Are you ready to lead with the power of your story?

I believe that there are gifts in our stories and that these are the gifts that we have come to share

Let Me Ask You...

What do you want to create?

Everything starts with you knowing what you want to for your life. So what is that?

Who do you want to be?

Who will you be when you know who you and what you are here to do and be?

How do you want to share your healing story?

Healing is personal and a journey from inside out. Help others to heal by sharing your story in a book.

Writing a healing memoir takes you on a journey to discover who you are, what you need to heal and what you want. To then write and publish your own story...

Rebirth: The Phoenix Rising

Launch date: 6th June


Where Do You Want To Go Today?

The Memoir Book Project

Share your story of healing trauma and inspiring someone to know that they too can heal. Lead with your story and book.

My mission is simple:

To support my clients to manifest magic, live their best life and to lead with their story. Life is sweeter when you have a sense of purpose and meaning. 

We do this using the power of writing to open up a world of possibilities for your life, personal leadership and business.


Find your inner light, and live life, on purpose.

Through self-love we value ourselves, gifts, knowledge, skills, experiences, inner wisdom, strengths, kindness and compassion.

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A bit more about me

I believe that we are all on journeys to discovering who we are so that we can use those experiences to make a difference and an impact in the world. Our seemingly crappy lives are an incredible gift that can lead ourselves back to us and enable us to be leaders for change.

Writing has helped me to heal and it can support your healing to. There is power in your story - are you ready to share it?

I wish that I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being. Haziz

My story is one of self-love and self-worth.

I was constantly told to shut up and ignored, and so I went off the rails and that didn't get me noticed, except by the wrong people.

It was when I discovered that my husband was living a double life that I was woken up. Six weeks after my discovery I was in another country falling apart.

In falling apart I found me and learned to love myself. Because of this I have healed everything thrown at me and know what it's like to live a life where I not only like me, but I love me.

It is from this space that I do what I love and that is to help you to discover your the story that you are here to share.

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