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How to make journaling easy for you

As a long-term writer and journaler, I know the benefits that journaling can bring. That’s not to say that I journal or write every day, but I do on most days, even if it is just a word.

The belief that you cannot write stems from childhood. Can you remember being told you couldn’t or shouldn’t write? What about rushing in to share a story and no-one was interested? It’s such a shame isn’t it that we lose our confidence to write and get connected to our soul’s voice and story.

Journaling is private and to be honest there are not any rules, just your way of doing it.

But let’s go back to the belief. Like most belief’s this one about writing and journaling will as I have said started in childhood, where some unthinking person voiced an unfounded opinion which went onto to shape our self-image and belief.  Like a tightly wrapped ball of wool, it can take years to unravel the mish-mash of patterns imprinted in our subconscious.

The fabulous thing about journaling is that nobody needs to know what you write or how you write it.  You have permission to leave the inner critic on the park bench sipping cold tea and eating mouldy sandwiches, it’s the best they deserve.

Journaling is a wonderful way to flex your writing muscles, get to the heart of who you are and begin a potential journey into telling your story. Before you freak and think that you cannot write a book, consider this – start with your journal, enjoy that and then consider where to go next. I know many a person start with a scribble and eventually publish a book.

I believe that you can write and journaling is the key to unlocking your words

There are many reasons for keeping a journal. It may be that wish to simply record the day’s events and to find an outlet for ‘stuff’ which did not make sense at the time but which through journaling and writing you have been able to gain some understanding.  You may wish to use your journal as a way to record information for a book that you always wanted to write; your journal will enable you to keep an accurate timeline for events.  The purpose of this blog is to invite you to start your journal writing so that you can use it as a way to raise your self-awareness and make positive changes in your life.

This morning I wrote this:

We lived, we loved, we existed. Sure there were good times. That I do not deny. But beneath the surface was a seething rotting mess. This letter is my last communication with your dark soul. You are a part of something that I am vanquishing from my body and from my soul. I thank you for the love, the laughs, the presents and the pain. Your pain was not mine to absorb, yet I did. I absorbed it into my being and became responsible for it. I wanted you to be happy, more than I was. But wanting happiness for others while we self-destruct seeps through the membranes and destroys us.

I wrote it with nothing in mind, I allowed what needed to be unlocked to flow free. It is only a part of a mountain of pages I scribbled. I’ve found my writing zone and my way. Now I invite you to find yours.

Journaling can be easy, consider these points.

Where can you start your journaling?

Decide where do you want to write?  In bed, the lounge, conservatory, your office, in your favourite comfy chair.  It is important that you find a place that you feel at ease, which relaxes you, and enables you the comfort and space to begin to write. When you are in the right space and that includes headspace your writing will flow.

Space. Get into the right space and your healing words will flow #thewritingzone #writinginspiration #writerslife #writingforthesoul #bookcoach

When do you want to write?  First thing in the morning? Last thing at night? In the evening after dinner?

Once you have decided that you will journal then you need to decide how you would like to journal.  There is more than one way to keep a journal.

Notebook and pen

There are lots of different kinds of notebooks and journals on the market, some are beautiful, others are very practical. You can buy some great journals from your local supermarket for not a lot. I love beautiful journals and the quality of the paper is important to me. It wasn’t always this way – I used to buy cheap journals and over time this changed.

You might even want to use a different notebook for different parts of your life.  E.g. Day to day events, people, food and body etc. I know people who find it hard to journal and when I have suggested that they keep a pile of different journals by the side of their bed and pick one according to their mood, they have found it much easier.

Pens, I have a huge collection of pens, pencils and highlighters, and depending on my mood will depend on which I use.  I feel a little like Pauline with her pens (League of Gentlemen), one of her sayings that still tickles me is “Everything I know about people I learned from pens. If they don’t work, you shake them. And if they still don’t work, you chuck them away. Bin ‘em.”

Computer and some sort of software

I used to use journaling software because I wanted absolute privacy, but I missed writing with a pen so although I was able to record my deepest feelings, it didn’t quite give me what I wanted. But if this works for you, you can use WORD or Evernote which you can password protect. The most important thing is to choose some software that suits you.


For scrapbooking, I like to use an artist book. I collect pictures and words from magazines and newspapers which resonate with me. Then when I am in a creative frame of mind I simply start to create pictures’of where I am and what I want in my life. I might also scribble or doodle. Alongside the pictures, I will write whatever comes up.

The art of... Journaling, art and creative expression leads to understanding, healing and clarity #writingzone #writinginspiration #writerslife #writingforthesoul #bookcoach

Video or voice recording journaling

With Smartphones, there are lots of opportunities to be able to video anything you want to say and capture. This adds an extra dimension to your journaling. I often find that when I am walking with the dogs that stuff comes to mind which I want to record. When I listen back later I can make sense of it in my journal. Got something you need to say to yourself and no paper or pen; get your phone out.

What else needs to happen to help you to write?

Just start

Instead of worrying about where, when, how or why, just start. Write anything and trust that your writing muse will come along and take over.

If you need a prompt, you could start with a question and see where it goes.

  • Should I stay in this relationship?
  • What do I really want from this job?
  • What is bothering me about …….?

Or bring an event to mind and ask yourself:-

  • What did I see?
  • What did I feel?
  • What did I smell/taste?
  • What did I hear?

Before I start to write I sit in silence, sometimes closing my eyes and focusing on my breath.  Sometimes I will meditate. I have a Proteus light and sound machine, I’m subscribed to Zen12 or I head over to YouTube. You will be amazed how once you start how it all flows and the most important thing for me is that even if it is only one sentence, it’s a start.

When you write about your day make sure it is absolutely true, write what you think, feel, hear and see.  This is your truth and not a made up world.  You may cringe, laugh or cry when you read it back.  That’s the point; it’s how you felt at that time.  As you know yourself better, you will see repeated patterns of behaviour in yourself and others and that’s when you can start to make changes.

Begin journaling today, who knows where it will take you? You may, as I have said, find stories in you that you must write and share and writing it a book might not be that far away.

It doesn’t matter that you haven’t recorded the last 20, 30, 40 years, today is the perfect day to start your journaling and your journey into yourself.

The bottom line is to remember, there are no rules and to find a way to make this awesome tool work for you.

The Writing Zone

Writing is a wonderful way to get your stuff out, it is cathartic, helps to release stress, ignites your creativity and provides a way to reflect on events so that you can make changes happen.

