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Memories make memoir and create inner freedom
Memories can be healing, revealing, scary, upsetting, fun and a whole lot of emotions in-between. Every experience creates a memory[...]
Why you should use journaling and diet to support your wellbeing
As a long-term fan of journaling as a way to improve wellbeing, I was intrigued to read the BBC report[...]
Writing to heal – Where is my now?
Stop for a moment and ask where is my now? Writing to heal starts with a reflection of where you[...]
Write your way out of a rut and into action
I feel that I am in a rut. It’s not a well-worn groove and I’m certainly not in the groove,[...]
How to use the language of more to change limiting self-belief
A few days ago I wrote in my diary how fed up I was and started to question my lack[...]
Journaling, blogs, books, healing and marketing
What a combination of things to think about, but for me, journaling, writing blogs and books all lead to healing[...]
Honour yourself on International Women’s Day and every day
Tomorrow is International Women's Day. A day to join with your sisters to celebrate how far we have come and what[...]
Write into March – writing prompts to start the month
Let's kick March off with these writing prompts. Writing prompts are a great way to think about where you are[...]
Journaling, meditation and pathways to generation issues
Recently while contemplating things that are going on in my life I have been watching various videos and reading some[...]
Journaling and the PH balance of experiences
Journaling is a fantastic way to open yourself up to discovering what I call acid or alkalising experiences or the[...]
The power of journaling and having a chocolate orange day
A few mornings ago I missed my journaling. I'd woken in the small hours in pain and thought instead that[...]
New moon, Earth Dog Year, Journaling and setting intentions
It's a new moon which often disturbs sleeping patterns and mine are well out of whack. Upon waking at 1.30am,[...]
February is my time to focus on health and journaling
February 2018 and my focus is firmly on my health and journaling. Without my health I have nothing and without[...]
5 reasons to start a daily journal when life smacks you in the face
You wonder what I mean by life smacking you in the face, or you might be right with me nodding[...]
Powerful journaling when the unexpected happens
When the unexpected happens, I always without fail turn to journaling. I say it time and again, journaling, writing and[...]

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