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Honour yourself on International Women’s Day and every day

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. A day to join with your sisters to celebrate how far we have come and what we have achieved. A day to consider our values and the impact we want to make in the world.

To be able to create the change we want to see, we have to take time out to honour who we are.

Make International Women’s Day and every day, a day to honour yourself

Unless we learn to honour who we are and learn to love ourselves enough, we will not have firm foundations from which to move forward. Here are a few simple ideas that you can implement.

Write yourself a love letter

Love letter to you


Write a letter from your heart to your soul and body. Explain in simple terms why you love you. Put pen to paper and trust that what is meant to be written will emerge. Think of what International Women’s Day and press for progress mean to you.

Write a letter and wave goodbye to all that does not serve you and be open to new opportunities

One of the more fun things that I do when I am feeling down is to write a letter about what I’d like to come into my life. I am mindful of how I write it because the mind is a powerful thing. So for example, if you have had a tough time with a past relationship, consider what good things have come from it; I certainly say thank you to three relationships for allowing me to live the life I do today.

Say thank you and then ask how is it possible for me too, for example, have a beautiful relationship, where we are equal, and I am loved and respected for who I am? Your words, your way. Then when you have written what you need to positively, burn your letter. As you watch the flames flicker, give thanks and send love to the past.

Do something to honour your body

Make and eat something delicious and nutritious and do it mindfully. I adore my Nutribullet and making gorgeous smoothies. I also have reflexology regularly and if you can make some time in your diary to feel the healing touch of another. Even if you can’t get to see a masseur, run a luscious bath, put on some meditation music, light some candles, choose a calming oil, smother your face with avocado and drift off.

Replace a ‘not so good’ food with something yummy and healthy

Honour your body

If you currently reward yourself with something high fat or full of processed sugar, consider swapping it out for something healthier. This doesn’t mean eating a carrot, although you could make some delicious homemade hummus; one of my favourites. Another idea might be to dip some of your favourite fruit in raw chocolate – oh yes!!!

Practice self-healing

You don’t have to be a ‘trained’ healer to do this; anyone can heal. Close your eyes and take some deep relaxing breaths. Place one hand at your heart and one under your breasts (solar plexus). Open your heart to healing and be open to what comes. Focus on drawing in energy to create inner peace, balance and harmony. Another idea could be to massage your tummy – the womb of your femininity. Use some lovely oils, maybe something like neroli to encourage creativity.

Rescue a dog or three


As a mum to three rescues, I would say this, wouldn’t I? I feel blessed to have them as a part of my life. Not a day goes by where they don’t make me laugh. With dogs, I can’t make any excuses for not getting out as they need to run around and sniff. The benefits include getting a lung full of fresh air and some exercise, I am experiencing Mother Nature, and getting an opportunity to reflect.

Do something creative

Write a blog or a book, paint a picture or make something. I write most days, but for relaxation, I knit strange dolls. What about a bit of adult colouring in? Creativity opens you up to opportunities.

Wear something that makes you feel feminine

Given where I live up in the hills, I usually wear something practical as I need to get out and walk my dogs. When I get the chance, I like to choose something more feminine outfit and ignore how my walking shoes might look… What could you put on that makes you feel like great?

Buy flowers and brighten up your home and/or workspace

Place your flowers in a gorgeous vase where you can see them throughout the day. As you look at them, remind yourself of your inner beauty. If you don’t want to buy cut flowers what could you collect from nature? Around me is loads of lavender and rosemary – bliss.

Don’t wait for someone to buy you flowers, buy them for yourself

Say thank you

Say thank you for who you are, whether physical or spiritual.

Make this International Women’s Day and every day a day to support a sister

Giving back is a wonderful way to feel great as you do good. It doesn’t have to be costly or take too much of your time. Try some of these:-

Offer a complimentary mentoring session

You have incredible knowledge, skills and experience, who might benefit from a Skype call or a cuppa with you? That hour could change both of your lives.

Sponsor a sister

Make a small monthly donation to someone who is less fortunate than you.

Give a gift


Footprints. Leave your footprints in someones heart

Leave your footprints in someone’s heart. Create your legacy today. If you have a book or an online course, consider giving a gift to another woman. I often give coupons to my courses away, which I hope will inspire someone to write a book.

Challenge unconscious bias amongst your male family and friends

Open the conversation with your ‘brothers’ and fellow humans and ask them what they think and how they can help to create balance and harmony. Consider how you can work together to create inclusive education, awareness and action.

Be more flexible with your working day

If you are self-employed, consider how you can flex your day. As an early riser, I often write early, then head out for a walk (although not right at the moment) and do whatever I want to, ensuring that I get done what needs to be actioned. I am mindful that clients may need to talk on the weekend or evenings, which is often the case with writing a book. If that is the case, I make space, providing I have the energy and no other commitments. Being flexible means that you can achieve so much more. Try it. It may feel strange if you are not long into self-employment.

Slip some money into someone’s pocket

I am not suggesting that you creep stealth like and unpick someone’s pocket, but you could leave some cash (doesn’t have to be much) with a note in the ladies toilet for some unsuspecting sister. Tell her to have a cuppa on you.

Say thank you to a fellow woman leader

Is there a woman who you consider to be a leader? Tell her what an excellent job she is doing.

Say thank you

Thank someone for something that they have done for you.

Whoever you are reading this, from wherever, celebrate being you and give thanks to the women in your life.

Write into March – writing prompts to start the month

Let’s kick March off with these writing prompts. Writing prompts are a great way to think about where you are and where you would like to go. Do you have a planner? Or do you perhaps set intentions for the month?

March intentions will put a spring into your writing. It’s considered the first month of Spring and a time for some fresh thinking. It’s a new season and a new start. We’ve just had a powerful full moon which is always a wonderful time to let go of things. Just in case you didn’t there is no time like the present to release what does not serve you.

Writing prompts to kickstart your March #1

  • One – read through the five points on the infographic
  • Two – reflect before you write
  • Three – create a one-two page planner or you can use this one
  • Four – take action, use this five-day planner to help you.
  • Five – write every day – even if it’s a bullet point
  • Six – reflect often
  • Seven – review the month and decide what next before you head into April

This month the theme is BEGINNINGS. That can be beginning again, it could be beginning something entirely new. Whatever it is, do or be it with an intention to find something that resonates with you. For me, my focus this month is beginning to focus on strengthening my body, albeit slowly.

March infographic


Writing prompts to start the month #2

  1. What does beginning mean to you?
  2. Choose four elements of your life and write about how you can put some fresh life into them
  3. Write a love letter to you, expressing how your new beginnings will bring you joy
  4. How can you pour love into your new beginnings?
  5. How can you nurture your new beginning?
  6. Write about your all the times you have started something and not completed it. What do you notice about the patterns?
  7. What does Spring mean to you?
  8. How can you love anything new that you start so that you complete it?
  9. What makes you feel excited about introducing something new?
  10. Why is making a fresh start important to you?
  11. If you could write a book, what stops you from starting and why?

