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About Dale

Writer | Coach | Transformational Content Creator

My Values


The ability to act, speak, or think without unwanted external restrictions. It encompasses the ideas of liberty, autonomy, and the right to pursue personal happiness.



Treating others fairly, adhering to rules or ethical principles, and ensuring equal opportunities for all.



Beauty enriches life, inspires creativity, and can lead to a deeper appreciation of the world. Beyond physical appearances, beauty is also associated with virtues like kindness, grace, and inner harmony.

About Dale

My Approach

As a coach and mentor, my approach is deeply rooted in my open, intuitive, creative, and empathetic nature. Being open-minded, I welcome diverse perspectives and ideas, which allows me to understand and adapt to the unique needs and aspirations of each individual I work with.

This flexibility ensures that my coaching and mentoring methods are not one-size-fits-all but are instead tailored to the specific context and goals of my clients.

My intuition plays a critical role in my approach. It helps me to quickly sense underlying issues or challenges that may not be immediately apparent. This insight enables me to guide my clients more effectively towards realising their potential and overcoming any obstacles they may face.

Creativity is at the heart of my problem-solving strategies. I believe that every challenge presents an opportunity for innovative thinking. By encouraging creative solutions, I help my clients explore new possibilities and perspectives, leading to breakthrough moments and transformative outcomes.

Lastly, being a good listener is fundamental to my coaching and mentoring style. I actively listen not just to the words spoken but also to the emotions and thoughts behind them. This empathetic listening creates a safe and trusting environment where my clients feel heard, understood, and supported. It’s through this deep understanding that I can facilitate meaningful growth and development in those I work with.

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My Story

The Long And Winding Road

Where I even begin to tell the story of who I am, how I got here and why I do what I do.

​I have, like many, been through some pretty tough times – abusive times – which, at the time, broke me and which continued to pop up and bite me on the bum.

The biggest thing I had to do was learn to love myself. When I did this, I was able to make the best decisions about what to do next and how.

​And like many, I have been on a massive healing journey, which at times seemed to never end. I thought the worst was over, and then out of nowhere, I was crushed by people I trusted and burned out.

​It wasn’t fun. Is it ever fun?

But like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, I did again – stronger and still with the resilience, boundaries, kindness and compassion I think we need for the onward adventure.

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A Bit of Background


I hold an MBA from The University of Glamorgan, an ILM level 7 Executive Coaching certificate and an NLP practitioner certificate.

Prior to becoming a coach/mentor, I taught Executive Leadership, Assertiveness Skills and Knowledge Management.

I have served in senior marketing management roles in the IT and manufacturing sectors.


  • MBA

  • ILM (Institute of Leadership Management) Level 7 Executive Coach

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Reiki 1,2 & Angelic

  • Crystal Therapist & Healer

  • Nutritional Healing Therapist (Naturopathic)


What my clients say

Dale, you have truly guided me through the entire process and believed in me when I felt unsure about myself. This project is excellent, and I am sure it will touch many hearts. Thank you for your calming presence and for offering this wonderful project to all of us. Monika Chugh

It’s been an awesome journey so far, Dale Darley! And thank you for all your hard work – you’re such a creative soul! Lorraine Biggs

Dale, you have a beautiful, gentle energy, and I learned so much more about how to get the most out of journaling and different ways to meditate and connect to the heart and heart of Mother Earth. I loved your books and ways of connecting from our soul to our journal. Dale has a beautiful way of making you feel held in loving energy. Fiona Clark


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