The Writing Zone is a monthly club where you can get yourself into the writing zone and explore you and your writing.

You will begin to discover hidden thoughts, emotions, lost memories and repeated patterns of behaviour which may not be serving you well. Through the guided writing exercises, you have the chance to go deep within and to look out with fresh vision.

4 ways to get your daily dose of self-love

Neurotransmitters and getting  a DOSE of self-love

I first came across neurotransmitters when I was studying nutrition. Learning about chemicals which send signals to your brain was fascinating. While I was focussing mainly on how what I ate and drank would affect how I felt, I started to wonder how these mighty messengers could also be influenced by writing and more explicitly writing in connection to self-love.

Further study showed that neurotransmitters are affected by behaviour. Which means that they would be affected by writing activities. Words have the power to change lives and have as I’ve said so many times been my saviour.

My journey to self-love involved many things, but one consistent component has been writing (and reflection). I believe writing and reflection play a powerful part in exposing what is holding you back from loving yourself and aiding in the creation of the right environment for it to thrive. It is through writing that I have been able to create many daily actions on my journey to self-love.

Writing lets us to connect to our light so that we can see the world through a different lens.


  • is not a place that we are heading to on the way to some strange destination; it is a feeling, an acceptance and a practice
  • is the foundation for being all that you can be
  • inspires you to have the freedom to be
  • means that your stories do not own you, it means that you have a strong foundation upon which you can move forward.

When you crack open your heart to loving yourself unconditionally, life will change. Plus a healthy dose of self-love will boost those feel good hormones, and that has to be good – right?

What is love?

That’s an interesting question. Some say that it is

  • The romantic connection between two people
  • A bond with their children
  • The relationship that they have with God, Grace, The Universe
  • The connection with their animals, friends and family
  • A chemical reaction in the brain to some environmental stimulation
  • A funny feeling in their body, which they can’t explain but they know it exists

Romantic love aside and there is plenty of research about this which we can draw on for considering what love is. However, this is not it. Love cannot be traded, exchanged, given away, demanded, it is a part of our essence and values. It is something that exists yet remains undefinable. Which is delightful.

Whatever it is and however you describe it, love exists. We are love; love lives in all of us, and we exist because of love. For me, love drives our stories, the ones about you, them and us. Stories are the foundation of humanity. Therefore love is the foundation of our humanity.

What is self?

Self is all that is you. It is what makes you, you and distinguishes you from others. It includes what you believe about yourself. Self-image is how you see yourself, and how you think others see you which will affect your confidence, self-esteem (how you feel about yourself), self-love and outlook on life.

How you know, see and feel about yourself is called perception. You will see yourself one way and not always as others see you. When you have a distorted sense of self, it does affect how you feel about who you are and what your purpose is. The more distorted your identity becomes, the more you find it hard to find meaning in the world.

Getting to know the real you is a lifelong project, and it does not have to be hard – once you take responsibility for you. We make it hard because we are hard on ourselves. I have spent a lifetime making it hard for me to love me, and then I woke up and made a decision no more. The more I practised and in my case wrote the more natural it became to let go of the old me.

Are you willing to question this sense of yourself so that you can move from fear into love?

Kickstarting self-love

We are spirit living a human existence, and our spirit carries our love vibration. Our human desire is to be connected to that vibration and to live from it. The trouble is the human system being very complex triggers off all kind of things in response to our environment and chemically stunts our capacity to love. The bottom line is that when the hormones for self-love are not triggered in the brain, we live in the shadow of fear.

Fear stops us fully experiencing and being able to create a nourishing and loving environment.

The good news is that at some point someone or something will wake you up and when you become aware, then you can make a conscious decision to pull the right ingredients into your life.

The key is to not leave self-love to chance and to do things that will trigger those feel good hormones and to keep doing them. This is not, so we live in some kind of weird self-love vacuum, more that we bring rituals (practice) into our lives that create a fantastic foundation for being. Love can free us, or it can bind us, that is your choice. When you put self-love, self-worth and self-value into your heart and soul, then you can live a life that has meaning.

Before we travel into the heady world of self-love, what drew me in neurotransmitters after the nutrition stuff was reading about the scientific research around love and what happens when we fall in and out of love. There is a great article here. All of this information started off scrambling my brain.

Everything about us is connected, so if one system is out of sync, then the rest will follow. For example, if I abuse my body with crap food, it affects how I feel and how I feel about myself, when I don’t feel good about me I may then think sod it and do something else which stresses me. And so on.

What I discovered was when I asked the question ‘do I love myself enough to?’ and then took good action to look after my human, my spirit came alive, and my soul felt loved. It got easier and easier to work through my shit.

Consider these neurotransmitters – your daily DOSE of self-love

4 ways to get your daily dose of self-love Dopamine called the motivation and reward molecule. This is according to research critical for love to thrive and survive between couples. It also makes sense for self-love to thrive as well. We all like to feel rewarded so that we stay motivated to continue.

Oxytocin called the bonding molecule. This is what bonds babies to mothers and lovers to each other. Oxytocin has been shown to have two sides to it. The positive everything in the world is rosy side and the side that is exhibited when things go wrong in love which leads to jealousy, envy and suspicion, i.e. a lack of trust.

Serotonin, the molecule of happiness. Serotonin is responsible for helping us to feel confident and enabling a stable mood. It is also part of the pathway to a good nights sleep. Lack of sleep will wear anyone down.

Endorphins, molecules of security and peace. These are known as natures painkillers. When you do not love yourself, you often will engage in activities which create dis-ease in the body and could trigger a pain response. By undertaking more loving activities, eating better, exercising, meditation and introducing other self-care opportunities, you will reduce the dis-ease and the related pain.

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Four things you can do to get your daily DOSE of self-love

Which don’t include writing – I know how bizarre…

Eat a healthy breakfast

I could wax lyrical about breakfasts, but if I don’t start the day with something delicious and fulfilling then all day I feel dissatisfied and out of sorts with me and the world. Here’s the thing I get when I eat breakfast.

I’m getting good nutrition; I’m eating mindfully, loving every mouthful, feeling at peace and know that my mind, body and soul will reward me by functioning well.

A typical breakfast for me is homemade almond milk, buckwheat porridge, seeds (chia and sunflower), nuts, fruit and some superfoods (maca and ashwagandha are just two). I tell you it is orgasmic.