How to make the most of your March writing prompts

  1. This is not a race against time, savour each question and take your time
  2. Get into the right writing space
  3. Write in a beautiful journal
  4. Pick the one that most resonates and write that first
  5. Allow whatever wants to be written come up
  6. Leave and reflect

That’s it, March is the month of new beginnings. Find something new to start that will fill your heart and soul. Write often, enjoy the month and remember to spoil you every day.

If you’d love more of this writing stuff, if you have things you want to get out of you, find your writers voice and maybe even write a book, connect with me or get on The Writing Zone waiting list. Once you enter the Writer’s Lounge your pen will never be the same again…

Journaling, meditation and pathways to generation issues

Recently while contemplating things that are going on in my life I have been watching various videos and reading some fairly technical books. The books have helped me to make intellectual sense of what is happening inside my body. The videos have set me thinking about other things.

Neither has given answers, to my why, but they have provided tools and insights which have set me on a course of looking deeper.

Lying here in the early hours the word trust came to me again. It’s a word that I was exploring in my journal before I closed my eyes and in fact, it’s a word that has been coming to me on a regular basis. I just haven’t been able to find my way to what it wants to say to me.

Yes, I have been journaling, but what has come up has been more fear-based thoughts around trusting my body to heal. I know it can, but my old friend fear taps me on the shoulder and says ‘are you sure?’’ Yes, I am, but something has still niggled me. Like it niggles me about trusting that I will find love again after the Dickie Quick episode.

This morning I sat with pen poised and was writing about something which I thought was unrelated to trust when I found myself on a journey. I wrote a few things down and then let myself slip into a meditative state. During this state, the word Grandad came to me. Allowing whatever else to arrive, I was witnessing his life where there was a considerable lack of trust. His mother by all accounts had been unfaithful, she had children by other men, left and I think at some point he’d been put in a children’s home.

Later when he married he carried this with him into his relationship, where he was soon to be disappointed when his wife gave all of their savings to her father. Again I believe he’d got himself into trouble financially and asked his daughter to bail him out. She did so without consultation; again I think not once but twice.

Imagine how this must have translated to his three daughters, one of which is my mum?

Mum married a man whom she thought was nothing like my Granddad. My dad was outgoing, handsome and a charmer. She fell deeply in love with him, little knowing that beneath his exterior was another damaged and fragmented soul. My dad and I say this with no malice was a gambler, smoker, drinker and womaniser… Although this didn’t become evident until later life, mum had married a man she could not trust.

When I was born I carried with me the resonance of all of these people and in the simplicity of journaling and meditating I have been made aware of something that has never crossed my mind before in search of why.

We often think we know why or how we arrived at the life and body that we now inhabit, but the truth is that unless we switch off the noise and explore, we can never trace the pathways to the root of something.


Journaling by hand in a warm and safe environment where you can switch off and allow what needs to be said to come out is powerful. Find a space and time that suits you and just allow for a moment a word to come to you.

Set an intention that you want your journaling to explore the matter at hand. In my case, I wanted to explore the generational link to this word – trust.

Write five other words around it and then sit with it. One of these words will be the one that you will want to explore. Write and allow the words to come. It doesn’t matter how you start or what you write, trust that what needs to come out will.


Once you have written and feel that there is nothing more to come, close your eyes and connect with some part of you. This might be your heart or your third eye. From out of nowhere a word, picture, a song will come to you. Just wait, do not try to force anything. Allow it to speak to you and just observe. In my example this morning it was Granddad and flashes of his life.

Journal again and explore

Once you come out of meditation, start your journaling again with the new information you have received. What happens is enlightening.

The generation link

For me, there was a definite generational link with trust. I wondered to what extent my cells have been damaged by this vibrational resonance. I say ‘damaged’ not in the context that I have been smacked around the head with a brick. More that I am curious about how these fragments from across generations could be so deeply embedded in my psyche. It’s curious isn’t?

We know from Masaru Emoto’s water experiments that water responds to various stimuli and can change shape when introduced to both beauty and horror. If water can be so affected by its environment and ‘conditioning’, it makes sense that we too can, given how much water we have in our bodies.

Water is in every cell. Every cell, therefore, must carry, I believe a generational resonance. If that is the case then exploring our issues through another lens could be helpful in understanding where we find ourselves today.

When you have some understanding of why, then you have an opportunity to change, just like Emoto did with the resonance in the water cells. You can do this with journaling, meditation, being in nature, speaking to yourself with kindness and love, listening to beautiful music, connecting with friends and a whole myriad of feel-good things.

How does this speak to you?

Does this resonate with you? Is there something that you have been trying to get to the root of that could be a lightly held vibration from across time in your cells?

Put pen to paper and explore. Drift into meditation and allow.

I use journaling to not only unlock hidden pathways to me but to help me make sense of all sorts of things. Currently, I am journaling about my osteoporosis journey as this is the subject of a book that I am writing. Journaling supports me by helping me to pull together ideas such as this so that I can encourage others to find their (in this case) potential cause for dis-ease or ways to support healing pathways.

If you have a book that you want to write, please get in touch. Your story can be something you have already lived or one you are living. Either way, you will be able to write it with new eyes and understanding. Let’s connect and explore.

Journaling and the PH balance of experiences

Journaling is a fantastic way to open yourself up to discovering what I call acid or alkalising experiences or the PH balance of experiences.

When studying nutrition one of the areas that we look at is how acid or alkaline our bodies are. The key is to keep your body as alkaline as possible, in other words, cut out acidic foods as these are not helpful to the body and help to create (along with many other things) dis-ease. There’s a great resource here that shows you the ph balance of many foods. (turn off your sound – there is a video playing at the bottom of the article and it’s a rather annoying tactic)

Instead of food consider instead your life and what is going on and what brought you to this point. How acidic or alkaline were those experiences?

One of the most important things for me is that when ‘something’ happens I consider where did this come from. When I was told hey you have osteoporosis and arthritis, apart from crying, I looked at not only my diet but my life for clues. Despite being trained in naturopathic nutrition, I asked another naturopath to look for clues for me. It made sense to do so. Even though I’d previously turned around an overactive thyroid through diet, this felt more important and called for a different set of conscious decisions.

Let’s explore the museum of our minds

Buried deep inside the museum of our mind, right down inside every cell, a set of old programs called unexpressed emotions. These darling little programs are a bit of a hindrance because they pop up and bite us on the bum when we least expect to be bitten.

Naturally, they are so well hidden that often we do not recognise or realise that they are operating. A little like a virus on a computer. But viruses cannot hide forever and that’s where journaling comes in.

Imagine losing these attachments, becoming aware of why you do what you do and creating new beautiful pathways that will serve you more effectively.

I wonder what unconscious resistance you have to let these go? How do these unexpressed emotions possibly define who you?

