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Use the power of your story to create an impact, inspire others

Writing a book is a fantastic way to reach more people than any blog, speaking gig, article, or social media post because it will be impacting people for years to come, even after you’re gone. It is your legacy.

Dale Darley

Writing your book is a magical way to support others and build your brand

Dale Darley

A book is part of the journey and not the destination

Why write a book?

  • You have a powerful message for your ideal client. You want to inspire others to grow and change through learning what you have to teach. 
  • You want to build your personal brand around your book. You see the book as a key to enabling you to share your message.
  • Having a book (the right book) will help you attract more of the right clients, add value and serve your tribe.
  • You want to make a massive IMPACT with your book, story, personal brand and message.

Write your book and discover how magical your words are as they reach the hearts of others.

Choose the Best Course for You

Simple Steps To Planning Your Non Fiction Book

All about planning your book, the outline and your time.

WRITE - Your Non-Fiction Book

Comprehensive book course that will take you from no idea to published author.

Kick-Start Your Memoir

Journey through 10 chapters of your life looking for clues in this kickstart course.

Write Your Life Story

A comprehensive memoir course that will take you all the way through to published author.

Do you need 121 support?

Power Hour Session

One hour where you can ask me anything about writing a book.

Book Strategy Session

This session will look at getting the right book idea out of your head and supporting you with any other area of book strategy.

In this session I will read and review any chapter and advise you what would bring the greatest improvements.

Meet Dale

I am an Intuitive and creative coach/mentor, writer, and author (of many books) who works with my clients to support them to connect with their creativity, so that they can explore ideas for their book, brand and business.

As your mentor, my role is to spark your curiosity, give you space to explore. I want to inspire and motivate you to do more with your knowledge.

Are you ready to explore and learn how to profit from your knowledge?

Come and join me in The Creative Space

I live in the hills with two rescue dogs, who are the inspiration for my passion project.

When your heart speaks, take good notes."
Judith Campbell

What Clients Say

It was doing the vision board which made me realise that I wanted a relationship - before that, I was Miss Independence and probably keeping men at bay!

I also realised that I was ready for a relationship and told the Universe. The man I’ve met, totally unexpectedly, is very different from the type I’ve attracted before, very in touch with his feminine side. I’m taking that as a measure of how much I’ve changed and grown.

Amazing course! Exactly what I needed at this time :-) Thank you!

I was feeling lost and unsure of who I was. I didn't know what to expect, but through myself in. Loved it!


30 Day Self-Love Challenge

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