Go for a walk

Walking is another life saver. Long before I had the three dogateers, I walked for miles every day after work. It allowed me to clear my head, get connected to Mother Earth and to see things in a new light. It also helped me through physical pain. When I thought I couldn’t move, I made myself take the dogs out for a walk no matter what. Slowly I recovered and even now when I am in pain, I go for a walk, and it seems to help me. I also see it as a reward for sitting and working. It is meditative and restorative.

Speak to yourself with loving kindness

Start to notice how you speak to yourself. These words are etched on your body. While you may tattoo yourself with a positive affirmation, you would not dream of writing your words of hatred on you for all to see. Your body can hear your words. Notice what they are and start to change them.

What I find helps me is to keep post-it notes in the kitchen and bathroom and write little love notes to me. I feel fab when I discover them (not sure how I could have forgotten I wrote them) and they help reinforce a positive self-image and love. When I find the notes, I say out loud what is on them.

I also start the day by looking in the mirror and saying something loving to me. And whenever I catch myself about to criticise me, I turn it around.

Allow your heart space to open to self-love


The heart space is often clogged with the mess of our lives. It is therefore natural to close this off to more pain. Think of it like putting a bird in a cage, closing the door and throwing away the key.

All is not lost.

Do not look for the key, let the key find you. This means to acknowledge that you have caged your heart and you are saying that you dare to allow it to open. It can be scary to let go and often you do not know that you are holding your heart in a tight grip.

When you are first woken up to loving you, your natural reaction is to protect your heart. However, this is the perfect time to work on opening it to you.

Place a hand on your heart, take your focus there and imagine that you are getting ready to send love out. Switch directions and shower yourself instead. Feels good, right?

Many find that sending out love is easy, but that through the many hurts receiving love is a little harder. This is ok. Being conscious that your heart is a channel will support you to being able to focus that love into the core of your being.

Keep focusing on bringing love in and holding the door of the cage open and slowly letting the prison fall away. Can you feel the expansion in your chest or the space between your breasts? It’s as if someone is holding your breastbone apart.

When I do this, I feel at peace with me and the world. I see things from my divine inner light and a place of love. Even if I initially want to do something opposite. Boy oh boy – so much work to do (smiles).

Make a date with self-love

The best time to start is now. Ask do I love myself enough to? And get one with it. Your neurotransmitters will adore you for it.

What are your self-love tips?


5 fabulous reasons to cultivate self-love

Self-love some of the backstory…

Once upon a time, I felt such shame, guilt and self-hatred for my things that happened in my life and the hand I perceived I was dealt. I have found myself caught up in my stories. Isolation was my default stance. When I can’t bear things any longer I hide. The truth is I’ve hidden from my ‘truth’ and in doing so not allowed myself to love me. What I have come to realise that my crappy life is a fabulous gift. Writing is my saviour. Through writing, I have learned that I have a right to love.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates, in Plato, Dialogues, Apology. Greek philosopher in Athens (469 BC – 399 BC)

Not just writing if I am honest – pure bloody-mindedness as well.

When I was expelled from school, I called my dad at work, expecting the usual telling off. The sting of his words, ‘are you mental or what?’ wrenched my heart. I held back the tears and swallowed hard; he simply put the phone down on me. No one talked or looked at me that week, while I, slightly unconcerned, relished my newfound freedom. A few days later I found myself on a farm with the Moonies. More on this in another blog.

Then I entered the world of work.

Every day I dragged myself out of bed to go work, I wanted more from my life, but I was caught in a limbo land where I couldn’t move. I was trapped, caught in the spider’s web and watching horrified as life passed me by. Don’t get me wrong I have had some wonderful jobs, but I was never fulfilled. I wore the suits and did the stuff and on the inside, I was dying.

I thought that relationships would save me…

What I failed to realise was that it gets easier to deal with things, not that life would get easier. Blinkered and unaware of the tougher times to come I lived in a weird smog. My desire to learn, heal and grow and my knowledge of how to look at things didn’t desert me, but somehow I stranded myself on a loveless Island with a strange bedfellow.

One day in what I thought was the sanctity of a boring marriage, the one where I thought was safe, I was delivered a hellish wake-up call.

I relocated my life but not my self-hatred until I made myself look in the mirror.

Then it changed and I learned about self-love


I have been made to face up to life, who I am and why I am here, it has been freaking hard, but, it has taught me several things.

  • One, don’t look for the key, the key will find you.
  • Two, the same for love, don’t look for it.
  • Three, I have to open my heart to receive love.
  • Four, constant giving of love is all very well, but it doesn’t mean that you will get love and respect back.
  • Five, listen, watch, hear the signs and symbols for they are messages for you.
  • Six, faith and trust can be hard taskmasters.
  • Seven, loving yourself is awesome and makes such a difference to your life.
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5 fabulous reasons to cultivate self-love

You learn that self-love is not selfish

It sounds rather narcissistic to say that you love yourself. If you are a preening prancing horse then maybe it’s not so cool. However, the conscious evolved kind of love where you honour and respect who you are is a wonderful place to be. Through this, you start to see that you have value.

It lets you be who you are

I’ve always been a bit crazy or as I was once described a wild child, though I think I may let that label go. Instead, you can I can relish the silliness of being just who we want to be. For me, that includes singing to my doggies – they do like it, I’m sure. Dancing with them and generally feeling good about just being rather than trying to please others. When you love you, you can be real.

Your essence shines through

This is my essence as well as my values. I’m essentially a free spirit (my essence) who dislikes rules and adores freedom (a value). Intuitive and demanding fair play and justice. When you love yourself, it is easier to stand by your values and life your life as essentially you. That is, like above, not being afraid of being seen as you and walking your path, your way.

Acceptance and no judgement

This has to be one of the hardest things to do. Accept and do not judge yourself or others. However, it is one of the most satisfying and for me funniest ones to do. When I catch myself about to judge me, I eat my words, sing it away, make myself laugh and then quickly reframe. Of course, there is always room for expansion and transformation and that will come.

You can stand tall around bullies

Where once you may have had weak boundaries now you hold your head high and let the behaviour of manipulators and bullies pass you by. It becomes easier to say no, without making excuses. And when people try to emotionally blackmail you, you’ll find that it’s stuffed in the trash can as their stuff.

We’ll look at more reasons another day. For now, understand that cultivating self-love is one of the keys to inner peace and contentment.

What about you? What has loving you given you? If you don’t have it, what is the one thing you can do today to start this process and practice?