Journaling and the memory

The memory is quite a remarkable thing, which encodes, stores and enables retrieval of our experiences. You may well wonder where and how all of that stuff gets stored, why you can easily remember some things and not others. In simple terms information goes in, we encode it in such a way that makes sense to us, which is why no two people remember the same event in the same way. It also means that no two people with experience trauma the same way or react to it in the same way. Similar experiences do not mean similar programs. We have stuff in short term memory, the things we are currently actively thinking about and longer term, which is the stuff that is parked out of the way for now.

Your memory is a pattern of stored connections. When we want to retrieve a memory, we are taken along a series of pathways (neural pathways), a bit like following a series of directions to an address, where the experience is retrieved and brought into view. That’s the conscious view; the unconscious view is a labyrinth of things that have not been expressed but leaps out to bite us on our poor little bums when we least expect it.

If you are journaling then you can capture your experiences and this will help you to track the trails. Later when you reflect you will be able to make sense. We like to make sense of things, don’t we? And it will save your now very well bitten bottom.

Start to think of your mind as a museum, with lots of galleries, some of old masters, some highlighting different periods of time or themes, some more abstract and some just fragments of times long ago.

As we get older, we seem to forget more things, which is according to the scientists is all part of natural ageing. All the more reason to journal to get the grey matter moving, eat well, stay hydrated, be mindful, be balanced, live in harmony and living our lives on purpose, in love and light.

Coding our experiences and emotions

Stop for a moment and breathe in your environment. What do you notice?

Ferdy dog is making a funny I’m contented noise, tucked up in my bed and outside the birds are giving it what for. Apart from the slight hum of the computer, there is silence. It feels peaceful. I’m in bed and comfortable and this is one of my favourite places to write from in the early mornings. But I am mindful that I have to get up as my cleaner (essential for osteoporosis) is arriving in an hour and I need to get ready. As I write that I can feel the pressure rising, but only slightly.

In every moment we consume information through our environment. These are laid down in your mind map using your language and coding structure waiting to be fertilised, waiting to be joined by that one all-important connector, which creates the spark and drives it to the forefront of your mind. Your body is constantly working with these experiences and emotions. Some will have escaped while others lie trapped looking for an exit route. When there isn’t a way out toxins will accumulate.

So although I’m feeling a slight, mmm I’d better get up, drat, I want to stay here and cuddle the dog and write, I could have been wired in such a way that even this could send me off the PH balance of life scale (which we will come to).

How is the body destroyed?

Had I been feeling massively stressed about having to stop what I am enjoying to do something else then this could set one of my stress triggers off.

Stress = unexpressed emotions about experiences

I could tell you because I’ve worked hard on my soul that I know what my triggers are. The truth is I know some of it, but much of it will be still be repressed and stored in the program and every cell of me. What I do know is that some of it stems from my childhood and are mostly painful memories. Like you I have dealt with a lot, today I am in a more harmonious place, however, there some old chestnuts that come along to ‘get’ me when I am least expecting it.

It is like peeling an onion, sometimes a bloody big onion.

Along comes a trigger and wham! Our beautiful body doesn’t want these toxins so it tries to expel them and when it can’t it stores them as dis-ease. Dis-ease is not the same as a disease; it means a lack of comfort or a body out of balance.

Telling someone to feel the pain and get on with it is not the best way to go about healing. These feelings, when triggered, remind us that we are unloved, unsafe and unworthy. Ouch.

These emotions and physical pains are natural responses to life. Keeping them stuffed inside is not natural. When we feel unloved, unsafe and unworthy, it affects the way that we love and shine our light. Toxic emotions steal our light and love. Living in a body where all of this baggage has been kept under lock and key will stunt your growth and ability to live a full and rich life. It also affects the immune system.

Stop for a moment and start journaling, make a list of the things that might be triggering an unhealthy response in your life right now.

Stress and the immune system

Things like insomnia, headaches, migraines, gut problems, aching joints and feeling tired are all the result of unexpressed emotions which have festered. As time passes the immune system can grow weaker until all kinds of illnesses, issues, dis-eases, dis-orders present themselves. And then you will know about it.

Where do your stressful experiences come from

They call osteoporosis a silent and invisible dis-ease. I certainly didn’t know that it was sneaking up on me. I was so happy with focusing on my thyroid, it never entered my head.

Over the years I have been told that I have IBS, that my insomnia was because of the peri-menopause and then anxiety, that my aching joints were just age. When in an awful relationship, I went from being super fit to an old cronk, on Prozac and unable to function at my best. I had the emotions running a pattern from my past, a horrible man treating me with no respect, his mother who did not like me to look after.

Here’s another journaling opportunity. What about you, how is your lifestyle affecting your immune system?


Our external environment affects all of us. What goes on around us has far-reaching repercussions for what goes on inside. Each of our trillions of cells, like us are affected by the environment we create for them. Our environment controls us and the environment we create internally controls our cells, which control us. We hold a very powerful key to tapping into our inner wisdom and changing our environment so that we can get rid of toxins, heal and create a healing code that is unique to us.

Cells like us, read the environment, make an assessment and then behave according to what is required. Cells gather together in communities called tissues and organs, and these live harmoniously in these communities until their environment is damaged. Humans likewise create families and communities which contribute to a harmonious or otherwise environment.

How you choose to live, work and play and your values around your external environment will go a long way to giving you your life back. As will eating good nutritious food, drinking excellent water properly, taking exercise, being with people that support and love us and reducing stressful activities will go a long way to supporting a better life.

Acid and alkalising experiences

Your unexpressed emotions and experiences can be classified into acid or alkalizing. Consider that in science you have a PH scale. Now think of your PH scale as a personal harmony scale, with acid on one side and alkaline on the other.

Acid experiences are unpleasant, they burn and sting at one end and towards the middle of the scale are mildly irritating

Alkaline experiences are healthier and used to neutralise an acidic experience. If you go too far you could be overdosing on the feel good factor and not addressing the real issues.

What we want is to live and experience life from a balanced perspective.

Journaling and your PH Balance of experiences

Ph scale

  • Grab your journal and consider all (some) of the stressful experiences that you have had. What physical, mental or spiritual ‘issues’ arose? Were they acid or alkalising?
  • Draw up a balance sheet of great times and not so great time
  • On one side add your acid experiences and the other alkalising
  • Assign each experience a number from the PH scale
  • Which do you have more of?
  • Which experiences are linked and which have balanced each other out?
  • How can you create personal harmony and balance?
  • What actions will you take?

How do you know when you are stressed?

When you look at your balance sheet, were you surprised with what you found? Go back to your journal and using the colours from your PH scale mark up using coloured pens your acid experiences. Then link them together. What insights do you get?

Next, stop, breathe and take a look at yourself. Are you stressed? How do you know if you are or if you are not? Are there any recurring themes, stressors or acid experiences?

Sometimes we are ‘stressed out’ and not aware of our rising stress levels. Not all individuals respond to stressors in the same way. Your personality and past experience all dictate how you deal with things and your reactions. In other words, susceptibility to stress-related dis-ease varies among individuals. Some people are particularly vulnerable to stressful situations or events, while others may be highly productive under pressure (short term).

Take a few minutes to consider your answer to this question. Explore this question in your journal.

Now tell me what conscious decisions will you make to change this?

