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Transform Your Wisdom into Words That Heal and Inspire

Transform your story into a source of healing and inspiration with The Word Alchemist, where your words become wisdom that changes lives.

Healing Book Project

The Healing Book Project

The Healing Book Project has been designed to facilitate you to write a healing book, be that self-help, a transformational journal or a memoir, so that you can inspire and support others through your experiences.

The Journal Blueprint

The Journal Blueprint

Work with me 121 or via my online courses. Turn your story, ideas and transformational process into powerful content-rich journals and more.

Nonfiction Made Easy

Nonfiction Made Easy

Explores options for planning your nonfiction book and kickstarting your memoir.

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My Key Offerings

The Journal Blueprint

The Journal Blueprint is designed for counsellors, coaches, healers, and therapists who want to create content-rich transformational journals based on their stories and experiences. This service helps you:

  • Design a journal that captures your transformational framework, offering clients additional opportunities for personal growth.
  • Leverage the journal to expand your brand identity, create a roadmap for product development, and repurpose content to engage and expand your audience.

The Healing Book Project

The Healing Book Project is tailored for women over 40 who are looking to heal their stories through the power of writing and journaling. This program guides you to:

  • Heal through writing, uncovering and articulating your journey.
  • Use the wisdom gained to create a transformational journal or a self-help book based on your story.
  • Inspire and support others through your words and experiences.

The Word Alchemist: Transforming Your Wisdom Into Words That Heal & Inspire

My mission is simple—to inspire, empower, and support others in connecting with their divine inner wisdom. By embracing the sacred act of writing, I believe we all can discover the incredible untapped potential and wisdom within us, which needs to be shared to help create a better world.

As a lifelong advocate for the transformative power of journaling and writing, I have dedicated myself to inspiring others through the written word. My journey with journaling began as a way to make sense of the world, tap into my inner wisdom, and evolve into a better version of myself. It has been a lifeline, even helping me to ‘save my life.’

This commitment to self-exploration and growth was profoundly tested in 2018 when I suffered two spinal fractures. By combining therapeutic journaling with extensive research on nutrition, energy medicine, and self-care, I rebuilt not just my bones but my entire life.

My goal is to ignite inspiration, creativity, and motivation in others. I work with a flexible approach that includes playful exploration, curious meandering, and soulful introspection.

As an author, writer, and writing-to-heal facilitator, I empower others to transform their stories, insights, and experiences into words that heal and inspire.

I bring an intuitive sense of the big picture, deep understanding, and genuine passion to everything I create. My work revolves around the philosophy that words are not just tools for communication but vehicles for transformation.

Known for my ingenuity, creativity, and strategic planning skills, I excel at converting abstract concepts into tangible solutions.

I infuse my work with a unique quirkiness, lightening even the most serious endeavours. Contrary to my father’s opinion, many find my humour endearing and consider me one of the kindest souls they have met.

When not busy writing and creating content, I am an avid reader, always seeking the next great idea.

A firm believer in lifelong learning, I continuously strive to broaden my understanding of the world and beyond. And when I need a break? You’ll find me walking my beloved furries or indulging in a slice of cake.

I only have high esteem for Dale Darley, who not only believed in my vision but was by my side as I literally birthed my book. During our initial consultation, I knew Dale not only understood me but truly H E A R D me.

She has a unique and special way of guiding you structurally and intuitively, and this skill has evolved through her vast life experience.

Her insights help you expand your vision, and Dale’s knowledge allows the passage of writing and publishing a book to flow with more ease.

Because Dale understands the peaks and troughs that a writer moves through, this can help curb any writer’s block and burnout.

Thank you, Dale, for all your patience, understanding, wisdom, kindness and laughter that we shared through this experience.

Jo Courtney

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