What Me Too brings up for me

When the Me Too campaign started, I turned off from the outpouring. I needed time to process. I wanted to know why on a deeply spiritual (and Universal) level this was started and the purpose it served.

Then I discovered that it was initially started by Tarana Burke over ten years ago.

Ten years.

Alyssa Milano then resurrected it on Twitter without knowing that Tarana was the originator.

This is incredible and blows my mind with the power that this brings to women, and actually, all beings. As we stand together – all of us we can evolve. This is eve-olution – a slow burn until it’s ready to ignite, has been triggered.

Feeling angry

My mind raced as I read stories and comments and I felt anger.

Not for anyone sharing a story, my anger. Anger that I was unable to stop two unhealthy men, one when I was ten and the other when I was a teenager. One a babysitter who was given authority and trust to look after ‘my parent’s children’ while they could go out to play.

The other a rather vile man who, I later, discovered, used his wife in the most degrading way. Although on reflection she was complicit in his grooming. With conflict at home and a deep sense of being unclean, but not knowing why, I was easy to exploit.

The stories we tell ourselves

As a young child, I did not know that the things that the babysitter did were wrong, I can clearly remember it all as a game. That was a defence mechanism and a story that I tell myself. Because I did not know that it was wrong, I couldn’t and didn’t tell. The irony is that the babysitter in question shares my name.

Recently I looked at Google Maps and stared at the house as if that would offer up some clues. But it looked just like a house. And thankfully there was nothing left.

The second incident, I have argued (my story) could have been averted.

But could it?

Now older, I’ve reasoned, I ‘should’ have known. Here’s the rub. As a rational adult, I know how insidious abuse is. I only have to look back at recent history to see how my last husband’s behaviour drove me, unwittingly, into a dark hole. I only have to talk to other men and women who live, have lived with narcissists to know how they work. I can remember telling my friends how kind he was. Really!

The brain and chemicals

What happens when you are blind to what is going on is that you convince yourself that everything is ok. That it is safer to be anywhere other than at home.

Not fully understanding the science of the brain, it seems that chemically there is a process that protects the person from accessing the trauma memory. This explains why I can only access the memories when I visualise the houses in which the incidents happened. I have almost perfect recall of the room layouts. I’ve been told that this is normal.

What I also know is that neurotransmitters involved in the love process play a part. We become addicted to the feelings that an abuser arouses in us. How crazy is that? Once a bond is formed it is difficult to break and because you believe that this person is a good person you will introduce others to them as if they are normal.

Is it my fault?

Later when the spell is broken, you can start to rationalise that it’s all your fault and it’s your fault that others got involved as well. This, of course, is not the truth but it becomes your truth, and when you own that, more damage occurs.

People who have been abused hide the memories and feelings because our prime directive is safety first.

The museum of your mind

Hiding memories with processes and techniques, in my opinion, don’t work. At least not for me. I want to know. I want them out.

I forgot everything for years, blocked it out of my mind until one day I was watching TV and the memories came flooding back. Boy did they come back. What followed was years of processing and dealing with anger and guilt. Not just for me, but for others. Trying to understand how this man’s wife could have been complicit and then knowing that she too was trapped and helpless. She was easy for me to forgive, not at first, but later. Then I as I thought about how she befriended me and when I introduced her to my friends, did the same I unforgave her. Despite her pain in this relationship, she played her part, as did I. I feel conflicted and in pain for us both.

I couldn’t forgive me for being stupid. How could I have thought this was safe and how could I have let them meet my friends? How could I? I have asked this so many times, but I cannot remember how we all met. I know it is not my fault, yet I felt shame.

I remember lots of people in their kitchen, and I’m wondering why they were there. Having baked beans in front of the TV, was that to get me out of the way? Being given nice clothes that weren’t theirs to give which were difficult to explain away, was this a bonding technique or to assuage their guilt?

Mostly all I can see is the house layout and two very explicit incidents, and I try as I can, I cannot recall anything else. Just like with the babysitter I can see the houses, two episodes and nothing else. But my insides are raw.

Later I heard some of what he did to his wife until she was able to escape. That got to me. Suddenly there was a whole other world of rubbish potentially going on in their house.

Thankfully, my involvement was short lived. Overhearing my dad, I realised that he was suspicious of where I spent my time. This woke me up and that was the end. Over, I never saw them again.

Never forgetting

Despite locking things away, I never forgot.

When I watched the program about the three girls in Harrogate, I cried buckets. I was lucky that this scale of horror didn’t happen to me.

But somehow in my head, once again, everything he did was my fault.

But here is the rub.

I wanted to share this with someone I loved, however, my head was a jumble, was it my fault, was it my fault that they met my friends, how did I make all of this happen? I needed someone to help me piece it together, to help me to understand, to be understanding and not treat me like shit under their feet. Their reaction was not ok.

This led me to lock it away again. I shrank. Hid. A person of no value and little worth.

The net result was I imploded. Not visibly, but my inner world collapsed, and I made choices that I unconsciously thought I deserved.

Later I tried again. It was brushed off as ‘well it’s over and in the past, get over it.’

What I get is that it’s hard for others to process. That they don’t care and why should they?

My experience has been that in their heads it is our fault. Women are to blame. We made these things happen.

No, we didn’t.

There are many factors at play here, not least the biological processes that occur during abuse, the way that memory works and how trauma is processed. Sexual abuse and assault are complicated. Humans are complicated.

What I learned about me

The knock on effects are many. Each person who has had something done to them will deal with it differently, and that is ok. There is in my experience not a right way, only our way. Here’s a few things I’ve noticed about me.

  • A desire to prove I am not stupid by taking lots of high-level qualifications
  • Getting pissed off if anyone treats me like I am stupid
  • Aggressive behaviour in response to male and female harassment, manipulation and bullying
  • Needing to feel safe
  • Wanting to protect others and becoming a fixer
  • Yearning to be heard and seen, but scared of being visible
  • Poor mate choices
  • Lack of self-love
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What is scary is that abuse changes us biologically. The pain in my ribs gets worse when I am angry, and I thank her (I’ve named my ribs Mabel) for letting me know that I need to deal with things.

Healing takes a lifetime.

While I may have processed all of this through many different methods, there will always I feel be fragments stuck in a corner somewhere – as there are today.

Several things have helped me

  • Eating cleanly
  • Writing
  • Forgiving, letting go and letting love
  • Learning to love me
  • Tearing up of soul contracts

Eating clean and ridding my body of processed rubbish has had a profound effect on my ability to grow as a human. When I am clean, I can function well. Without the chemicals of mass destruction running amok in my body I am strong and can make conscious decisions.

