Writing To Heal - Edition 2

Heal Your Life  And Change Your Story Through Journaling, Reflecting And Creative Life Writing

Writing To Heal

From The Back Of The Book

Writing in a journal is powerful, cathartic and life-changing.

Words have the power to heal, and when you journal daily, you will begin to see where and what you need to heal.

I wrote this book as a result of being in one dark place too many. I had written and journaled for years, using my writing to get my feelings out. As I sat and reflected, I found ways to overcome my perceived problems. Then, when I was out walking, stories started to come into my head. It was then I realised that creative life writing, where you take your journal entries and turn them into stories, was not only fun but incredibly healing.

Let me ask you:

  • Do you want to change how you feel about yourself and your life?
  • Do you feel stuck and unable to move forwards?
  • Do you want clarity?
  • Do you want to be able to heal and express yourself?

Yes, then Writing to Heal is for you…

Writing to Heal takes you on a journey to discover who you are, what you need to heal and what you want, It allows you to discover your voice, listen to your body and heal your unexpressed emotion.

This book guides you through writing, reflecting and on into creative life writing.

Writing in a journal and creating stories is a fantastic way for anyone interested in making changes to their lives, finding their voices, discovering who they are, being in control of what happens next, and letting the healing begin. The result is you will change your thinking and your perspective.

My dream is that this book inspires you to connect with your heart, write, and consider writing your life story or memoir.

Ready To Write A Memoir?

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