Write Your Book From Your Zone Of Brilliance

Write a book. Build your brand and business...

Writing a little book is a great way to share your knowledge and build your brand in a fun way. It's easier than writing a book of 40,000 words or more, it can be done quickly and is very effective.

Write your book in just 5-8 weeks...

Have you ever heard yourself saying, I'd love to write a book but...

Many people struggle with the idea of writing a book, it takes a long time, it feels complicated, they don't know how, but they still want to become published authors.

You may have been tempted with a multiauthor project, but really want your own book.

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    I'd love to write a book but it seems too big a task?
  2. 2
    I love the idea of writing a little book, but I don't know how or what to write...
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    A book is on my must do/have/be list, when...

working together to profit from your knowledge

Writing a little book will help you to ignite your creativity, bring some fun into your life and help you to build your brand.

Little book projects are fun and help you to get back into a place of joy using your knowledge and from your zone of brilliance. You will start to feel more alive. And you will learn new skills. But best of all you can still build your brand with it.

101 Affirmations to get you through the day is one of my favourite little books. It took just 5 weeks to write and publish.

The Little Book Of affirmations For The Heart Chakra

The little book of affirmations for the heart was also fun to create. This book took 4 weeks to write and publish.

The Little Book Of Journaling Prompts For The Heart Chakra

The little book of journaling prompts for the heart is another favourite book. This book took a little longer at 6 weeks because there was much more content.

Say yes

This is for you, if

You know you want to write a book, but 40,000 to 60,000 words is way too much

You are a creative with lots of ideas and you want to easy start and finish one or several books

You would love a book to use for an event/course/membership you are planning

You don't want to get lost in a multi-author book project

You don't know where to start and you need a clear step-by-step path to planning your little book project

You are fed up with waiting for the right time - the time is now

You are excited and ready to invest in this adventure

You Will Get:

  • Your idea out of your head and planned
  • Brilliant advice and support to get it written, edited and published
  • Workbooks, checklists and videos to support your journey
  • 100% unconditional support, commitment and belief that you can do this
  • Practical advice to support this journey - all the hand holding you need
  • Access to the knowledge that I have built up over 13 years of book coaching
  • Accountability and virtual hugs when this feels ug!
Journey to the centre of your heart

Your Investment - Write A Zone Of Brilliance Book

The power hour


Ask me anything. Come with chaos and walk way with order



Plan, write, edit and publish your book

book strategy session


90 minutes for strategy and planning. Think outlines, product roadmaps and building your brand with a book.

Want to explore with a one off session?

The process

This is the process that we will follow that will support you to get your book written in 5 to 8 weeks. At the beginning of the project we will look at your time and resources and for 121 clients how to flex our meetings. You set the outcomes and that is what we will work towards.

For the group program, you will set your outcomes and work towards getting your book written during this period. There is no pressure to perform, there are plenty of resources available to support you and you can always add time on.

It is possible to publish in 12 weeks - however, this is dependant on you and your book.


Before we start you will be given a workbook to use for pre-planning. Use it and have fun brainstorming. Remember to journal and reflect often.

Planning session

This is where you decide which book, when it will be published and how you will get it done.. 


Creating an outline, makes the book easier to write.

You will also look at content you can reuse and what needs to be written. You then map out a plan for writing/editing. 


Using the book template in WORD you will write, write, write.

At the end of writing your first draft, you need a break and get ready to edit.

You will also have your cover design agreed.


You will review your editing plan and get ready to edit. You are working towards first draft manuscript time.

You will do one last read through, check the interior format and get everything ready to upload your book to KDP and order a first draft.

When the first draft comes back you will do a final edit.

KDP account

You'll set up your KDP account, and create the blurb for the description and the back of the book.

When the final edits are done and you have your cover design you are ready to get your first book printed.

Cover design

Get a cover design specification and get the design completed your book cover specification.

It's done - what are your next steps?

Your book is written. You will decide when to press publish and launch.

You might be ready to execute a launch plan.

You may be playing catch-up and that is fine. This is not a race.


Prior to your actual launch you will have run through your checklist and considered your options.

You may have put some of these items into place.

You may have no idea how to do this and will need support from our tech partner..


Can I write a book in 5 to 8 weeks?

That depends on you. This requires effort and intentionality on your part, so you need to be willing to step up and show up you will see results.

My aim is that we will plan, write and edit your little book in 5 to 8 weeks. If, because the content expands or there are time constraints this will have to be pushed out.

You may find when working 121 that you work quickly and will be ready to publish. We go at your pace. 

The cost is €595 per month.

Do I need to know what my book idea is?

No. You do not need to know what your book project is, that will evolve from our first meeting. You may know and this will give you clarity. Come with an open mind.

How much time do I need to invest?

Like any coaching, you will need to turn up to the sessions and then invest time to do the work after. That could be an additional hour or it could be more as you take the time to explore. Each session with me is one hour.

How do I calculate how LONG IT WILL TAKE ME TO WRITE?

The 101 affirmations book is 4400 words, and despite the small number was time consuming. I sat and wrote all of the affirmations from scratch in 2 weeks. It really taxed my brain...

The journal prompts book has 22,000 words (a bit too long) took slightly longer. I had a framework, some existing content which needed editing and I wrote the gaps. This was easier to write as it was a flow of words.

Say you want a 15,000 word book and you have no content, if you write 1500 words (in chunks) per day. In 10 days you will have a first draft.

The reality is that you will have content which you can edit, which makes this easier.

Do you offer a payment plan?


Will you write my little book for me?

No, if you are looking for me to write your book, then this is not for you.

Who is this for?

Women. Business women. Career women. Entrepreneurs. Creatives. Visionaries. Women who a book in a short space of time to build their brand. 

Is this a self paced course?

No. It's all face to face. There is a course that you can purchase to support you.

What happens at the end?

You will have a gorgeous little book, ready to launch and publish.

Do you help me to launch?


I will give you a launch checklist and can discuss this with you, so that you can time events and launch in an effective way.

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