Writing is a powerful way to connect to the unconscious mind, higher self, highest true self and source. I call all of these my muse. Writing takes many forms. Journaling, scribbling and writing stories and books. On each of the full and new moons, I write and burn my thoughts. What comes up as the focus is used, I set a releasing intent, write and do not read, burn the writing in Rosemary and hold a crystal while I let the flames lick my wounds. As part of this process I forgive, let go and let love.

Learning to love me has been most profound. What a change this has made in my life and my identity. Self-love is the foundation from which I can be. In this, I have learned that I do not have to fix or mend others and how to ask for help. That if anyone treats me like I am stupid that’s their stuff. And aggression is now much more assertive. Best of all I am now prepared to add my voice and be visible.

Soul contracts. This is part of writing and loving me. A process where I see the contract, write it and then tear it up. Once burnt it helps me to heal.

I am wondering how the MeToo outpourings on Social Media in whatever form affect you? How you process and if like me, it is an iterative evolving cycle of things?

Before I close, I want to tell you that despite the spikes in my emotions, there is much love, inner peace and contentment in my life. As I am sure, there is in your life. This is I think a shift of consciousness again.

I also think that this current campaign has opened a vortex of Universal healing and I hope that we can all heal, expand and transform. Mother Earth can take the energy around our stuff; she can use it and create goodness from it. Let her help you.

Much love.

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Making your own luck on Friday 13th

When I bought my house I was temporarily confused the deeds said number 13 and some other documents said 15, but the house down the road is 15, so I settled with 13. Later I learned that 13 is not considered unlucky where I live, so I proudly embrace my lucky home.

It is lucky, although I already owned it and it needed a bit of work, it was here when I needed a home. When we discovered each other, we both found a purpose for each other. I love her, and she holds me.

In Western culture, Friday 13th is considered to be one of the most unlucky days in the calendar. I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine why a day can be so unlucky, so, instead, I have decided to make it my lucky Friday. Lucky house, lucky me, lucky Friday.

The day before Jesus’s crucifixion,(a Friday) there were 13 people gathered for his last supper. Apparently, it was also on a Friday that Eve gave Adam an apple, I’m not sure if it was also on the 13th. You need 13 witches to form a coven. Aren’t witches were the good guys? If you have sat through the Friday the 13th films, you are very unlucky as they are terrible, in my humble opinion.

While researching, I discovered that ‘The Ancient Egyptians believed life was a spiritual journey that unfolded in stages. They believed that 12 of those stages occurred in this life, but the final one, the 13th, was a joyous transformative ascension to an eternal afterlife.

Isn’t that a beautiful thought? We live through 12 stages, and on our 13th we can ascend to another sacred place. To me, this seems an excellent way to greet the end of our Earthly human days and move onto the afterlife.

What if the highest risk to Friday the 13th being unlucky is your belief in it? Perhaps it is a coincidence that stuff happens on this so called unlucky day? Maybe we have been brainwashed into being on high alert on Friday 13th.

What if Friday13th is your lucky day?

In 2017 there two occurrences of Friday 13th, January and October. Two occasions that I popped into my planner (I have the Daily Greatness Planner) at the start of the year. Today it’s October, Friday 13th and I think we should rock this day. Are you with me?

Everyone knows the harder you work at something, the luckier you get. What have you been working on that you can now harvest and what will you work on? I shall increase my luck chances by committing to:-

  • Having written four and published one book this year – Rude Awakenings (A journey to self-love)
  • Published at least two new courses (Writer’s Block is completed and Journey to self-love I am recording)
  • Decreased the pain in my thoracic region
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What is luck?

Richard Wiseman author of the ‘The Luck Factor‘set out to burst the bubble and myth of being unlucky. In his research, he says that:-

The findings have revealed that luck is not a magical ability or the result of random chance. Nor are people born lucky or unlucky. Instead, although lucky and unlucky people have almost no insight into the real causes of their good and bad luck, their thoughts and behavior are responsible for much of their fortune.

No surprises then? As I said earlier that what you focus on you can harvest. We make our luck by focusing on what we want, having a vision and taking action towards it. Flexing your behaviour, habits and beliefs will change your behaviour. By committing to embracing emotional intelligence changes the way you act. Deciding that you want to change will bring change, without your attention and action nothing will happen by luck or chance. Thoughts become a reality. I want to be the mistress of my reality, where it is humanly possible. How lucky would that be?

We know that things can happen over which we have no control and that is not luck either. However, we tend to call it luck or bad luck and sometimes karma. These things were going to happen anyway; you just happened to be where the stuff that was going to happen, happened. I can’t think what another term for these random events is other than luck. Even though it’s not luck, we will call it luck, which can also mean unlucky. As Richard Wiseman says, most people have little insight into what brought them to the point where the ‘luck’ thing happened.

When I muse over how I got to be living where I am. It wasn’t that I was lucky enough to find out that the man I was with was living a double life. It goes back way before that.

  • If it weren’t for someone calling me stupid, I wouldn’t have enrolled on an MBA.
  • If I hadn’t done the MBA, I wouldn’t have realised I was intelligent. Goodbye chip on my shoulder.
  • If it weren’t for a friend of a friend, I wouldn’t have got a job interview where I met someone who I was to spend sixteen years.
  • If that hadn’t ended, I wouldn’t have met the narcissist (in my opinion).
  • If I wasn’t made redundant, I wouldn’t have done two more qualifications, which help me with my work today.
  • If he hadn’t of tried to persuade me to part with my money for his house, when my intuition said to invest in a house elsewhere, I wouldn’t have my home.
  • And if it weren’t for my intuition I wouldn’t have opened his computer, seen his stuff and decide to move on.

My belief is that wasn’t luck, it was all pre-ordained and some good action taking. All I have to work out is why? I’m getting closer and at the same time losing fixation of why did you bring me here?

Friday the 13th is lucky because

  • Today is the day to review your intentions and consider if they still feel congruent, true to your heart and something you want to act on.
  • Today you can put a plan together to realise your dreams by the next Friday 13th (April 2018) and what a celebration that would be.
  • You can start planning a book today, and it could be published in 6 months six days, or 26 weeks six days, or 188 days. Wow, a published author.
  • You can also commit to changing your health and a whole range of other things if you start today. Imagine six habits, one per month, all taking you towards something that is important to you.

