January 28, 2019
January 28, 2019

When it comes to writing a book, good books don’t just happen, they are designed or should I say outlined?

Outlining chapters give us a clear structure, a pathway from one chapter to the next and provides direction, helps to connect each chapter to the overall theme and helps to answer questions that our reader may have and most importantly makes your book easier and faster to write. There are several ways to get to the outline, my favourite is step it out, followed by mind mapping.

Once you are clear about your outline, then it’s discovering how to create the perfect chapter framework and finally pulling it all together with a book proposal (aka the marketing plan).

Great, that’s the theory sorted, but what if you have outlined your book and are now stuck, stuck, stuck?

When writing a book is not going well do these things

Stop writing your book

When you stop writing and so something else inspiration and clarity usually comes. It may arriving while you are at the till of your favourite supermarket or while walking the dogs. You just need space.

Ask is it the right book

You will hear me say this a lot. You need to make sure it is the right book. If not with the best will in the world you will not be motivated to write it. Go through the process of checking in with your heart, then gut and finally your head.

If your heart book makes sense and you know why you are writing it then you will find the time and motivation to write it.

Re-do the outline

Go back and outline your book as if this were the first time. You need to be absolutely clear that this is what you want to write about. Start with a free flow chapter ideas brainstorm, then mind map it and finally write a synopsis. How does this compare with what you are writing? How can you now sort it out?

I’d look at my ideal reader, why I am writing, what outcome I want for my reader and how it fits with my brand and business. In other words do the book planning basics again.

Consider if you are trying to write too much

As subject matter experts we often try and cram too much in. Nooooo. Readers today have the attention span of a gnat and what they want and often need is to be able to consume something that provides a quick solution to a pressing problem.

Have you written too much? Can you break it down into smaller chunks?

Break writing a book up into chunks

If you see writing a book as a huge almost unmanageable process and project chances are you will feel disheartened. Break it up into smaller chunks and tackle each part like a mini project. Set achieveable milestones and reward yourself for meeting your targets.

Design a book series

A book series is a brilliant way to stay in your readers mind and on their radar. Take your subject and break it down into chunks as you did above. Every chunk has a process, a learning point and an outcome. When you have done this re outline book 1 and 2 so that you can see the flow. Now break book 1 down into chunks and write.

Hopefully, there is an idea in here that will help you with writing a book that you feel stuck on. The real key is to step away from the project, maybe work with a book coach, talk it through and allow your unconscious mind to support this process.

When it comes to writing a book you can make it easier for yourself by taking breaks, reflecting in your journal and talking to someone else.

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