Write Your Book

From your heart and soul

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Are You Ready To Write Your Soul Book?

This is for conscious heart led creators who want to find clarity in their message and understand how to channel that to the world via a book

Your Heart Connection

The heart is coming into business more and more. We will using the power of conscious connection and writing to align your message with your core values. Combining your why with your cause and bringing your heart to your book and brand.


By connecting to your soul and letting what your soul wants you to share, you will have a book which will create immense IMPACT for you and your reader.

You will walk away with

  • Your book PUBLISHED
  • An understanding of how connecting with your heart and soul will enable you to align all parts of your message with your book
  • How to use the soul and its guidance and wisdom to find clarity and what you want to create with your writing

121 Coaching Sessions | WRITE Online Course 

121 coaching covering:

  • Brilliant manifesto
  • The Vision Quest
  • Plan Your Book
  • Ideal Reader
  • Outlines and Chapter Frameworks
  • Write and edit
  • Title, Blurb & Cover
  • Publish and launch
  • Book Marketing plan
  • And much, much more

The WRITE online course takes you from no idea all the way through to self-publishing your non-fiction book.

It'll be here supporting you 24/7/365. Take a look

Areas We Will Cover

Brilliant Manifesto

What do you want to create in the world?

What do you believe in?

What do you want to manifest?

Plan and Outline

Find the right book, create the outline and flow, and chunk it all down so that it is easier to write.

Write & Edit

Getting to first draft is an incredible feat.  Next we'll move your first draft through a process to a point where it is ready to publish.

Covers & Interior

Let's get all of things done which make all the difference to our book.

Publish And Launch

A wonderfully exciting stage that sees your book published, promoted and launched.

We will start with your brilliant manifesto and finish with PUBLISHING your life changing book

Discover what you want to create, where you are going, write a book, build your brand, know what you want to be known for and make a difference

Is this you?

  • You are an action taker who knows that you have a powerful message for your ideal client. You want to inspire others to grow and change through learning what you have to teach.
  • You want to build your brand around your book. You see the book as a key to enabling you to share your message.
  • Having a book (the right book) will help you attract more of the right clients, add value and serve your tribe.
  • You want to make a massive IMPACT with your book and message.
Write your book
Why Do I Do What I Do?

Space To Explore Your Ideas

  • Discover what you want to create in the world 
  • Write and publish a book, in a safe and supported space
  • I’ll be sharing information, knowledge, tools, experience and proven processes
  • I'll be encouraging you to each other's cheerleaders, and we will all be celebrating wins together
  • I’m giving you the space, and the support 
  • It starts with your brilliant book idea and ends with the people whose lives you impact

Book coaching to help you to:-

  • Nail your big book idea before you start writing
  • Know how to research and find gaps in the market so that your book will stand out from the crowd
  • Outline it so that it’s easier to write
  • Understand how to make the writing process easier
  • Edit your book like a professional
  • Choose the right publishing path for your and get step-by-step guidance to help you self-publish
  • Get a fabulous cover designed and learn how to format the interior
  • Be in control of the publishing process
  • Launch your book and create a great marketing plan that you will want to implement

Write a brilliant book framework

Let's look at what we will create

  • BRILLIANT MANIFESTO: Start with what you want to create and manifest in the world.
  • YOUR VISION QUEST: We will go on a journey to create the vision for your book and the change you want to see in the world.
  • PLAN — We’ll come up with a brilliant idea that is perfect for your ideal reader before you start writing. Your book outline will be developed which will make it easier to write and ensure that the book flows to the right outcome for your reader.
  • PEN — Write your best book ever and make sure that it is connected to your core message and that it’s easy to understand, connects emotionally to your reader and is a joy to write.
  • EDIT — Edit like a professional so that your book is a pleasure to read.
  • PUBLISH — Wrap your words in the best cover and have a title that makes it stand out. Then, publish it on the right platform for you.
  • LAUNCH — Release and sell your book.
  • PROMOTE – We'll brainstorm the best marketing activities that ensure that your book is seen and talked about and purchased.

There is no shortage of people to sell you the dream, what I do is make this real. I will set your expectations and be honest with you about how to make this work for you and what you have to do to make your book work for you.


  • Clarity Call - £150 (book below)
  • 3 hour plan your book call £295 (book below)
  • 3 months - weekly sessions (approx. 1 hour) - £1895 (approx. £158 per session)
  • 6 months - weekly sessions (approx, 1 hour) - £3295 (approx. £136 per session)
  • Payment plans available - pay for either package over 3 months
  • Package follow on coaching £595 per month - typically to close loose ends
  • Both the 3 and 6 months packages will provide you with complimentary membership to Manifesting Magic Membership worth £297

We start as soon as you are ready

Many people who want to write a book, never do. They are put off for many reasons, not least that they don’t know which idea is the right idea for right now. Those that do rarely do anything else with it.

I’m going to support you so that you can see that there is another way.

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