Journaling at the start of a life’s adventure is incredibly enlightening and will help you to find clarity and peace. It also has the added benefit that you have a rich store of words with which to write a book. Head over to the contact me page and let’s chat about your next book project.

The power of journaling and having a chocolate orange day

A few mornings ago I missed my journaling. I’d woken in the small hours in pain and thought instead that I would get some water, a cup of white tea and read.

After wrapping my back with castor oil and clambering back into bed, it did cross my mind to write, but the desire to read was greater, and so I succumbed. What would I write anyway? I hate this f***ing pain. It’s not that I felt angry, wearier, I wanted some time away from my thoughts, I wanted to be wrapped in the arms of peace. Soon I was asleep.

After a healthy breakfast and checking my diary, I knew I had time to be with myself and create the space I needed for my first client of the day.

Once I’d spoken with my client, I had a cuppa and a small piece of raw chocolate Srummy Yummy.

To my knowledge most people love chocolate. What’s not to love? My favourite is not Terry’s Chocolate Orange, although I understand why they are so popular and have scoffed a few in my time… Before I moved to the healthy side.

You will have noticed that at Christmas the makers of Chocolate Orange market the product heavily. It is a time when sharing a slice of your life and special moments with your loved ones are on your mind. A time when you might want to indulge in something naughty (chocolate naughty…).

Between Christmas and New Year is when most people decide to change their lives. Spring is another time I think that we do something similar. Today is the start of Chinese New Year and the year of the Earth Dog. I wonder if this is a time when people also set intentions and declutter their lives?

What are your intentions for the coming month or year?

And even like me when you are not feeling quite so chipper. Some of those decisions include leaving a partner or job, maybe doing something outrageous and possibly following long-held dreams.

Take a moment now and consider what are those dreams?

When life is feeling a bit challenging, I think that this is when journaling is immensely helpful. As is taking time out to reflect. I call these chocolate orange days. Days when nourishing your soul becomes your priority. And here is why.

Chocolate in this context is raw chocolate, not the sickly mass produced stuff that is offered up as chocolate. Made from the cacao bean, it is really a nut and as the name implies, is chocolate in its most natural form. Raw chocolate is loaded nutrients just what you need when you are not feeling yourself.

For a chocolate orange day, you need delicious, nutritious food. Which might include raw chocolate and why wouldn’t it? It is a great food to nibble as research shows that chocolate boosts serotonin and gives us that feel good factor.

Orange is a colour that makes me feel good. I love orange; it fills me with warmth, energy, happiness, creativity and communication. Just what you need for a day of journaling and reflection. Orange is also the colour of the sacral chakra and is an important emotional centre. When you think of orange and the sacral, consider how you can open yourself up to nurturing and start to use this intuitive connection with your soul.

Orange also reminds me of autumn and the trees awash with colour just before they let them go. In this sense, you will also be letting things go ready for new growth.

What is a chocolate orange day?

It is a day of reflection, a ‘you’ day and an opportunity to nourish yourself between the pages of your journal and reflect. It is a day to get rid of your rubbish, declutter your life, re-evaluate your strengths and weakness, change your mindset, set a vision and think about how you can walk towards it.

Chocolate Orange - is it time for a chocolate orange day_ #writinginspiration #writerslife #writingforthesoul #bookcoach #osteoporosis

A chocolate orange day describes a day when…

  • You have a realisation (aha) that something has to change.
  • You have a reaction in a way that you didn’t expect that sends thoughts washing around your brain. Simply notice, what you notice
  • You take some reflection (breathe…) time to work things out. A day for letting things sink in and starting to consider the meaning of recent events and contemplating why, what, how and what if. Then finding creative answers to your questions through journaling.
  • You take relevant action and say yes to changing something. Making good conscious decisions.

The power of journaling

Do you journal? If you do, taking time to read through your journal entries and seeing if you can make sense of the events that have led you to this day is always powerful.

You will, I am sure, notice some patterns.

  • What patterns of discontent can you see? What is this saying to you? Take the dis of and look at what would make you content.
  • Does your journal show you what you do day to day as inspiring and motivational? Do you feel passionate about what you are doing? What has to happen to get you to a place of peace with who you are?
  • What about the toxic people and relationships that show up and make you so unhappy? What has to happen to move them out of your circle of bright stars?
  • Notice your writing, does it show up as fed up, stressed, angry, sad, happy, peaceful, calm or any number of emotions? What does that say to you?
  • How about the feelings you get after you’ve eaten something? Is it time to change your diet? Not start dieting, but eating in a way that serves your temple. Take menopause (if you are a woman); this is a perfect time to re-assess what you eat so that you don’t get hot flushes and sweats at night. For me, with this recent osteoporosis diagnosis, it is about finding about how my body works and what bits are now out of balance. Then noticing what happens when I add certain supplements or eat in a certain way. Or what in life is eating you?
  • What does your writing look like? Handwriting changes to reflect a mood, what does this tell you?

Right now do a body scan. Look at your environment both internal and external. Do you need a chocolate orange day?

Take time out. Listen to the whispering of your soul.

Take time out for your chocolate orange day enjoy reflecting, delving into memories, embracing your discoveries, and creating the start of your ‘me’ action plan.

How to spot a chocolate orange day is coming

If you are standing on a railway track, how do you know that the train is coming? You might feel a vibration, a certain energy and hear a rumbling noise. How long you stand there and wait is your choice. Will you jump off the track in time and avoid being squashed? Or do you wait until the last minute and get away with your life by the skin of your teeth. Or worst of all do you stand and let the train kill you?

The truth is you have probably known for a while and not listened to your soul. Don’t let it be too late for you.

Right now I’m nowhere near the track. I’m listening, and I’m taking the time out. I’m journaling, reflecting and I know it is the right thing to do. I’m journaling so that I can write a book about my osteoporosis journey, or how I intend it to turn out. Which is the reversal and back to full health.

How can you make a chocolate orange day work for you?

Firstly do not eat a chocolate orange, unless you make it yourself. Or perhaps some delicious gluten-free cake?

Put aside a day where you can nourish your mind, body, soul and spirit without interruption. This means being kind to yourself and doing what feels right. Prepare yourself, find some quiet space, meditate, take a bath or go for a walk. Have a nutritious breakfast and make sure your day’s food is pre-prepared unless preparation is part of what makes you feel good. Have lots of water handy and head off to a beautiful space. The environment in which you reflect will have a significant impact on your ability to connect with your soul.

