Waking up, writing a book and becoming a conscious woman
Waking up, writing a book and becoming a conscious woman

Waking up, writing a book and becoming a conscious woman

Are you a conscious woman who is choosing to wake up or were you forced awake and becoming aware? It matters not which it is, what is important is that you now make waking up, being aware and alive.

As more and more women are being woken up, they are realising that there is more to life than what was and that they have a story to share. It is rarely an easy story to tell. Many times they wonder if they should, who would listen, what might happen if they do. It can be a confusing time.

I know, I’ve been there. Had the crappy life. Been hurt, wounded, shredded, mistreated and dismissed as if I were nothing. However, what I know is that these are a part of the human contract. Acts in a play or chapters in the book of my life. They are kernels of magic, and they hold the keys to the story I have come to tell. The story that helps me to heal, grow, transform, expand and fly high. Not only that my story is here to let you know that you can do it too.

Our stories help us to heal, they help others to expand and they help the world. Together we can do so much more for our world.

When a conscious woman wakes up, she chooses to ignite the fire in her heart and soul, to tackle (perceived) flaws, wounds, and pain. In choosing to expand your consciousness, you choose growth and over stagnation. You choose to thrive. You choose love, life, and laughter. You choose. And you want to inspire others to be.

Many people, like me, have lived torturous lives. Slipping in and out of pockets of insanity interspersed with love, peace, and harmony. Others have lived the high-speed race, shooting in and out of a variety of adventures. Others have travelled at a nice steady speed. It all feels well paced, doing all the right things and yet feeling as if there is something missing. Asking ‘is this it?’

Experiences shape us. End of. What we do with these experiences from this moment on is a different matter. As you stand there you are the shape of your soul, spirit, body and mind thus far. But inside every cell, and in every part of your being are the magical ingredients to pull that shape by the short and curlies and breathe your essence which is hiding in the corners back into you.

If I had my time again would I have wanted my horrible lessons or experiences? Er, let me think a minute… No! However, I am the person I am today because of what I have been through and the actions I chose to take.

Have I been an angel? No. Have I been aware and conscious of what I have done in those moments of madness? No. I didn’t ask to be used and abused and emotional tortured – did I?

I believe that everything is a choice. Even when the child’s mind is not fully formed, and she makes innocent choices that means that ugly people can abuse her – it a choice. I know I was that child – sexually abused and groomed. I was that adult who abused herself and made poor relationship choices. The net result was more choices and a whole heap of trouble. And it’s been fucking hard. Hard, hard, hard.

It’s not all been hard or bad. Not everything in my relationships was wrong. Like you, it’s been a bit up and down.

In becoming a conscious woman, I have learned to accept the choices and decisions as part of my journey back to the beautiful soul I have always been. Vulnerability is normal. What will get you through the hard, not so hard, weird and wonderful times is a glorious reconnection to you, your faith, trust, surrender, acceptance, and self-love. I know you can do this.

You will receive your gifts. There are always diamonds in the rough. Life is beautiful. You have a story; you have learning, power, knowledge, skills, experience, humility, grace, and love. You can help yourself to see that this story is your story. But more than that, your words have the power to transform others so that together we can do something in our small way for humanity.

Being a conscious woman and waking up

What does it mean to wake up, or be woken up or shaken alive? It will mean something different to all of us, of course, it will. For, me it is about waking up to what my story was trying to tell me so that I can move on and inspire others. It’s taken all this time, to make me understand, and there are others out there that feel the same way. They too are hearing the call that it’s time to wake up and change things.

It may seem that we don’t listen until it’s too late. You know you get stopped by some drama, happening, weird illness or physical pain. Man does that stop you. After all of my emotional turmoil, I had a series of accidents and ended up in so much physical pain. I was left sitting on my sofa looking at where I thought heaven was and saying ‘you’re having a larf ain’t you?’.

No laugh, no joke. Stopped. Woken up.

‘Ha take that bitch – you will listen and you will wake up, and you will do your work. Now off you go like a good girl and find your tribe, you’ll know who they are.’

When eventually you listen, there will be no turning back. It does I promise get easier. I am so blessed to have found beautiful souls – other conscious women – to create something with.

As we learn to tap into our divine inner wisdom, the messages flow thick and fast, you learn to trust them, and it gets easier to be.

As connect inwards you will discover hindsight, insight, and foresight. What a heady combination of ‘sight’ all granted to provide you with answers to guide you through this adventure called life. It is with these sights that you will be able to unlock your personal stories so that you can make sense of things and make meaning.

You have to look backwards, not to dwell in or on your crappy lives, but to gain wisdom or hindsight that provides flashes of insight to where we now find ourselves and what we might do next.

The key is to stop, listen and learn ( a bit like the Green Cross Code), from the past, present and future because they are all, in reality, now. The choices we make today affect all of our tomorrows. The choices of yesterday do the same. Everything collides beautifully into the book of your lives because you have lived many times.