I’ll leave you with these two quotes that say it all.

Be prepared, work hard, and hope for a little luck. Recognize that the harder you work and the better prepared you are, the more luck you might have. Ed Bradley


Be prepared, work hard, and hope for a little luck. Recognize that the harder you work and the better prepared you are, the more luck you might have. Ed Bradley

Luck is where opportunity meets preparation. Seneca

Luck is where opportunity meets preparation. Seneca



What I love about Autumn and the turning of the season

Summer is over and I am relieved. I love the sun but not the searing heat that keeps me trapped inside. I am preparing for winter which always suddenly descends. Every year winter catches me out, one day it’s warm the next freezing – just like that. But before I think about winter I want to relish this new season which has begun. Autumn is a season where we can be thankful for all that we have. Let go of the old and turn inwards for reflection.

We are also moving from earth season to metal (in Chinese Five Elements), which is rather apt, as I write this I have been thinking about grief and resentment. Not in a sad way, more about dealing with the frayed edges of some old stuff.

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. George Eliot

I’m also thinking about the expansion that I have undertaken over the last year and the contentment I feel. That may seem conflicted to feel contentment and resentment, yet I do. In my journey to self-love, I have come to embrace everything that comes up that needs to be shown love. It’s all about balance and finding that pivoting point.

In the morning there is a welcome chill in the air, it’s darker for longer and I feel change is less urgent. Walking the doggies is much more fun and we can get out more often, which is great for being grounded and having reflection time.

The colours are richer, the earth musty and there is a sense of the world slowing down.

Autumn equinox (also known as the Mabon or autumn harvest) was on 22nd September 9:04am (GMT).  At equinox the day is in balance, there is equal light and dark. It’s a time when I stop standing in the shadows and seek out the warmth of the sun. It’s a time when I feel ready to embrace more down to earth activities.

I’ve written a lot and now I am editing. This is my writing harvest. Where I felt as if I hadn’t produced anything, now I can see it all coming to fruition. Now I can breathe.

So the summer has ended, seeds are falling, the ground is cloaked in fallen debris, ready to be reborn in the spring.  Despite not getting much done in the searing heat, now it’s all about harvesting what I have sown, letting go of what doesn’t serve me, gathering up what I need to see me through winter, finding balance and courage.

The logs are here and stacked. The chimney swept. I have curtains ready to be lined to keep the heat in. For once, I am prepared and that also feels balanced.

As we move into the Metal season there will be more changes.

The colour for metal is white; this can be clothes, food or things in our environment.  Who needs an excuse to buy some beautiful white flowers or light a candle? All that comes to mind is pureed parsnips (they are white), dinner with my friend Dawn, too much Prosecco and a bit of a headbang to Nirvana – that was certainly a moment of letting go madness.

In Chinese Medicine lungs and large intestines are the organs we now focus on.  By nourishing the lung and learning to breathe properly you can balance and soothe the mind and eliminate wandering unhelpful thoughts.  The lungs draw in breathe and exhale waste carbon dioxide, with every breath I can let things go.  Metal makes me think of metal shields, warrior women and protection.  And I think of breathing in new ideas and inspiration and letting them percolate.

The colon is all about eliminating waste.  Eating well and being nourished with more root vegetables excites me, no more salad, I love meals made in one pot and feeling the embraced with a tickle of new flavours. I’m sure my body responds better to these kinds of foods. Now I struggle with cold water and have to make myself drink a glass every time I make a cuppa.

By releasing and letting go, I can ensure that my mind doesn’t become clogged and cloudy.

The emotions are sadness and courage.  Connecting to the sadness or grief and acknowledging that this is a part of me, will give me the courage to discover more of my worth and reap my value.

Be aware of what needs to be let go as you enter autumn and set in place, a space for you, remember to stay grounded, listen to the earth and your divine inner wisdom.


World mental health day, Prozac, writing and me

Every year World Mental Health Day is observed on the 10th October. One day to highlight a massive problem. There is often no visible signs that someone is suffering until their body complains, they do something because they can’t cope and then it is too late.

Anxiety and depression can affect anyone.

When I was in the corporate world mental health was not discussed, but as a manager, I was acutely aware when people around me were not coping. Many a private conversation, a cuppa and a walk in the fresh air has helped someone have the space to be heard and to be empowered to take some other action towards better health. I am proud to be a listener without judgement.

This is not always the case when you work alone, or you are living with others whose needs always come first.

A few years ago, I found myself in front of the doctor complaining that despite the many miles I trudged every day with my dog, I couldn’t breathe. He asked me some questions, and suddenly there was a space to be heard.

We talked about who I was living with, what the relationship was like, work and general health. I explained that for the last two years I’d struggled with sleep and had tried everything I could think of. He laughed at the comprehensive list I handed over. He glanced over it and said quietly ‘you have anxiety and it is no wonder.’

Walking away with a prescription for Prozac felt like the end of the world. Having been a party animal I was used to abusing my body for fun, this felt very different.

Now I was a failure.

Two days into my new drug habit, I was ringing the doctor. ‘I feel weird this is happening.’ I was panicking that this ‘stuff’ was destroying me. She calmly explained that I probably have a virus.

I felt a fool.

Before long I was sleeping, and a calm descended. Deep inside I was ashamed of giving in, and although I didn’t want anyone to know, I found myself sharing with two friends. Never before had I sought external validation, but now it was vital. I wanted them to tell me that it was ok.

They did, and it was, I was ok.

At the start of taking them, I had an exit strategy. Changing my diet and writing as ever helped. Pouring my heart into my writing and writing creative short stories was fun.

I was a bit silly with my diet and cut practically everything that could possibly be an allergen to anyone, ever. Losing vast quantities of weight did nothing for my skin, and my skinny legs looked more match like every day. I didn’t love me so I couldn’t and didn’t look in the mirror. I tried but to no avail.

I was ugly.

Christmas came, and we were going to Spain to work on my house. Shortly into the holiday I took my daily pill and vomited. Staring into the bowl, repulsed by the small and what I had become, I decided no more pills; there had to be a better way.

Back home and I thought I could cope.

By February his almost 90-year-old mother who needed help with everything and had dementia came to live. Two months passed and living with a bully and this woman who appeared to hate me was taking its toll. ‘I’m going to take Prozac again, I told him, I can’t cope.’ He couldn’t care less. As long as he could do what he wanted he was ok.