The journaling and reflection cycle

  • Grab a pen and paper. Writing always helps me to reflect. If you have your journal handy, read through it making notes as thoughts, ideas and realisations come up. Explore these through further writing
  • If you want to start from a blank page, write, doodle or scribble what comes up as the thing or things you want to focus on for this day
  • Look at the sky, daydream, meditate or walk in between your writing sessions. I walk my dogs. Notice what comes up for you. You will get many aha’s, reactions and ideas about what to do. Let these flow to you and make no judgement
  • After each writing and reflection period, make a list of what comes up and ask yourself which is the priority. Reflect on what that priority means to you
  • The number of times you read, write and reflect is up to you. When you are done read through your musings and get a sense of how you feel
  • When you have finished, look at your actions, decide which one you want to work on first. A mind map is a great way to find connections. Take a word that describes your thinking point and then add five more words that connect to that word. Once you have those words create an action point
  • When you have your action points, write down your first thoughts about the things that need to change. Reaction moments are when you get your first hit of understanding, and you are tossing your realisation around in your head. You might cry, shout, laugh or bang your head against the wall. You are in-between aha moments and mmm?! moments, and you are now rolling them back and forth between your conscious and non-conscious brain. The thoughts that come to you in these moments are not always the answer to your question; they are a starting point.
  • After a walk or similar, it’s time for thinking. By giving your unconscious mind an opportunity to do its thing, real answers will be ready to come. Sometimes you will think that they are the answer and get very excited to rush off to implement your brainwaves, but hold your horses and let them brew. Better ideas are yet to come.

Sleep on your day

Once you have rested and given yourself more time to reflect on your writing and reflection cycle take some time out again and then come back to ‘think’ about the relevant action. You have been through realisation, reaction and reflection, and now you are in a position to take appropriate focused action. Strategies can now be formed. You decide how this gets you one step closer towards your vision and you put it into an action plan.

  • Write down what actions you will take, by when, what help and resources you need and what the steps are.
  • What came out of your chocolate orange day?
  • What has to change?

Days like this often help us to understand where our mission in life lies. It’s a time to reflect on that book you have been yearning to write. Books are a fantastic way to reach another and inspire them to become an inspiration to another.

Connect with me if writing a book about your personal story and inspiration is something you want to bring into the world.

New moon, Earth Dog Year, Journaling and setting intentions

It’s a new moon which often disturbs sleeping patterns and mine are well out of whack. Upon waking at 1.30am, I thought about journaling and then decided that perhaps some meditation music might be better. My head was banging, and I just wanted to sleep. I tried but it wasn’t coming so out came the journal, and I started to write.

I’m journaling daily while on this osteoporosis journey as I want to remember all of the detail for when I come to write a book about it. If you are at the start of a life-changing journey, start yours too. I’m currently editing Rude Awakenings, my next book and how I wished I had not burned all of my journals when I left the ex. But I did, and luckily I have blogs and calendar entries to guide me. But why make it hard right?

I’ve decided on an entirely natural approach. The doctor doesn’t know yet because we are at the start of our relationship and I’m in the machine and going for a bone density test next week.

A friend upon hearing my diagnosis talked to me about her mum and what she had done to reverse it. She is very inspiring, and hearing stories like this give me hope.

Although trained in naturopathic nutrition (I do not practice – it’s just for me), I could not do my case study, so I engaged a nutritionist to look at my life and how this might have come about. Another eye. I had my theories, but at a time like this, I think, at least for me, you need someone who is not in your stuff and is not so enmeshed in your life.

She is another incredibly inspiring person. You know the kind that looks adversity in the eye and says here’s some curly kale now eff off… I think that was a pathetic attempt at a nutritional joke.

Yesterday, I got her report back. She kept writing; I know you know this but. I smiled, I might know it, but I’m too caught up in dealing with pain.

It was so enlightening to see my life, my mums and her mum’s lifestyles, as well as my dads reflected in my body. It all makes sense to me because this is what we are taught; to look at the bigger picture.

If only we knew this as we party through life. So much stress in my life has taken its toll on my poor body. I know about stress and emotional rubbish because my journaling has been on the same adventure with me and has helped me survive.

But here is the thing. And I have quite a few friends who are nutritionists. (I’d recommend any of these in a flash if you are interested.) They say when they work with their clients that they always seemed naffed off that they have to work on hydration first.

And that’s what my nutritionist said yesterday. I didn’t protest, despite the fact I drink lots of water already. As she explained that didn’t matter because my cells were not getting hydrated, they couldn’t get the nutrients in. They have been on dehydration alert since birth. That’s pretty scary, right?

I believe that I have this now because of a previously undetected overactive thyroid which I cured with nutrition. And because I drank high calcium water (999ppm) for a year when I injured my rib. I installed a countertop water filter so that I did have to lug water and carried on drinking it. The water filter did not take the calcium out of the water, and I was so focused on thyroid, I did not think. Doh!

I also have it because of this big picture I was talking about. Despite my great diet and exercise I was massively dehydrated at a cellular level – all of my life. All my life.

I consider myself lucky that I got these fractures, which means I am in the system and I am seeking help for something that could have been so much worse.

What I also consider lucky (you may not), is that this has called me to stop and think about my life, about the core of who I am and where I fit in the matrix.

But it is bloody hard detoxing, and rehydrating, my head is banging, I’ve hardly slept, and I am so tired. I want to cry all the time – you know spontaneously leaking eyes. I’m naffed off I can’t walk my dogs or drive my car, carry in the dog food, lug the logs upstairs, get my shopping (though I am blessed for such good friends) and a million and one other things.

Despite this tough old experience, I’m in, I see such positives, and I’m a fighter. I refuse to go into some sausage factory where they give me drugs and send me home. I want my body and my life back.

It’s a new moon today and tomorrow is the Chinese New Year – the year of the Earth Dog. I’m focusing on what I want to manifest and setting good intentions.

What do you want to manifest? Get journaling and find out.

New moon journaling

New moons as the name suggests are all about new, birthing and starting over. I always look to see what sign the moon is in so that I can glean some more information. This is a great website with the kind of thing that I am talking about. New moon solar eclipse. Read it and pick out something that resonates and yes start journaling. Just let your writing flow.

In this article I was hit with – this represents a turning point. How very apt. So many ways to go, but the turning point is taking control, breathing through, taking good action and allowing everything to flow. I’m planting seeds. What about you?

Earth Dog, Chinese New Year journaling

Same website, different article – the year of the Earth Dog. Similar routine read and reflect, but now consider the bigger picture, your year and how you want this to be. Words that stick out are grounding and finding balance. This thing called osteoporosis is a body out of balance, so this as a focus is perfect. As well as the reference to a gentle fun loving vibe, I’d like some of that.

And what about this? ‘Even if it doesn’t feel like you are doing much, the work laid down in 2018 is going to set you up for many years to come.’

What are the foundations you want to lay? What are the intentions that you would like to set?

As I’ve said before, if you are at the start of a massive awakening this is the time to start journaling and getting your thoughts down ready for your book. We are not given these challenges to keep us small; we get them so that we can learn about who we are and what we have come to Earth to do. We are here to learn, to embrace love and in my case to serve. We are learning to fly so that we can teach others to be inspired to spread their wings too. Write a memoir with a difference, set your intentions and do it.

Despite how unwell I feel, just at this point, please do connect with me if you want to write your book. We’ll have fun sorting the ideas out, planning, writing, editing, publishing and all of the stuff in between.

PS: I left my dogs out as I talk about them so much anyway, but consider how loyal and loving they are. You want some of that too, don’t you?

