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Introduction To Journaling

Never journaled before? Take this course and become a daily journaler, happy to explore their inner world.

Writing To Heal (Bestseller)

Writing is incredibly healing and this course will help you to explore many aspects of your life to help you to heal.

Creative Life Writing

Creative life writing has been designed to help you to heal and change the story through creative writing. Let your imagination run free.

Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

This course takes you through understanding what stress and anxiety are to providing a roadmap to more inner peace.

Self-Love & Journey Of The Heart

Everything starts with the heart. Come on a journey with your heart, heal and learn to love yourself.

Manifesting Magic Adventure

Come on a journey to manifest what your hearts desires. 

Stepping Into Confidence

A wonderful 7 step course to designed as an introduction to embracing and stepping into your confident self.

The Art Of Confident Living

Discover your inner power and transform your life with The Art of Confident Living, a guide that will take you on a journey to unshakable self-assurance and lasting personal growth.

Ignite Your Purpose

Purpose is not about saving the world, it's about finding something that fills you with joy. Join this course and ignite your purpose.

About Dale

I have been designing and delivering face to face and online courses since 2011. My goal is to demystify processes and provide you with some powerful tools to help you to be your best self.

Choose the Best Writing Course for You

Simple Steps To Planning Your Non Fiction Book

All books start with a brilliant plan. Take this course, plan your book and be ready to rock your writing.

Kick-Start Your Memoir

Writing exercises to build your confidence and ignite your memory enabling you to start writing a memoir.

Write Your Life Story/Memoir

If you have the call to write your memoir this course will help you to discover the right story and take you all the way to publishing your story.

WRITE - Your Non-Fiction Book

This course will help you to plan, write, edit and publish the best non-fiction book possible. I'll lead you step by step through the whole process until you are a published author.

Blog Your Book

One of  the best ways to write a book is to blog it. This course will take you all the way through planning, writing and publishing your book, while teaching you how to maximise the power of blogging.

Turn Your Non-Fiction Book Into A Course 

Once you have written your book, the next logical step is to turn it into a course. Let this course guide you through that process and help you publish your course.