Create change with the power of writing and journaling

The stories we tell and understanding the emotions we supress are the key to our healing, mental health, wellbeing, expansion, and transformation. Every story contains a lesson and a gift. Not just for you, but for the world.

Write a new chapter of your life -  Reimagine Your Life And Claim Your Self-Worth & Self-Love

Is now the time for you to step into the next stage of your healing and growth?

Imagine what it might feel like if your were able to...

  • Clear some of the blocks that stand in the way of your healing
  • Connect to your heart so that you can hear your inner wisdom
  • Know what you want to create in your life
  • Uncover, reconnect, say hi to who you are at your core
  • Feel inspired to do whatever your next step is
  • Hear the whispers of your soul
  • Know that you are being supported through your transition, healing and next steps

It starts with a YES. A YES to connect and work with me intuitively and a YES from your soul to begin the healing process

Writing therapy & coaching

Writing to heal

We will explore what you want and need to heal through the writing to heal process and writing exercises


We will experiment with other things such as visualisation, affirmations, mandalas and doodle art


We will gain perspective and clarity through reflecting on your writing

What might we cover?


We will cover what needs to be covered. Healing doesn't take a direct route, but it does start with you. It begins with you knowing that there is something on your mind, that you feel weary and in need of someone to support and guide you to navigate life and find your way to your heart.

It’s all designed to be an adventure with your soul. So, it's flexible, focused and fun. 

No rules, simply exploration

With this coaching, there are no rules, no process maps or structures to adhere to. Together we explore where you find yourself, what outcomes you want and then co-create a way for you to navigate towards your vision of self and how you want to express yourself.

Intuition and divine inner wisdom are your guides for this softly unfolding experience. When you then make conscious decisions you will know that you have asked your heart, gut and head (in that order) to support your actions.

Our time together is in a space where you are heard and gently challenged. We meet weekly, you will be given activities to do which are designed to make you think and to connect to that deeper part of you, which yearns to express itself.

Everything changes here

  • Imagine uncovering the 'stuff' behind your stories, values and beliefs
  • How would it feel to be at peace and content with where you are and who you are?
  • Imagine having a balanced, healthy relationship with you
  • What might happen when you discover the lessons and gifts in your stories?
  • Who will you be when you are loving all of you and being your best self?
  • Imagine being in control of your life
  • Imagine rewriting the book of your life

This is for you, if

  • You want to unmuddle the muddle
  • You spend more time hating your life than feeling good about it
  • You want to get to a place where you love and accept yourself
  • You want to HEAR your inner voice
  • You are DONE with struggling with your stories and are ready to let go of a life that doesn't serve you
  • You want to make friends with your soul
  • You feel stuck, in chaos and desire inner peace
  • You want to manifest magic and your best self
  • You want to rewrite the book of your life 
  • You Will Get:

  • 101% unconditional support, commitment and belief in all that you want to be
  • Inspiration
  • A non-judgmental, confidential listening ear that will be your witness
  • Meetings that you will look forward to
  • More energy, focus, clarity and satisfaction after just a few sessions
  • Email / messenger access to me between the sessions so that you are completely supported throughout your coaching and mentoring journey
  • Homework to do between sessions. Everyone loves homework, right?
  • Your Investment

    12 weekly sessions (approx. 1 hour, plus 30 minutes before your next session where I read and reflect on your writing, so that I can give you feedback) - £2170 

    12 months Membership to The Journaling Club

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