PPS: I’ve got so much more to share as I write my way into my next book. This is bizarrely exciting.

February is my time to focus on health and journaling

February 2018 and my focus is firmly on my health and journaling. Without my health I have nothing and without journaling, for me at least there is no clarity.

I’m journaling every day, although yesterday, I couldn’t write, it was a day of letting go and not focusing on this condition that I had been told I have. Osteoporosis doesn’t sound like much, but it is devastating for some. Think about this, your skeleton holds you up, or ‘puts you in good standing’, it is at the core of your existence. Or consider that bone is a matrix, which means womb or mother – the centre of your creation.

The matrix. Life expands from the centre of our matrix - the womb of creation

What if someone told you that the centre of who you were was not functioning?

I don’t know if everyone looks at things as I do, but I need to know how things work, why things happen, how to change and challenge what is going on and to consider things from many angles. Reading, writing and journaling do this for me.

Right now this is what I am doing. Another me project.

I started with writing some letters to people I needed to communicate with on a soul level. I put pen to paper and didn’t say I want to write to this one or that one, I just started with what emerged from my journaling.

Then I wrote a love letter to me. Then I had a brainwave. For that read a not so clever idea right now…

Love letters to me seemed like a good idea until I had to sit and think about writing them all. At first, there was one for the full moon, and then I thought, what if I wrote one for every day of February. I soon realised that although I am forever grateful for my amazing journey into self-love, a letter a day was exceeding the goals and bounds of desires for this month. Plus I didn’t have the energy. I’m tired and in pain and that takes lots of self-love and rest.

I did spend some time in bed in agonising pain, dulled by meditation, medication (natural) and sleep. I dreamt some odd things. I thought about intimacy and would love ever find it’s way to me? I was starting to explore the matrix of my being more and more.

Because it is February and so many peoples focus is on love, I, of course, did wander into flights of fancy. After several days in bed dreaming that my true love’s heart might be pierced with Cupids bow, I fast came to the conclusion that this February would (and should) be more about melting my fears for my spine health rather than the deluge of Valentine’s cards that would be coming my way. Or any romance for that matter.

At this point, the only man I will be asking to be mine and my valentine is Ferdy Dog, my ten-year-old Vizsla who has been with me since he was 18 months old. So cute and just as cute are his sisters Marley Moo and Angel. There is something rather fun about watching these three mad dogs play around as we have family time. Where we live is Europe’s only natural desert, we are surrounded by hills and dry river beds which give them plenty of running which I hope maintains their heart health, among other things. I hope that they continue to enjoy good health from all of the good life and fun that they have.

I’d be pretty surprised if he (Ferdy Dog) did send a card covered in red love hearts or some Chocolate Roses. Not that I would thank you for the sugary candy even if they were served with ice cream as I try my hardest (read my life depends on it) to eat a healthy diet. The funny thing is my neighbour sent over some alcohol-infused cherries and strawberries. I tried a few and decided to be strong. It’s funny isn’t it, our view of how to cheer someone up. I’d probably send a card, someone else flowers and yet another chocolates or wine. That’s our connection with comfort and love I guess?

Luckily while he (the friend) was here, he lugged some logs upstairs for me, so if the promised snowstorm or freezing rain arrives, I will be toasty. I’m feeling excessively cold and my body temperature is low, I’ve figured that my body is working amazingly well and conserving its energy for the vital work it needs to do. Trying to stay warm indoors is tough at this time of year, and I often get more comfort being outside and feeling those gorgeous rays on my face and gazing up into the beautiful blues that create a canopy over my world.

It’s quite bizarre how the weather here changes, one minute it is summer, then winter; we are sometimes fooled into thinking that spring has come early only to find we are still in winter. Making sure that I can stay warm and take advantage of the natural heat outside are part of my regime. And anyway we need natural sunlight for vitamin D production. Although mine might be wonky?

After being trapped inside, I found myself with cabin fever. You’ll know it when you feel it – you have to get outside. I could hear the birds singing and I wanted to fly free, just as they were.

“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.” ― J.R. Rim.

One of the things that I love about living here is the number of birds that find their way to this area. At the moment the winter birds are here, hiding in trees, but you can certainly hear them singing their happy morning tunes at dawn. Soon my family of swallows will arrive and start the business of producing babies. I’ve thought about leaving them some bird food but figured that they have been coming here for years and know where the best insects are. It seems obvious, they need, like I do, food from natural sources. However, I’ll know when they are here because I will see them swooping under my terrace and start leaving deposits in an array of colours.

Last year the nest fell and all of the babies died. I cried. It was devastating. The sadness seemed to stay and each time I went into this space I wondered how the parents must be feeling. This malaise was soon lifted as I began to see the nest being reformed. Little by little it was rebuilt. The matrix, the womb of swallow creation had been reborn. Their nest rebuilding gives me hope that my matrix will be rebuilt. They have done just as nature prescribes. A good lesson for me.

I read somewhere that when birds come to stay it’s a gift and I certainly see it that way. No time for the February blues when you know an extension of your family is about to arrive.

This osteoporosis news and journey everything feels a bit like Groundhog Day, as I keep researching, journaling and reflecting. How did this happen? That’s my recurring Groundhog moment. This will soon change, it is changing, as I start treating myself nutritionally and looking at ways to bring my body’s biochemistry back into balance – reform the matrix and the core of my existence. I guess it’s like planting seeds and spring bulbs and waiting to see them grow and flourish. Or in my case, my bone health improve. So no ice skating for me for a while!

With nutrition on my mind, yesterday morning I was pondering toast (oh no – but gluten-free), my usual hot porridge and everything breakfast or pancakes made with pea protein covered in raw chocolate sauce. Right now I know, nutritionally dense with the odd lapse is the way to go. Sadly my usual weekly bout of family baking is on hold as it is a bit too painful to stand over a hot food processor, no matter how easy it is to use. Strange isn’t to have to think of how to use your body differently while you cook, wash and no I am not cleaning – I’m lucky that I have a lovely cleaner who helps me out. I’ve become so much more conscious of how I move and sit.

I love to learn and as you can see I find my mind focused on journaling, nutrition and reading books from my vast library. All of this reading is giving me food for thought – no pun intended. And as you can imagine because I have gorged myself on all of this reading, I’m now at that stage where it is all a blur. Last night every article I bought up I heard myself saying yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda, blah, blah. Time to stop, reflect and integrate it all, methinks. That’s where my trusty pen supports me.

The time for congratulations will come. In fact, when I have compared my 2016 blood results to the current ones, I am congratulating myself for things like thyroid health – in this category I am rocking. There is something very special about being given a project – in my case – healing the imbalance in my bones matrix and creating milestones along the way. Congratulations go a long way to keeping you on track, motivated and inspired.

So this February my focus is on health and journaling. As I always say journaling, writing and words have the power to heal. Start your journaling now if you find yourself where I am. Your writing will help you to make sense and then you can decide what do with your wise words. I hope that you will write a book and help yourself to heal and inspire another to start their journey.