His bullying never stopped, passive aggression should have been his middle name. I explained several times that he was a bully and that it needed to end. All he did was to turn the tables and call me a bully; he was a lost cause when it came to empathy. He was the sort of person that if you said something one day, he would go on about it for days. He was like a dog with a bone.

He told me he enjoyed finding someone’s weak spot and turning the knife. I decided to try and ignore him and his silly behaviour. Every day he said something about sucking his cock or some other inane sexist comment. He was driving me nuts. I found that I was losing my temper because of his endless berating. When I did sit him down to tell him that I was unhappy and felt unloved, he managed possibly a day and then was back to his weird self.

It was another year and another Christmas, and we decided to take his mum to Spain. More importantly, it was decided that I would take her on an economy class plane (old women, wheelchair, dementia and poor toilet habits) and he would drive with the dog and his son. I coped because she couldn’t have done it without me and I wanted this sad old lady who hated me to have some happiness.

The apartment we’d booked fell through, and so we stayed with my mum while he caught up with us and then we all went to my house in the hills.

A house that was not ready for us.

Lying awake one evening staring at the ceiling I knew it was time for me to die. While everyone slept, I Googled ways of killing yourself. They all looked painful. What the fuck can I do I screamed silently into the slumbering beams?

I wasn’t meant to die, but I was dead inside.

Not long after and following his mother’s death, I decided to wean myself off Prozac (again) and try to get back to some normality. I had a business to get back up and running, for what it was worth and products to create and launch. Nothing worked, my time was (again) not my own, I was utterly disrespected and unable to get my work done. I couldn’t work out how I was not able to work and why he thought it was acceptable to interrupt me constantly. Everything seemed so far away and unattainable.

One bright point was that a visit to the doctors revealed that I’d had an overactive thyroid and through dietary changes, I had resolved it.

I felt vindicated, that’s why among other things I wasn’t sleeping.

If hindsight were a currency, I would be rich. Slowly but surely over just a few years my sense of self had been eroded and despite the freedom, I thought I had, I had become incarcerated and controlled, and I let it happen. I can now see that the stress from previous unresolved issues, looking after his mother, the Prozac and my endless romantic dreams of being in love (as it turns out with the notion of love) had kept me diluted. Without Prozac to blunt my senses I was starting to realise that this might not be the ideal place to be, and that scared me. Apparently not enough to listen to my inner voice. I remained loyal, loving, kind and blind.

The Universe has other ideas about my blindness, and when I discovered he was and had always been living a highly promiscuous double life, I was catapulted into a new life and a way of being.

Writing for my soul

Through all of this, I wrote, and I wrote and did it a bit more, I still do.

I won’t lie, writing hasn’t always been easy.  I have cried and cried as I have journaled. Equally, I have screamed with hysterical laughter as I have re-read my creative life stories and plotted the demise of others who I felt had hurt me.  

Throughout all of my journalling, reflecting and other kinds of writing, I never expected to be pushed into a pit of hell, I thought I was ok to tackle big subjects – me.  Writing has taken me into some dangerous places where I have I rested letting the poison spread.  I have continued to push my pen more and more learning to connect to my heart. And then it got easier, the pain in my chest eased, and the path ahead began to shine.  

Writing is a journey with your soul, writing can and does help you to heal.  Everyone who writes does at some level move on. You may be writing about an adventure, crisis, a life changing event or a single fleeting moment in time, but in the setting out of your personal story, you are connecting to you at a deep level.

Writing is an escape and a safe passage into a new life and the next part of the journey.

Start today, get a journal, put it beside your bed, write when it suits you. Let it flow. Write anything, one word, just start. 

So while World Mental Health Day is focusing on what is happening in the workplace, which can be like being thrown into a vipers nest. Please look around you, one of your friends could be where I was. You might be there now. How I wish I’d known how to ask for help and have had the courage to leave sooner.

Waking up, writing a book and becoming a conscious woman

Are you a conscious woman who is choosing to wake up or were you forced awake and becoming aware? It matters not which it is, what is important is that you now make waking up, being aware and alive.

As more and more women are being woken up, they are realising that there is more to life than what was and that they have a story to share. It is rarely an easy story to tell. Many times they wonder if they should, who would listen, what might happen if they do. It can be a confusing time.

I know, I’ve been there. Had the crappy life. Been hurt, wounded, shredded, mistreated and dismissed as if I were nothing. However, what I know is that these are a part of the human contract. Acts in a play or chapters in the book of my life. They are kernels of magic, and they hold the keys to the story I have come to tell. The story that helps me to heal, grow, transform, expand and fly high. Not only that my story is here to let you know that you can do it too.

Our stories help us to heal, they help others to expand and they help the world. Together we can do so much more for our world.

When a conscious woman wakes up, she chooses to ignite the fire in her heart and soul, to tackle (perceived) flaws, wounds, and pain. In choosing to expand your consciousness, you choose growth and over stagnation. You choose to thrive. You choose love, life, and laughter. You choose. And you want to inspire others to be.

Many people, like me, have lived torturous lives. Slipping in and out of pockets of insanity interspersed with love, peace, and harmony. Others have lived the high-speed race, shooting in and out of a variety of adventures. Others have travelled at a nice steady speed. It all feels well paced, doing all the right things and yet feeling as if there is something missing. Asking ‘is this it?’

Experiences shape us. End of. What we do with these experiences from this moment on is a different matter. As you stand there you are the shape of your soul, spirit, body and mind thus far. But inside every cell, and in every part of your being are the magical ingredients to pull that shape by the short and curlies and breathe your essence which is hiding in the corners back into you.

If I had my time again would I have wanted my horrible lessons or experiences? Er, let me think a minute… No! However, I am the person I am today because of what I have been through and the actions I chose to take.

Have I been an angel? No. Have I been aware and conscious of what I have done in those moments of madness? No. I didn’t ask to be used and abused and emotional tortured – did I?

I believe that everything is a choice. Even when the child’s mind is not fully formed, and she makes innocent choices that means that ugly people can abuse her – it a choice. I know I was that child – sexually abused and groomed. I was that adult who abused herself and made poor relationship choices. The net result was more choices and a whole heap of trouble. And it’s been fucking hard. Hard, hard, hard.

It’s not all been hard or bad. Not everything in my relationships was wrong. Like you, it’s been a bit up and down.

