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Start here and download The Healing Power Of Journaling - it’s on the house, and it’s a great place to begin your journey into discovering what you want

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Manifesting Magic

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Using the healing power journaling and mindful tools to help you to overcome anxiety

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Intuitive Life Coaching

We work with the chakras and journaling to awaken your intuition, supporting you to love who you are, know who you want to become and get what you want.

My Mission Is Simple

I want to inspire people to get connected to their hearts, heal, know who they are, want to become and do what they love through the healing power of journaling, intuition and the chakras. For those people to become an inspiration and show others what is possible in the world.

As an alchemist who believes that we are always being guided, I know that the inner secrets to transformation come by listening to my divine inner wisdom and letting her guide me to where I need to go.”

Creator And Author Love To Journal For People And Healthy, Wealthy, Healed & Happy For Women Who Want To Discover Who They Are, Who They Want To Become And Create A Life That They Love

I have never stopped learning. If you ask me can I, mostly I will say yes and then work out how. That’s what life has taught me – that there is always a way.

What I’ve also learned is that I love to get my hands dirty – yes I delegate and lead – but I do love practical hands-on, which means that clients are never left with – that’s not my job kind of attitude. If something needs doing let’s get it done.

My career is eclectic and diverse, just as I am quirky and kind. I lead with my heart or at least I start with my heart – why do things you don’t love. Why wouldn’t you show others kindness and compassion?

I love variety and change, and I adore helping others through problems be that personal or business-related. I want someone to walk away from me feeling inspired and empowered.

If your life looks great online, a bit dodgy in your journal and a bit of a mess in your head, it’s time for us to chat.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a rock star. My walls were adorned with posters and the first song I learned all the words to was Wishing Well.

Then as is always the way a teacher told me that I couldn’t sing. Later another teacher told my dad and me that I would never go to University.

In a way, they both did me a favour, although I did rather go off the rails. It didn’t help that some pretty horrible things happened early in my life. But then that’s the same for a lot of people. It’s what we learn and how we grow from our challenges is what is important.

They also did me a favour because I lost myself in the world of books, writing, ideas and imagination. Which today still hold me in good stead.

Journaling has been one of the most powerful self-help tools I know and when you combine that with knowledge, skills, experiences and inner wisdom – you certainly have a full toolbox to support others.

Unlocking your potential is a major investment in not only your now but also your future. Imagine creating exactly what you want and need. Imagine BEing all that you want to be. Imagine the impact you can make in the world

I believe that we are all on journeys to discovering who we are so that we can use those experiences to make a difference and an impact in the world. Our crappy lives are an incredible gift that can lead ourselves back to us and enable us to be leaders for change.

Where shall we start?

Start here and download The Healing Power Of Journaling  - it’s on the house, and it’s a great place to begin your journey into discovering what you want


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