If writing a book is on your mind and you have a powerful personal story that you want to birth into the world, please connect with me and let’s explore where this might take you.

5 reasons to start a daily journal when life smacks you in the face

You wonder what I mean by life smacking you in the face, or you might be right with me nodding your head. So do you journal? Have you tried to get into the habit of putting your pen on an open page and just writing? What if you’ve tried and it just won’t come?

Well, even though I write every day, there are times when I look at my many journals and think – get lost. The truth is though when I pick one of them up and just start, I am always amazed by what comes out.

The last few weeks have been for me a smack in the face. When you look at x-rays and you are asked do you want the bad news or the bad news, naturally you ask for the bad news…

However, let’s rewind.

Because I write, walk and reflect, I have spent many hours pouring my heart out in my journal, learning about who I am and finding clarity for all kinds of things.

So I listened and looked within.

What I knew was that evening I would be writing and writing and a bit more of the writing stuff. I knew I would get answers, I’d see stuff that I needed to know about. Leaping out would be aha’s and deep divine inner wisdom.

The full moon was on its way which is a great time for a declutter and letting go. Several letters were written and some goodbyes said. Then I wrote a love letter to me. I could feel my soul expand and while the pain did not go, I could feel it saying hi thanks for getting to know why I am here.

So when the bad news was delivered, I cried, but I was calm because I knew I could and would find a way to learn, reframe and find a way forward.

Let’s take a look at some of the stuff I knew would help me.

One – Gain clarity about your life

As you write in a journal you become more aware of what is really going on around you.  When you reflect on your writing you see things more clearly.  I find that when I am confused about something, it’s best to write down what I am thinking, ask some questions, leave it for a day and I usually find the answers come to me the following day or whilst I am walking the dog.

Two – Writing in a journal reduces stress

Once you have journaled and the words are on the paper, they are out of your head and subsequently, you no longer worry (or worry less) about them.  There is something cathartic about writing and getting it all out that really helps to let things go.

Three – There is no expression like self-expression

Often when you are having difficult times with life and others, it can be really helpful to write down what the issues are.  Hold the conversation, looking at all perspectives on paper.  Then write what you would really like in an assertive and affirmative way.  Two things happen.  One you have already had the conversation so it’s easier the 2nd time around and two because you have had time to reflect you can really consider your language and think about what you want from the conversation, without blame. This works both in conversations with yourself and others.

Four – Know yourself better

When you write in a journal you will start to see repeated patterns of behaviour or types of conversations that seem on an endless loop and are never resolved.  As you read and reflect these become more obvious and allow you to make more conscious choices. You’ll certainly start to see if you are on the right life path.

Five – Expressing yourself in a journal increases creativity

When you write you will start to notice that your vocabulary increases – the same as when you read. The way in which you write and think develops before you know it, your inner voice awakens.  As you scribble solutions form. Life, problems, questions to all kinds suddenly become apparent. Not only that the way in which you solve problems evolves.

What about these?

Writing in a journal is the starting point for your memoirs or personal story

Currently, I have a book in edit, but I know this osteoporosis journey will develop into something as well. I have a journal just for that, alongside the others, to record what I do and how I am feeling. We all need inspiration for our personal stories and a reference point for when we come to write the book.

A journal is the best ‘almost free’ self-help tool available

For the investment of a journal or a pad of paper and a pen, you have a confidante who will not criticise you, tell you what to do, call you names, think that your ideas are nuts or any number of things.  Your journal is a reliable trusted friend for you to share your innermost thoughts, ideas and emotions.

PS. If you don’t already own a journal, get off your bum and buy several. Start writing today. You never know where this adventure may take you. I hope it will take you into the realms of writing a book or a blog to share your experiences so that you can inspire others to know that there is a way through this thing called life.


Get ready to write into February – writing prompts to start the month

Let’s get February off to a great start with these writing prompts. Writing prompts are a brilliant way to think about where you are and where you would like to go. I’m sure that if you have a planner you will have already sat down and thought about your intentions for the month. If you haven’t perhaps a little detour through these writing prompts and the ones at the end of the blog will help you to find some clarity.

  • One – read through the five points on the infographic
  • Two – reflect before you write
  • Three – create a one-page planner or you can use this one
  • Four – take action, use this five-day planner to help you.
  • Five – write every day – even if it’s a bullet point
  • Six – reflect often
  • Seven – review the month and decide what next before you head into March

This month the theme is love. That can be love for you, or for another or for something that you do. Whatever it is, do or be it with love. For me, my focus this month is self-love and appreciation.

February infographic

Writing prompts to start the month

  1. What does love mean to you?
  2. Choose four elements of your life and write about how you perceive love in each of these
  3. Write a love letter to you
  4. How do you show love to others and how do they show love to you?
  5. How do you nurture a loving relationship with you?
  6. Write about your first love, be that human, animal or something else.
  7. What is your definition of self-love and how do you show yourself that love?
  8. How can you love yourself more?
  9. What makes you feel loved?
  10. Why is love important to you?
  11. What would you love to do right now?
  12. If you could write a book, what would you love it to be about and why?

How to make the most of your writing prompts

  1. This is not a race against time, savour each question and take your time
  2. Get into the right writing space
  3. Write in a beautiful journal
  4. Pick the one that most resonates and write that first
  5. Allow whatever wants to be written come up
  6. Leave and reflect

That’s it, February is the month of love. Love yourself, write often, enjoy the month and remember to spoil you every day.

If you’d love more of this writing stuff, if you have things you want to get out of you, find your writers voice and maybe even write a book, connect with me or join The Writing Zone. Once you enter the Writer’s Lounge your pen will never be the same again…



Write a letter to your blue moon and create the story you desire

The magic of a blue moon arrives today 31st January 2018. If you read this today, you are in for a treat; you are in the arms of a magical time. A time when you can release and let go. If you come to this blue moon post later, it matters not; you were meant to arrive here and write your long overdue letters.

Write your letters, let go and let love be your guide

Full moons are for letting go and releasing what does not serve you. Lunar eclipses add to the potency of this release. Imagine allowing the vortex of emotions that you have been holding onto to rise forth and erupt. To then sit back and watch your molten lava flow down and away into the valley of hope, faith and love. The image I get of this is not an explosion, more of an expulsion. A little like when you might squeeze and irritating spot, which pops to allow the accumulated pus to escape.

Our bodies are like that volcano waiting to erupt.

As I sit here and write it is Monday morning, my body hurts, more specifically my spine and ribs. Just seven days ago as I was singing to the dogs, I reached over to grab some clothes, and I heard three loud cracks and a searing pain tear through my thoracic region. The laughter ended, and I screamed. Pain and hot tears of anger and frustration. Why me I asked? Actually, I swore and screamed… I’ve found contentment and a certain inner peace, life is going so well and now after all that I have been through you do this to me. Laughable really, as if there were some invisible force doing things to me. But it feels good doesn’t it to verbalise and shout profanities to God or the Universe?

