Writing To Heal Circles

Getting connected to your muse and exploring what your heart and soul wants to share is a beautiful experience. Writing to heal is here to support you to find a deeper connection within you. Being in circle will help you find and express your voice in a safe place.

Hidden inside of each of us is a deep well of inner wisdom just waiting to be teased open.

There are many powerful reasons to pick up a pen and write, including

  • Healing
  • Exploring who you are and who you want to be
  • Creating something that you want to share
  • To heal others with your words and experiences

When we meet in circle you will come to a safe space where you can find and free your writing voice. These fun and contemplative gatherings are a source of creativity, imagination, inspiration and healing.

Come to be inspired, leave with fresh perspective and ready to write in whatever way calls you.

In circle we will...

Gather as kindred souls in the comfort of our own surroundings to honour the words and stories that lie within use.

  • We will meditate and muse
  • We will write together around the theme and use this as a pathway to our healing
  • In breakout groups you will share and learn from each other
  • You will learn to trust the words and stories that arise to be set free
  • Your writing will be witnessed, honoured and respected

Dis-ease has taught me about love, kindness, compassion and to value myself and others. It has also taught me that the body knows how to heal if given the right ingredients.

Dale heart
Dale pointing right

Here’s what you will discover in circle...

You will become aware of your body as an intuitive healing guide

We are energy. Our body speaks and through writing to heal you will be able access your inner healing resources

You will go within to find what can't be found outside of yourself

Writing in a journal is cathartic, healing and a safe place to explore your inner world

You will understand your inner warrior more

When emotions are stuffed down your inner warrior often does not know where to go or what to do. Writing to heal gives you access to a deeper understanding of the words and stories that you have been telling yourself

Are you ready to meet yourself in a safe sacred space?

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you” Rumi

We are here to nourish and support your writing and healing

The circles and group have been designed to nourish you and to support your healing. Nothing is prescriptive and you do not have to do anything you don’t want to. There are no shoulds or oughts, there is simply space to be and to become. All of your writing is confidential and you only have to share if you want to.

Your stories and words have the power to heal, inspire, unite others, and create change for you and for the world. You may have felt held back from writing, perhaps scared of what will come up? That all changes now...

Dale writing I AM

In the private group, you will be able to

  • Share your writing and voice
  • Catch up on meetings (replays of videos)
  • Catch up on prompts
  • Receive support
  • Have access to monthly journaling prompts around a theme for you to dip into as you feel called
  • Gain access to resources and training

Dale write book

Additionally you will have preferential pricing to the following courses, so that you can also follow different pathways:-

  • Kick-start your memoir
  • Write your lifestory
  • WRITE!
  • Manifesting Magic
  • All of the Love To Journal Courses

Your reward will be...

Your reward will be better relationships, well-being, creativity and dare I say it a voice that will be heard. You may even move on to write a brilliant book

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” David Richo

What happens in circle?

  • We meet at 8pm CET/ 7pm UK (Every first and third Monday - close to full and new moon - during 2020) - Other time zones https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
  • Bring a cuppa, pen and paper 
  • Open circle with a meditation, followed by freewriting about what comes up to empty what needs to come out – these are your private musings
  • Explore that weeks theme and prompt, where you will spend 10 minutes musing with our soul
  • Move into breakout groups to deep dive into your writing and be witnessed
  • Opportunities to read to the group
  • We close circle with thoughts for moving forward through the following weeks with what we want to create in our lives

“Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.” Marianne Williamson

This is for you, if you want

  • A safe space to explore your writing
  • To be heard and witnessed without judgement
  • To connect with your heart and heal (whatever needs healing)
  • To HEAR your inner voice
  • To make friends with your soul
  • To manifest magic and your hearts desire
  • To rewrite the book of your life 
  • Take your writing further than your journal

Your Investment

  • €15 per month

You need a journal and get ready to write. We will meet every two weeks online, where I will deliver a short masterclass, followed by a safe circle where you can share what comes up for you. There will breakout rooms and time for Q&A. Between sessions you will explore the words and stories that show up and learn simple techniques to support your healing.


The belief that you deserve more and a heart that is open, willing and ready for action (remember even stopping is action)

Knowing that the most important relationship is with you

A journal, coloured pens and an A3 scribbling pad

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