September 25


Do you sometimes, perhaps when tired, wonder ‘why am I doing this?

I know that I have.

About 5 years ago I packed up my life and drove away from a cruel nasty man. I can see in retrospect just how he had treated me – I was bullied every day and it was insidious – I allowed it to happen – it had affected everything, including my thinking.

I had a passion for what I did. That has never left me, but I found it hard because I hadn’t found me. I was an emotional mess.

He was a gift. A big fat shitty gift.

He, in getting discovered (he was living a double and curious life) gave me the key to me.

When I left I took the two dogs and later found another abandoned in the rambla.

Their love supported my journey.

So did my writing.

I wrote a book called The Journey To Self-Love but couldn’t publish – in the end, I wrote it for me, but I did create a journaling book from the lessons and I loved creating that.

My home was a gift. It was a bit of a mess, just like me. But it gave me the right environment to find me. Having the right environment to live in and write in is vital.

But then as I thought I was getting back on top of things my spine fractured.

It freaking hurt.

What hurt more was not being able to move. I felt trapped.

I took drugs for a whole four days and then got a journal and started to write. Two weeks later I started a book on how to heal osteoporosis naturally.

But here’s the thing. When I support my clients to write their books they have usually done the thing that they are writing about.

But here I was with no clue (I say that but we always know) about how to do this.

In my pain I practically did a medical degree, I devoured books on physiology, nutrition, and osteoporosis.

Previously, I’d studied (for two years) crystal therapy with an amazing woman and course colleagues, reiki, angelic reiki, omni healing, naturopathic nutrition and read mountains of books on all things related.

I’d turned around an overactive thyroid in 6 weeks.

I poured myself into natural healing. I went back through time looking for the emotion hooks to the falling apart of my foundations and like the bionic woman, I believed that I could ‘rebuild’ myself.

In that year, because it took me a long time as there were other complications that affected my mental and emotional state, I learned to trust and listen.

Thank goodness for the Earth Angels who supported me. You are always in my heart.

I listened to spirit. I listened to my heart and my soul.

Then came the day when I had to get back to work.

  • What was I going to do?
  • Who would I work with?
  • How would I do this thing of getting the words of amazing people out into the world?
  • Was I good enough?

Question after question after question.

So I trusted.

I had the experience, bloody hell I also had qualifications coming out of my ears…I had books, courses, content and my inner wisdom.

Then they arrived blessing after blessing, people who have a message far greater than even they realised.

I trusted that spirit sent me to them and I trusted that they would trust me with their precious words.

Why Do I Do What I Do?

  • I do what I do because I see your greatness even if you can’t.
  • I do this because the world needs healing (and that can mean whatever healing means to you) and you are the person to do this
  • I do this because books are a brilliant vehicle for the delivery of your words.
  • I do this because I want to support you to be the best you can
  • I do this because I bloody love it
  • I do this because it (and you) makes me a better person
  • I do this because I can’t not write and help others to write
  • I do this because I have three hungry furry children who demand biscuits at every opportunity
  • I do this because I was a naughty, rebellious, often misunderstood kid who allowed others to abuse her and now I can see that these were only lessons in the grand scheme of things and we are not what we did we are pure, beautiful souls here on a mission and I want to be a part of your mission control to save the Earth
  • I do this because I was given this gift and we must share our gifts

I could go on, but I’ll stop here.

That book Healing Osteoporosis Naturally, unlike any other book I have written has taken me almost two years because I wanted to get it out of my head and then I wanted to stop the craziness of my research and healing to bring balance and normality back to my life.

I had to put it to one side and write other things. I needed to be me not this mad woman healing osteoporosis and a fractured spine.

I hereby commit. To publish this book in May 2020. It is not your conventional osteoporosis book – there are some amazing women out there who have done that – this is my version of natural healing and how I did what I did.

You see it doesn’t matter if you write a book in 30,60,90,180, 760, 1099, 2087 or whatever days.

Every book is a lifetime of learning. You just need to write it when the time is right for you.

And in the meantime journal.

Thank you to all of the precious souls who are on a mission to save planet humanity in whatever way they do.

Please share – why do you do what you do?

“We are stardust, we are golden
We are billion year old carbon
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden”


why I do what I do

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