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I know the world is in flux and we are all probably feeling just a bit out of sorts as we watch everything being played out.

I feel that this is a time to come back into our hearts and find something that will help us to be our best selves and have the best year - that we can.

And so this is February and very possibly if you made resolutions they are out of the window. I don’t make them, but instead I set my intentions to be my best self and be happy to be me.

Celebrate today all that you are and all that you will become.

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About Dale Darley

I am an  Intuitive Life Coach, Writer, Author and who works with my clients to support them to make lasting change through the healing power of writing, journaling and working with the energy of the chakras.

I am your friend and guide who walks with you as you write your way home. 

I live  in the hills with my two rescue dogs - Marley Moo and Angel.

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Yes I knew it would be. This is why I signed up to take it. I like Dale Darley too. I have taken a class with her before. I appreciate the offerings of such great classes.


She makes it so simple

Really getting excited because she has made the whole process so much simpler than I thought


Really great course

 Very detailed, lots of exercises to trigger memories, gives examples of several ways to do things, as well as what has worked for her and her clients. Obviously has written a lot of books herself, uses those as examples. She is also a book coach and uses those as examples as well.

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Writing Courses


Write Your Life Story

 Are you ready to turn your story into a book? What about turning your story into a self-help book? This course will guide you with your memoir.


Plan Your Non-Fiction Book In A Weekend

This course will enable you to plan, write, edit and self-publish your non-fiction book. Plan your book over a few weekends and then write, edit and self-publish easily and step by step with this course


Write A Non-Fiction Book In A Day

With this course, you will be taking content that you have and very quickly turning it into a book


Blog Your Book In 30 Days - Become A Published Author

 This course teaches you how to make writing a book easier by blogging it


Outline Your Non-Fiction Book In A Day

This is a just that - a course to help you outline your non-fiction book - quickly and easily


Outsmarting Writers Block

 Ever been struck with the dreaded writers block - then these strategies could help you get unstuck

Journaling Courses


28 day introduction to journaling

Designed for those people who would love to journal, but find it difficult. You’ll learn lots about how to create a journaling practice - just for you.


Kick Start Your Memoir - Writing Exercises

 This course takes you through the ten chapters of your life. You’ll write about anything and everything and in all of this find your story and theme


Manifesting Magic And The Law Of Attraction Adventure

 Ready to discover your heart’s desire and go through a process to find it - then 21 day adventure is for you


Love to Journal: Simplicity, Balance, Flow and Inner Peace

A lovely four week journaling adventure using four simple yet powerful topics to guide your weeks


Love To Journal: Gratitude And The Law Of Attraction

 Ever want to start a gratitude journal? This is how.

Business Courses


Turn Your Non-Fiction Book Into A Course

 Already an author, or almost an author? This course will help you to get your book turned into an online course


Turn your story into profitable products - coming soon

 You have a story which you are passionate about sharing and you want to turn it into profitable products easily. In this course, I show you how to create ONE piece of content and turn it into MANY profitable products.

Personal Development Courses


Overcoming Anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety is a seven week course designed for anyone who is feeling stress and anxiety. It has been designed to help you to ease your way back to a place of inner peace.


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Coming Soon


Assertiveness For Women

Coming Soon

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