence, clarity, possibilities and opportunities.

Imagine creating exactly what you want and need.

Dale writing I AM

Ready to Power Hour?

There comes a point in most people’s lives when you feel that something has to change. You are fed up with the revolving doors and nothing landing.

The power hour has been designed to be completely open and flexible.

What matters is that you gain clarity and discover something that is of real value to you.

Often we find the best stuff in the spaces...

It's about who you become while you journey towards what you want

This is for you, if

  • You want to unmuddle the muddle
  • You feel stuck, in chaos and desire clarity
  • You want to turn your ideas into inspiration
  • You are ready to take action
  • You want to create something of value for yourself and your clients

You Will Get:

  • 101% unconditional support, commitment and belief in all that you want to be
  • Inspiration
  • A non-judgmental, confidential listening ear that will be your witness
  • More energy, focus, clarity and satisfaction 
  • A big smile and an open heart
  • Ideas and clarity

Your Investment

  • The Power Hour is €99 (plus tax)


An open heart and mind

All of your ideas or things that you want to discuss and if that is nothing that is also ok

A journal and pen

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