Turn Your Story And Transformation Into A Book

Tell Your Story, Share Your Wisdom And Create Your Legacy

Dale Darley

Welcome! It can often be difficult to write your story as you meander back into your personal history. However, this is such a worthwhile venture. It brings clarity while being healing and cathartic and it is always inspiring for your reader to go on an adventure with you.

About You

  • Do you have a powerful healing story that will inspire others to know what is possible?
  • Are you ready to share your story, transformational process, wisdom, experiences and life lessons in a book?
  • Do you want to create a brand building book that will go beyond being JUST a book?
  • Or do you want to write your book, heal and maybe never publish?
  • Many clients come who do not have the confidence and desire to publish their book, use this process to heal their story - this means they may never publish, but they have gone through a powerful healing process. Others come who want to write and change the world. This is the right place for both of you. 

    Whether you are writing to heal or writing to heal humanity, writing a healing memoir will change your life.

    Dale Darley Life Strategist

    How It Works

    I will help you to:

    • Discover the story that wants to be told or healed
    • Find your own writing style and voice
    • Create a well-structured plan for your book and its chapters, making the whole process flow with ease
    • Focus on the most impactful aspects of your life journey that align with your vision, mission, expertise, and purpose
    • Identify who the right people to share your wisdom and message with are
    • Clearly articulate your inspirational message, ensuring your readers understand and connect with it
    • Develop a consistent writing practice, to strengthen your writing skills through regular practice
    • Begin your story in a captivating and emotionally engaging manner, capturing your reader's attention from the very first sentence
    • How to find the valuable lessons learned so you can provide support and guidance to your readers
    • Overcome resistance, including imposter syndrome, writer's block, and confidence issues
    • Guide you through the writing and editing process, helping you build rapport with your readers
    • And if you want to publish all of those steps to becoming a published author

    The Outcome

    You will have a beautiful book that you will be proud of.

    But Most Importantly

    You will have healed and transformed, built confidence, found the courage to write your story and have broken through barriers and embraced a magical connection with your heart, confidence and courage.

    Is Anything Holding You Back?

    I understand that you may have some objections or barriers to writing a book for either healing or creating an impact such as a lack of time, money, or readiness to take control.

    But I invite you to consider this question: if not now, when?

    This is a unique opportunity to invest in yourself and your well-being and to discover the power of your story. I am here to support you every step of the way.

    Don't let self-doubt, fear, or limiting beliefs hold you back from following your hearts desires.

    Dale Darley Life Strategist

    I am here to support you

    Connect with me to discuss what you need - writing to heal or how to write your healing memoir.

    If you need more support to write your book, I offer a 6 month strategy and accountability support package. Package investment €6640.

    Alternatively you can choose a course and book a Power Hour whenever you need support.

    Choose the Best Writing Course for You

    Simple Steps To Planning Your Non Fiction Book

    All books start with a brilliant plan. Take this course, plan your book and be ready to rock your writing.

    Kick-Start Your Memoir

    Writing exercises to build your confidence and ignite your memory enabling you to start writing a memoir.

    Write Your Life Story/Memoir

    If you have the call to write your memoir this course will help you to discover the right story and take you all the way to publishing your story.

    WRITE - Your Non-Fiction Book

    This course will help you to plan, write, edit and publish the best non-fiction book possible. I'll lead you step by step through the whole process until you are a published author.

    Blog Your Book

    One of  the best ways to write a book is to blog it. This course will take you all the way through planning, writing and publishing your book, while teaching you how to maximise the power of blogging.

    Turn Your Non-Fiction Book Into A Course 

    Once you have written your book, the next logical step is to turn it into a course. Let this course guide you through that process and help you publish your course.


    Dale Darley, I am genuinely thankful to you for offering me the opportunity to be a co-author for the book, Rebirth- The Phoenix Rising. You tapped my hidden potential to express my innermost thoughts and share them with the world. It was the most significant release of my raw emotions and move beyond my inner commotion. Many times when I was low and unsure of myself, you believed in me more than I did and gave me a soft nudge to move forward and keep writing.


    Having risen from your trauma and yet being so calm, composed, strong, and positive in your approach to life is what makes me want to keep learning from you. This book has been life-changing, making me realize that I can offer a lot to the world and help people heal in need. Thank you again, Dale, for the reinforcement and for making me understand that words are powerful. You have made my lifelong dream come true to write a book. Dale, you are indeed an inspiration to many out there who need some light in their lives.

    Get The Book

    Plan Your Non Fiction Book

    From The Blog


    Do I need to know what my book idea is?

    No. You do not need to know what your book project is, that will evolve from our first meeting. You may know and this will give you clarity. Come with an open mind.

    How fast can I write a book?

    That depends on you. This requires effort and intentionality on your part, so you need to be willing to step up and show up you will see results.

    However, this is not a race...

    You could write 40,000 words in a month or it may take you three.

    Once it's written, you will need to edit it...

    What is your goal? Is it realistic and achievable? Yes. Then let's go!

    How much time do I need to invest?

    Like anything, you will need to turn up to the sessions and then invest time to do the work after. That could be an additional hour or it could be more as you take the time to explore. A power hour is an hour and a strategy session is 90 minutes.

    How do I calculate how LONG IT WILL TAKE ME TO WRITE?

    My 101 affirmations book is 4400 words, and despite the small number was time consuming. I sat and wrote all of the affirmations from scratch in 2 weeks. It really taxed my brain...

    The journal prompts book has 22,000 words (a bit too long) took slightly longer. I had a framework, some existing content which needed editing and I wrote the gaps. This was easier to write as it was a flow of words.

    Plan Your Non-Fiction Book is 55,000 words and took me 3 months of dedicated time. And I had content to repurpose.

    The reality is that you will have content which you can edit, which makes this easier.

    Do you offer a payment plan?

    Not for planning and strategy. For 6 months coaching - of course.

    Will you write my book for me?

    No, if you are looking for me to write your book, then this is not for you. I can point you to ghost-writers.

    Who is this for?

    Men and Women. Business or Career people. Entrepreneurs. Creatives. Visionaries. People who want to plan a brilliant book and build their brand with it.

    Is this a self paced course?

    All of the courses are self-paced. Coaching is a commitment.

    What happens at the end?

    You will have a brilliant plan and be ready to rock your brand with a book.

    Do you help me to launch?


    We can work through a launch checklist and discuss how to make this work for you, so that you can time events and launch in an effective way.