Write Your Non-Fiction Book Online Course

WRITE your non fiction book

Create an impact with your story, heal yourself and heal the world with your book

Write Your Non-Fiction Book

You are a conscious heart led creator who wants to find clarity in your message and understand how to channel that to the world via a book

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WRITE! And Publish Your Book

Write online course

The WRITE online course takes you from no idea all the way through to self-publishing your non-fiction book.

It'll be here supporting you 24/7/365. Take a look

Book writing group

Small Group Mentoring

Covers an initial individual book  consultation of your book from the perspective of is this the right book.

From here you will be enrolled on the WRITE online course and invited to a private group, where we will have 6 mastermind calls (every two weeks for 12 weeks), Q&A, support and accountability for your book.

WRITE your book process

Plan and Outline

Find the right book, create the outline and flow, and chunk it all down so that it is easier to write.

Write & Edit

Getting to first draft is an incredible feat.  After initial edits you will self-publish your first draft. You will use this to get you to a point where it is ready to publish.

Covers & Interior

Let's get all of things done which make all the difference to our book.

Publish And Launch

A wonderfully exciting stage that sees your book published, promoted and launched.

Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring:

  • WRITE Course
  • 6 session mastermind where we meet every two weeks €1595
  • Group restricted to four people

Here’s what people are saying about working with Dale

I'm an author now

I would never have even got halfway through writing my book without Dales help.

I help counsellors and psychotherapists attract more clients more easily and I knew a book about marketing specifically for them would really be helpful.

I guess I did what everyone does: I started the project full of optimism and enthusiasm. Dale helped me to get organised and make plans, get clear and focussed. I started writing and felt good.

Then I hit a block about halfway through where I’d written too much to stop but just didn’t want to carry on.

I'm an author now - cont'd

Without Dale, my book wouldn’t have been completed. She supported me, encouraged me, gave me ideas and motivated me. She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

She told me to rest when I needed to and she gave me deadlines when I needed it. And there came a point that my book was born.

I can now proudly say I am an author. Yes, my book brings in a monthly income, which is always welcome but it’s more than that. Barely a day goes by that I don’t receive an email or message from someone thanking me and telling me how much their book helped them.

I couldn’t recommend Dale highly enough. She is extremely experienced, patient, and knowledgable, and I’m so happy she was part of my journey

Thank you Dale!

I only have high esteem for Dale Darley who not only believed in my vision, but was by my side as I, literally, birthed my book. During our initial consultation I knew Dale not only understood me, but truly H E A R D me.

She has a unique and special way of guiding you structurally and intuitively and this skill has evolved through her vast life experience.

Her insights help you expand your vision, and Dale’s knowledge allows the passage of writing and publishing a book to flow with more ease. Because Dale understands the peaks and troughs that a writer moves through, this can help curb any writers block and burn out. 

Thank you Dale for all your patience, understanding, wisdom, kindness and laughter that we shared through this experience.

The WRITE! Course will help you to:

  • Nail your big book idea before you start writing
  • Know how to research and find gaps in the market so that your book will stand out from the crowd
  • Outline it so that it’s easier to write
  • Understand how to make the writing process easier
  • Edit your book like a professional
  • Choose the right publishing path for your and get step-by-step guidance to help you self-publish
  • Get a fabulous cover designed and learn how to format the interior
  • Be in control of the publishing process
  • Launch your book and create a great marketing plan that you will want to implement

Why write a non fiction book?

  • You are an action taker who knows that you have a powerful message for your ideal client. You want to inspire others to grow and change through learning what you have to teach.
  • You want to build your brand around your book. You see the book as a key to enabling you to share your message.
  • Having a book (the right book) will help you attract more of the right clients, add value and serve your tribe.
  • You want to make a massive IMPACT with your book and message.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If you take the course and are not entirely satisfied, you are protected by my 30-day money back guarantee.

Look at what students have to say about the WRITE! course

Thank you so much

Dale, thank you so much for this information. This is exactly what I needed to begin this journey into the writing space. I had no idea where to begin. I feel very capable of handling the challenge of becoming a published author, as you as my teacher. Thank you Dale!

I'm loving these ideas

I'm loving all these ideas Dale. Whilst I've been planning my book I've realised I've already got a lot of content I can use for some chapters. The book is feeling like a course but that wasn't where I started from. Interesting how everything is interlinking. Thank you :-) I'm excited

Extremely comprehensive

Didn't like the course at first as it didn't 'feel right' then realised the course was telling me what I needed to know and practice rather than what I wanted it to (to me that's a sign of genuine learning). I'm a 'what if' writer - someone who gets ideas and satisfaction from the act of writing itself - after eight years of writing what started out as one book and has now turned into three I still hadn't actually finished any of the books. This course has shown me why that is and what I need to do about it. I regard this course as an evergreen training resource I'll keep coming back to.e talks about aha's I didn't think I'd get quite so many!

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