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Expressing yourself through writing can be positive and empowering act 

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We all have voices, we just need to find a way to express them and make a difference

We assume that women are better at expressing their emotions than men. This is not true. As a woman who has been on a tangled journey I have witnessed first hand what it is like to stuff down how I have felt. To not be heard and to not have my voice heard...

I started writing in a journal in my darkest moments, it became my best friend, my ally and confidante. Without my pen and journal I would not be the person I am today.

My journal has saved me many times. Like leaving a horrible husband who was living a double life. Like healing my fractured spine with three beautiful rescue dogs who needed mum to look after them. Like dealing with low self esteem from sexual abuse.

I believe that we are all on journeys to discovering who we are so that we can use those experiences to not only grow as people, but to make a difference to others lives. Our crappy lives are an incredible gift that can lead ourselves back to us and enable us to be leaders for change.

We are magnificent containers of divine inner wisdom, we just need to learn how to tap into it, release the heavy load and learn to walk lightly through this life.

If no-one ever hears your story and you never tell it, where is it going to go?

My belief is that our minds and bodies will bear the brunt of it. When my spine fractured, although I thought I was in a good place, I realised that I was actually out of balance with who I was and my purpose.

However, after four days of agony and staring at the ceiling I started to write in my journal and a few weeks later I started to write a book. This is what, along with amazing nutrition and energy healing, saved me once again.

This is a safe place to be heard, where there is no judgement only ears and a heart that wants to allow you to tell your story.

Are you prepared to step away from the void, write and heal? Are you ready to meet you? Are you ready to share your story? Are you ready to write a book which will make a difference in the world?

Join me in making a difference.

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