There is an abundant flow of endless words which come to guide us. These words are carried deep inside our souls. Imagine parchments rolled up and stuffed into the corners of our soul cave. Pull up a chair baby, light a candle, grab a cuppa, pick up the secret key that is about to unlock the clasp of your you journal and discover what was, is and will be stories of your waking up.

My questions to you are:-

  • How will you then use your stories? Will you listen to the voices? How will the words of a song carry the beat to your heart’s wisdom? When your tummy rumbles is it hungry or is there a more nourishing message waiting to be plated up?
  • Will you listen to the voices? How will the words of a song carry the beat to your heart’s wisdom? When your tummy rumbles is it hungry or is there a more nourishing message waiting to be plated up?
  • How will the words of your song carry the beat to your heart’s wisdom out into the world?
  • When your tummy rumbles is it hungry or is there a more nourishing message waiting to be plated up?

Every part of your being wants you to wake up and to be heard. Life can be a cruel teacher or a wise counsellor. It’s your choice to become curious, conscious and learn to fly or stay asleep and locked in your cage. Which is it to be?

The conscious woman and the stories in her heart

Conscious Women have great strength and personal power. You are perceptive, have a deep well of in-tuition, divine inner wisdom and understands the power of love. You know that you have to forgive and love yourself first. In love and forgiveness, you will find your light. You are excited by change, adventure and feels called to heal and grow. You know when the time to heal and put your stories behind you and when to use them for good.

You can taste the excitement of change, adventure. You hear the call to heal and grow on the whispering wind. You get that the time to heal and put the old stories behind you is now. This is an opportunity for expansion and transformation. You may also through this process and discover your voice and be invited to share your inspirational message so that you can shine that light for other women (and men).

Your stories can either own you, or you can own them.

The conscious woman and writing a book

One thing is certain in this process that brought you to this point; you will have found your voice and an inspirational message to share so that you can shine a light for others.

Ok, so you are feeling shaky. Who’s going to want to hear your story? Who cares? Hasn’t it already been told?

No, a thousand times no. Let me tell you I’m terrified of sharing the story of my last few years. I am being pulled by some kind of invisible thread, and I am compelled like the moth to fly into the light. Come on, join me, we can do this together.

Does anyone want to hear your story? I believe yes.

You are perfect; you were born perfectly unique; there is only one YOU blueprint. There is no one like you. You may think that you are like others, possibly sharing similar beliefs and values. We are all as different as our fingerprints, yet consciously connected to everyone and everything in the Universe.

And you are a work in progress, who from a rock solid foundation of core values will change the world, her world and then send ripples out to the rest of the world.

Don’t live by rules or conventions. Empower yourself and show others an authentic, loving, peaceful and harmonious way of living. People will be drawn to you as they seek to find their way in the world and to discover their light. When they find you, they will find a woman who is content and at peace with herself because she has written and shared her story.

As a conscious woman, you are an alchemist, EVE-olutionist. You have spirit, eternal consciousness and you listen to your inner voice – your divine inner wisdom

As a conscious woman, you are an alchemist, EVE-olutionist. You have spirit, eternal consciousness and you listen to your inner voice – your divine inner wisdom. Conscious women go through shit so that they know how to build a rock-solid foundation within herself first and with this becomes a teacher and inspiration to others. Writing a book is inspirational.

Conscious = awake, aware and alive. What will you choose? What are you choosing? Are you leaving your stories behind? Are you ready to EVE-olve? What would happen if you didn’t change your story? How ready are you to write a book that will change your life and that of others?

Conscious women are waking up everywhere, coming out of hibernation, writing books, sharing their message and starting EVE-olutions. This is our time.

My book Rude Awakenings – A journey to self-love is the book that I am scared to share. I feel vulnerable. As a strong conscious woman, it is hard to break down the walls I use to protect myself and allow you to see inside my soul. But I am doing it and you can too. I teach others how to write and share, isn’t it time I did they same eh?

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  • Steve says:

    A really great post. Love the empowerment you offer women. Superb!

  • Sarah Arrow says:

    Thanks for this inspiring post Jacqui. I see too many women dwelling on the past, and I’ve been there myself. What do you recommend that a woman does so she can become fully conscious in her decisions?

  • The key is to stop, listen and learn, from the past, present and future because they are all, in reality, our now. – this is so similar to the work I do helping women become conscious and awake around their money.

  • Esther Nagle says:

    This is beautiful! I used to look back at my life and wonder where I would ask the Time Lord to take me back to if I had a chance, then realised that unless he could take me to hang out with the Beatles, I wouldn’t actually change anything about my life….like you I wouldn’t choose it if I could do so consciosusly, but I am now conscious enough to see that the past pain and upset has led me directly to here, where and who I am now, which is EXACTLY who and where I need to be!

    Thank you so much for this post Jacqui <3

  • Sherry Bevan says:

    Intrigued to read more about your journey.

  • What a soul touching post Dale. Some of those words pinged my heart like a rubber band! This. This. This. Is what everyone needs to remember – Your stories can either own you, or you can own them.

  • >