March 5, 2020
March 5, 2020

What has magic got to do with manifesting? To fully understand what magic is, I want to invite you to close your eyes and allow yourself to be guided to parts of your life that feel or have felt magical. Become that child that sees the world through the lens of wonder and curiosity.

Is this what magic means to you?

I’m immediately transported to a Christmas when we knew that Santa didn’t really exist, and we could choose one big present. Mine was a magic set. My brother chose a chemistry set. Christmas day came, and I was soon disappointed to play magic; you needed an audience, which wasn’t always available, and it was all about silly tricks. This thing was soon discarded. Played once and that was that.

On the other hand, I was beguiled by the chemistry set – when I could get my hands on it. With this, there was pure magic. You only needed the world you created, and you could experiment. It was inspirational and joyful.

And what about being able to write in invisible ink, all you needed was a lemon. Magic, I concluded was more about what was invisible to the naked eye and the things that I could discover inside of me.

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it. J. M. Barrie

Before we go any further I want to tell you a funny story, at least it is to me now.

As a child I did believe I could fly and stood at the top of the stairs and threw myself off, arms open and knowing that this was possible.

Luckily my strapping dad was at the bottom of the stairs to catch me.

No matter what I believed in all kinds, until I didn’t and stuff happened.

Magic is all around you

This morning when I woke, the first thing I did was let the dogs out for a sniff and there in the sky was a partial moon. The sky was littered with stars, and I wondered as I always do about what lies beyond them. Mother Nature is magical and every day, my eyes feast on her beauty.

At night when I go to bed, I journal and there is always something magical about the way that my muse casts spells on the paper with my thoughts, feelings and words. The same happens when I put my fingers on the keyboard as I am doing now.

During the day, I might pull an oracle card and be amazed at how relevant the message is. How do the cards do that? Is it magic? Just like the times, when spirit communicates and lo and behold that thing that they wanted you to know turns up.

And dreams. In a recent dream I was confused by a pair of floating hands and now I have a VA. You can only smile at the wonder of it all.

It is no wonder that I adore programs and films about magic. Who doesn’t love Bewitched (I know it’s old), Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Practical Magic? My last fix on Netflix was Once Upon A Time, and I do believe that all the magic was true. It was wasn’t it?

I guess for a lot of people magic might only exist in fairy tales and the programs I have just mentioned, in witches covens or on stage providing the wow factor for some incredible act of deception and illusion. Yet you might find the same ones that don’t believe in magic knocking on wood for good luck.

Magic then for me is a feeling. My eyes capture it, and my heart holds it. My pen releases it. Life delivers it every day in big doses.

Magic is about believing that anything is possible

You and me, we can have a magical life. It’s simply deciding what magic means to you, manifesting it and being truly grateful for it. And more than that fully appreciating that life can be wonder filled.

This is not rose coloured glasses, because we do need a dash of reality, but there is nothing wrong in believing in magic.

It’s about believing that if it is possible in the world it is possible for you.

Manifesting Magic (for me) is not conjuring up fast cars, big houses, the perfect partner (who could turn out to be a complete Pratt), brilliant diamonds and huge wads of cash in the bank.

Magic is an inside job. It starts and ends with your heart. That’s not to say you can’t have all of the other things, but first let’s work on the magic of you. When you then manifest, it will come from a place of love, not fear or scarcity.

Make sense?

With the power of thought and intentions you can make things happen. By owning this, tapping into your personal power and taking action to make it happen you can choose the life you want to live and who you want to become.

Magic is an inside job

When I stopped resisting, surrendered, let go, let flow and let love, I found my faith restored. With my gratitude practice, I discovered kindness and forgiveness. In the stillness of meditation, I connected with my divine inner wisdom and that incredible pot of in-tuition.

It came when I made conscious choices about what I wanted.

In truth, I think that I only realised that magic existed was when I found a place of inner peace within me, had learned to love me and was happy to be me.

Magic is energy

And let’s not forget that magic is energy. It has an energy and how we use our personal energy most definitely enables us to attract the right things to us.

I started my journey with energy and magic as a child, but did not know what it was, things happened that I couldn’t and didn’t need to explain. Of course, we could levitate each other. It was natural to feel energies around us.

For me, sadly, I stopped believing and sensing energy when someone I had confided in told my mum I was evil. I’ll never forget the words. I switched off and didn’t tune back in with spirit properly or believe in magic again for many years. Whatever was going on I just couldn’t believe.

The first time I did a crystal therapy weekend course, I was hooked. As soon as I saw a two-year diploma, I was in. Every weekend for two years, I learned all kinds of things about crystals and energy medicine. Kim, my teacher, was a magician, and with her love and support, I healed so many aspects of me during that time.

Later I went on to study Reiki, both Usui and Angelic (now that is magic), I added in Naturopathic nutrition, more stuff about the chakras, five elements which are a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, astrology, mediumship, and you name it if it felt magical and could take me to a world of wonder, curiosity and adventure, I wanted to experience it.

Then of course, there are lucky numbers, synchronicity, fate, karma and rituals. What about the night sky and the twinkling stars, the colours of the sunset and sunrise?

The more I looked, listened and was open to, the more I once again believed in magic.

Magic is love

We are all being guided by the power of love. The invisible fabric of what holds humanity together is woven from magical golden threads of love. Although you could be wondering if this is true when you witness the shit that is going on.

With three beautiful rescue dogs who own my heart, I bleed whenever I hear or see the intense cruelty inflicted on animals. We do not hold dominion over them. In fact, in my house, they are the ultimate rulers. They have me well and truly wrapped around their paws.

When you open your heart to love and learn to love yourself, your energy will change. The Universe (Spirit, God, Grace, The Cosmos) will feel it. It will know that you are ready to jump on the stage, claim your power, speak your truth and become a supernatural human with magic in your heart. Your belief in magic creates the bridge between what is possible and what is not.

Magic creates bridges

Magic also creates bridges between people and communities. Think shared values, beliefs and common goals. Together we can share moments of joy, wonder, inspiration, love, laughter and bond in unspoken ways.

Let me ask you again, what does magic mean to you? What would you add? How would you like to feel the magic of life course through your veins? How would you like a wonder filled life?

Join me for 8 weeks of Manifesting Magic – it’s a course, a program, a circle and most of all it’s a safe space to explore who you want to become on the way to getting what you want.

My mission is to encourage and empower you to step into the wisdom of your heart and embrace self-love, self-worth and confidence so that you discover that all-important inner peace.