Over the weekend I have written a lot. I have explored the mind-body connection between pain and suppressed emotions for the umpteenth time. That doesn’t matter, in each reading, listening, writing and reflection there is always something new to learn.

The blue moon made me think not only about the colour blue, the moon, but what big things did I still need to release and let go.

I began to write.

Where in my life did I feel unappreciated, unloved and unsupported? These were the words that loomed large in my writing and the pain I was experiencing.

Over the years I have worked hard to let go of my anger. Anger which stems from some childhood sexual abuse and later some experiences with a couple who took in and manipulated young women for sex. Anger, not feeling worthy or valued, shame, guilt, fear that others would think I was unclean, wanting others to love me even when they were not the ‘right’ people for me. My writing showed me (again) that I have been unable to create healthy boundaries and time and time again I chose to be with people who would naturally trigger the being taken for granted response.

Oh, how life likes to have a little play with you…

As I ignored the warning signs, my body became a container for the poison I could not release. Outwardly, I moved on. I was doing deep inner work. I had learned to love me, my connection with my divine inner wisdom was I thought strong. Yet I continued to ignore behaviours that were unpleasant. It never seemed worth my while to engage in other peoples dramas plus I always felt that the other person was in pain and merely reflecting this back at me. Naturally, despite this, my body was drinking from the poisoned chalice.

This always reminds me of Danny Kaye and The Court Jester…

I’ve got it! I’ve got it! The pellet with the poison’s in the vessel with the pestle; the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true! Right?

But jesters aside, take a journey through your body right now. What do you feel? Where do you feel it? What does it say to you?

We know that unexpressed emotions turn into physical dis-ease, so why do we ignore the warning signs until it is almost too late?

Then I asked where did I feel loved, appreciated and supported?

The energy was different; I realised that I had so much, so many beautiful people in my life who cared about me. In my pain, my old friend anger rose. Instead, she spoke louder, and I listened. But this time, there was another voice, that of love who asked the anger to be still and to explain her feelings and her point of view.

It will come as no surprise to learn that as I wrote and reflected, I became a witness to the shame and guilt that I thought I had dealt with. I had felt hopeless because I wasn’t able to protect myself or to change what had happened. Selfish people with undesirable motives abusing others is not new or strange to many of you reading this. We are not alone.

What we have is the power of self-knowledge so that we can change how we feel about these things and we can release the poison our bodies are holding onto.

These few days I have surrendered, asked for help, rested, explored, and submerged so that I can emerge. I have my faith that I can heal and that my body will soon cease to be in pain. Ok, it may take more than writing a few letters, like a trip to get an x-ray and back to the doctors to see what’s going on, but in releasing emotions combined with what is going on, I have the opportunity to know what else to do.

I have faith because I write and I take action. I know that with writing I can write a new story.

The blue moon is about endings

What needs to end? What do you need to release?

You may not be in as much physical pain as I am, you may be in more or have no sense of pain, you may have an illness or condition that is bothering you or starting to bother you.

Listen to all of the whispers.

Use this blue moon to move into a deeper part of you, explore and become aware of what is going on. Acknowledge what you have been suppressing and make a conscious decision that this must end now.

It may not be easy, but to create an ending you have to start somewhere.

The blue moon is about space to create new beginnings

If you are holding onto sludge how can you make space for something beautiful to come in? It’s as if you need to open a trap door and let it all flow out. A little like our volcano erupting to signal that something is amiss. But now more like a sluice gate opening so that unwanted waste can flow.

We find new beginnings in the space we create.

That is not to say that you fill up the space with activities, that defeats the object of making space. We create space to allow what needs to flow in to do just that. Gently without forcing it.

Start writing

Start writing. Maybe a word and then five that pop up – like a mind map. Perhaps write a sentence with your six words. Then a story. Just allow your pen to take you where you need to travel.

Leave your writing and reflect

It is in the reflection, the space that I find answers. The void is never empty; it is full of wisdom. More that it is unstructured and there are no rules or processes and certainly no chocolate cakes. The void contains all that there is to know. The key to is let go of what you have written and let your wisdom flow.

Dance in the void

I want to dance, to move my body and to be pain-free. To dance in the void does not have to mean physically dancing, although that is a wonderful way to release. It means to become aware while losing yourself to the dance of life.

Write your letters to the blue moon

I started this morning with my first letter. Today I shall write more. I can already see with just that one letter a pattern emerging, but I am not settling with that piece of wisdom. Instead, I shall write all of my letters and see what arises.

At this moment, I see I have been driven by a desire to be accepted grime and all and choosing people that I thought resonated with similar pain and shame to mine. Perhaps it felt safe to swim in a pool of shame and guilt with other hungry sharks and for us all to wallow belly’s full in the devil’s turgid pool. Maybe there is a community in some shitty sanctimonious my pain is worse than your pain thing. Or worse still, we think because we have suffered we know how to fix others; we can all nod our heads ‘oh yes, we have been there, this is what you do.’

To be honest, right now, I don’t know.

All I know right now is that I still desire to be loved, supported and accepted and I that I have made a few erroneous trips to learn some painful lessons.

But hey ho. Now I know I can do something about it, and so can you.

Write those damn letters!

Kiss their sweet asses goodbye.

Burn your letters and wish all that burn in them well. Send the emotions and pain up in smoke and surrender, let go, let love.

Write a letter of love to you

This is important. You have written to let go of all that was. But what about a love letter to you? Write this last and keep it for the end of your blue moon ceremony.

Create a ritual for your blue moon

I’m a big fan of rituals and ceremony. Do what feels right for you. If getting a slice of cake and a glass of red works for after, then do it. Mine will be tea and a Yummy Scrummy chocolate brownie. This is my ritual. Make up your own, always do what feels right for you.

  1. Clean and light the fire (I do have a log burner…)
  2. Choose and place candles or tea lights around you.
  3. Cleanse you and your space with Sage.
  4. Choose some crystals to hold.
  5. Say your first affirmation.
  6. Gather your letters. Wish them bon voyage and burn them.
  7. On another sheet of paper as your letters burn, write – I release… Keep this for later reflection; it will be illuminating.
  8. Sit with your crystal and recite your second affirmation.
  9. Gaze into the flames and just be.
  10. Open your letter to you and read, while enjoying your treat.

Remember you rock baby!


I am open to releasing, cleansing and surrendering all that no longer serves me. I am open to the experiences, love, opportunities and blessings that lay before me.

I invite love, courage and guidance to enable me to reach my highest purpose and live in peace and inner contentment.

Writing, writing, writing and more writing has saved me on so many occasions. I get so much clarity when I write. The wonderful thing is that even though I have spent the weekend writing in preparation to release the poison in my body, I have had loads of insight for blogs and ideas for my monthly club (The Writing Zone). Not only that it has given me space for editing my book and ideas for another book I have on the go.

Writing in a journal is just the starting point of a massive adventure into you and all that you are and can be, and it will lead you through your soul’s story and onto writing a book. None of this is wasted, it is all meant to be, and if you can touch one other life with your words and inspire them, you have brought great value to that person’s world.