June 15, 2020
June 15, 2020

I wonder how often we ask the heart what it has to say to us?

It’s something I do most days as I work through my chakras and balance my system before starting my day. And it is usually something I do before I start to journal in the evening.

Connecting to the heart chakra

The exercise in this video invites you to get grounded and centred and to then put pen to paper to ask your heart what it wants to say to you.

In just 10 minutes you will be amazed at what comes up.

In this video, I share what I have written to my heart, from my heart. The very act of reading aloud enables you to connect your heart to your throat chakra – the chakra that is about voice, communication and speaking your truth, among other things.

This is where the magic lies.

By speaking aloud and from the heart you will hear the energy of your words.

Think of the throat as the gateway to your imagination and intuition and if that is blocked, then how can you communicate with them?

What if the thoughts that are being processed at the crown chakra cannot be expressed at the throat?

Imagine what unexpressed thoughts (as well as emotions)  can do to your mind and body and how that might manifest in disease.

In the opposite direction lies your heart chakra, the gateway to self-love and love for others and the gateway to your spiritual and physical self.

Any words you are stuffing words down pushes them back towards the heart and onwards through the solar plexus and to the sacral.

What if your inner child has never been able to express themselves, think of how you might be either silent or speak in only harmful ways.

The power of expression is not just about words, consider how you may love to sing, but have been told you have a terrible voice or that your art is dreadful, how does that make you feel? Angry, unheard, unseen, small, unworthy, dull or uninteresting?

When we are unable to express ourselves we often feel unsafe and ungrounded.

This exercise will help you to balance and align all of your chakras and you will come to not only know yourself better, but you will also find your voice,

I’d love to know how this went for you.

Do you love to journal? The little book of journaling prompts for the heart, is perfect for keeping by your bedside.

The Little Book of Journaling Prompts For The Heart

PS: This exercise is from my book Writing To Heal – Navigating Life Through The Chakras. Sign up for the checklist below and I’ll let you know when it is being published.

My mission is to encourage and empower you to step into the wisdom of your heart and embrace self-love, self-worth and confidence so that you discover that all-important inner peace.