Weekend reflections and new directions
Weekend reflections and new directions

Weekend reflections and new directions

It’s the weekend. This is officially my me time when I watch films and do whatever. Well, when I say whatever, that depends on the furbabies…:-)
Normally on a Sat, I watch a film and love discovering ones with subtitles as they make you concentrate more – no fiddling with FB.
Now that the weather is cooler, I’m looking at things to do around the house. It seems that as soon as everything is done I need to start again. Living in an old house and using rubbish builders means that it is very unforgiving.
The paint is peeling off around the kitchen window and it’s not lost on me that I am also peeling back layers of me. It was only painted last year and that might seem a pain.It actually tells me that rather than paint over the problem, that it’s better to go back and prepare the foundations so that when I paint this time it will have a better chance of sticking.
Today I am sanding my wooden work surfaces and putting linseed oil on them. It seems that as I need nourishing so does my home. It holds an energetic vibration of all that have lived in her. And she holds me in a peaceful embrace. More and more it has become like a she cave where I have licked my wounds, found me and inner peace.
I’ve often felt lonely living here, and this week something shifted after I was disappointed by someone’s actions (the feeling lasted about 2 seconds btw).
There is always a reason that things happen if we just trust that we are always moving in the right direction and now is as it is meant to be.
It was just the kick up the bum I needed to go and find things to do. Last night I went to a new (for me) Spanish conversations meet up – it was fab. There is a new evening dance class starting next Thursday – I’m so excited. Monday I start Pilates to help rebuild my core. Again all of these activities and what they will bring for me are becoming clearer.
This weekend there is a fiesta in the next village and there will be loads of fireworks let off tonight. Which will scare the pants off one of my dogs. I’m staying home to cuddle him. Our home will hold us all.

It is only by becoming a witness to what is going on that we can learn more about ourselves. We cannot control others and it’s far easier to accept they do what they do with the best resources that they have. Others are not responsible for our happiness and often not even aware of makes them happy. It is in our reflections and in trusting our divine inner wisdom that we find the answers that are right for us. And then we can do the right thing for us.

Whatever you are doing this week, I trust that you will enjoy it. Happy reflections.

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