Write A Healing Memoir Book

Are you ready to write your healing memoir but don't know where to start? Write a healing memoir will help you to get started

Write A Healing Memoir

The world needs more people to lead the way with their story, transformational process and inspirational message.

When you write a healing memoir, you heal again, which helps you step back into what it feels like to be that person in the story but from a distance and with a different perspective.

We have all lived fractured lives, and it is in the fragments of your story that create an emotional connection so that others can find themselves, be inspired and know what is possible for them.

Your story has the power to change someone’s life. Because of you, someone will heal, and they will pass that on, and in that sense, you have the power to help heal humanity.

The book is split into three parts:

  • Exploring your story
  • Writing your book
  • Taking your book into the world

Be one of the 2% who starts and gets their book published.

The key is how you tell your story and share your transformational process.

It has been designed to:

Give you the tools to help you to explore your story from a place of kindness and compassion

  • Help you to be able to simply plot your timeline, turning points, awakening and the outcome you want to share
  • Help you share your transformational process so that it is easy to understand and implement
  • Be clear about whose life you want to impact and why
  • Give you the structure for planning and writing your book
  • Support you in discovering your voice and speaking your truth
  • Guide you so that you write from power rather than pain
  • Help you to edit to build rapport and connection with your reader
  • Enable you to discover your reason for being so that you can use your book to build your brand

Write A Healing Memoir

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About the Healing Memoir Book Project

The Healing Memoir 6 months Program is more than just writing a healing memoir. 

It has been designed to enable and empower you to write a self-help healing memoir that shares your story of overcoming life events, discovering your truth, who you are and what you are here to do.

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