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Using your book to build a business
I was gifted the Book The Business Model Generator many years ago by a friend, who gently suggested that I[...]
Common mistakes when writing a book, why it may never get published or make money
Writing a book? Planning your book? Written your book and done nothing with it? Couldn’t care less about writing a[...]
50 Powerful questions to ask before writing a book
It's almost summer, I can hear the birds singing, the printer has just churned out the synopsis of the book[...]
Write into July – writing prompts to start the month
July is always a special month for me. There are three family birthdays. Today my mum is 80, my dad[...]
How to get connected to your conscious inner planner
Getting connected to your inner planner means that you will understand why your strategy is working or not. Consider this...[...]
Resistance. What are you resisting? What you resist, persists
Resistance is the refusal to comply or to accept something. Resistance is also a force and its root is to[...]
Writing to heal – Where is my now?
Stop for a moment and ask where is my now? Writing to heal starts with a reflection of where you[...]
Go on a writers retreat and kick-start your book
One of my fondest memories is going on a fiction writers retreat. So much so it encouraged me to start[...]
Journaling, blogs, books, healing and marketing
What a combination of things to think about, but for me, journaling, writing blogs and books all lead to healing[...]
Write into May – writing prompts to start the month
Let's kick May off with these writing prompts. Writing prompts are a great way to think about where you are[...]
Kay Sanders new book Messages of Inspiration
I met Kay about a year ago and we hit it off immedietly. Kay always inspires me and when she[...]
Write your way out of a rut and into action
I feel that I am in a rut. It’s not a well-worn groove and I’m certainly not in the groove,[...]
How to use the language of more to change limiting self-belief
A few days ago I wrote in my diary how fed up I was and started to question my lack[...]
Press for progress. I am not a number. I am not osteoporosis
Today is International Women's Day. A day to join with your sisters to celebrate how far we have come and what[...]
Honour yourself on International Women’s Day and every day
Tomorrow is International Women's Day. A day to join with your sisters to celebrate how far we have come and what[...]

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