In becoming a conscious woman, I have learned to accept the choices and decisions as part of my journey back to the beautiful soul I have always been. Vulnerability is normal. What will get you through the hard, not so hard, weird and wonderful times is a glorious reconnection to you, your faith, trust, surrender, acceptance, and self-love. I know you can do this.

You will receive your gifts. There are always diamonds in the rough. Life is beautiful. You have a story; you have learning, power, knowledge, skills, experience, humility, grace, and love. You can help yourself to see that this story is your story. But more than that, your words have the power to transform others so that together we can do something in our small way for humanity.

Being a conscious woman and waking up

What does it mean to wake up, or be woken up or shaken alive? It will mean something different to all of us, of course, it will. For, me it is about waking up to what my story was trying to tell me so that I can move on and inspire others. It’s taken all this time, to make me understand, and there are others out there that feel the same way. They too are hearing the call that it’s time to wake up and change things.

It may seem that we don’t listen until it’s too late. You know you get stopped by some drama, happening, weird illness or physical pain. Man does that stop you. After all of my emotional turmoil, I had a series of accidents and ended up in so much physical pain. I was left sitting on my sofa looking at where I thought heaven was and saying ‘you’re having a larf ain’t you?’.

No laugh, no joke. Stopped. Woken up.

‘Ha take that bitch – you will listen and you will wake up, and you will do your work. Now off you go like a good girl and find your tribe, you’ll know who they are.’

When eventually you listen, there will be no turning back. It does I promise get easier. I am so blessed to have found beautiful souls – other conscious women – to create something with.

As we learn to tap into our divine inner wisdom, the messages flow thick and fast, you learn to trust them, and it gets easier to be.

As connect inwards you will discover hindsight, insight, and foresight. What a heady combination of ‘sight’ all granted to provide you with answers to guide you through this adventure called life. It is with these sights that you will be able to unlock your personal stories so that you can make sense of things and make meaning.

You have to look backwards, not to dwell in or on your crappy lives, but to gain wisdom or hindsight that provides flashes of insight to where we now find ourselves and what we might do next.

The key is to stop, listen and learn ( a bit like the Green Cross Code), from the past, present and future because they are all, in reality, now. The choices we make today affect all of our tomorrows. The choices of yesterday do the same. Everything collides beautifully into the book of your lives because you have lived many times.

There is an abundant flow of endless words which come to guide us. These words are carried deep inside our souls. Imagine parchments rolled up and stuffed into the corners of our soul cave. Pull up a chair baby, light a candle, grab a cuppa, pick up the secret key that is about to unlock the clasp of your you journal and discover what was, is and will be stories of your waking up.

My questions to you are:-

  • How will you then use your stories? Will you listen to the voices? How will the words of a song carry the beat to your heart’s wisdom? When your tummy rumbles is it hungry or is there a more nourishing message waiting to be plated up?
  • Will you listen to the voices? How will the words of a song carry the beat to your heart’s wisdom? When your tummy rumbles is it hungry or is there a more nourishing message waiting to be plated up?
  • How will the words of your song carry the beat to your heart’s wisdom out into the world?
  • When your tummy rumbles is it hungry or is there a more nourishing message waiting to be plated up?

Every part of your being wants you to wake up and to be heard. Life can be a cruel teacher or a wise counsellor. It’s your choice to become curious, conscious and learn to fly or stay asleep and locked in your cage. Which is it to be?

The conscious woman and the stories in her heart

Conscious Women have great strength and personal power. You are perceptive, have a deep well of in-tuition, divine inner wisdom and understands the power of love. You know that you have to forgive and love yourself first. In love and forgiveness, you will find your light. You are excited by change, adventure and feels called to heal and grow. You know when the time to heal and put your stories behind you and when to use them for good.

You can taste the excitement of change, adventure. You hear the call to heal and grow on the whispering wind. You get that the time to heal and put the old stories behind you is now. This is an opportunity for expansion and transformation. You may also through this process and discover your voice and be invited to share your inspirational message so that you can shine that light for other women (and men).

Your stories can either own you, or you can own them.

The conscious woman and writing a book

One thing is certain in this process that brought you to this point; you will have found your voice and an inspirational message to share so that you can shine a light for others.

Ok, so you are feeling shaky. Who’s going to want to hear your story? Who cares? Hasn’t it already been told?

No, a thousand times no. Let me tell you I’m terrified of sharing the story of my last few years. I am being pulled by some kind of invisible thread, and I am compelled like the moth to fly into the light. Come on, join me, we can do this together.

Does anyone want to hear your story? I believe yes.

You are perfect; you were born perfectly unique; there is only one YOU blueprint. There is no one like you. You may think that you are like others, possibly sharing similar beliefs and values. We are all as different as our fingerprints, yet consciously connected to everyone and everything in the Universe.

And you are a work in progress, who from a rock solid foundation of core values will change the world, her world and then send ripples out to the rest of the world.

Don’t live by rules or conventions. Empower yourself and show others an authentic, loving, peaceful and harmonious way of living. People will be drawn to you as they seek to find their way in the world and to discover their light. When they find you, they will find a woman who is content and at peace with herself because she has written and shared her story.

As a conscious woman, you are an alchemist, EVE-olutionist. You have spirit, eternal consciousness and you listen to your inner voice – your divine inner wisdom

As a conscious woman, you are an alchemist, EVE-olutionist. You have spirit, eternal consciousness and you listen to your inner voice – your divine inner wisdom. Conscious women go through shit so that they know how to build a rock-solid foundation within herself first and with this becomes a teacher and inspiration to others. Writing a book is inspirational.

Conscious = awake, aware and alive. What will you choose? What are you choosing? Are you leaving your stories behind? Are you ready to EVE-olve? What would happen if you didn’t change your story? How ready are you to write a book that will change your life and that of others?

Conscious women are waking up everywhere, coming out of hibernation, writing books, sharing their message and starting EVE-olutions. This is our time.

My book Rude Awakenings – A journey to self-love is the book that I am scared to share. I feel vulnerable. As a strong conscious woman, it is hard to break down the walls I use to protect myself and allow you to see inside my soul. But I am doing it and you can too. I teach others how to write and share, isn’t it time I did they same eh?

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Weekend reflections and new directions

It’s the weekend. This is officially my me time when I watch films and do whatever. Well, when I say whatever, that depends on the furbabies…:-)
Normally on a Sat, I watch a film and love discovering ones with subtitles as they make you concentrate more – no fiddling with FB.
Now that the weather is cooler, I’m looking at things to do around the house. It seems that as soon as everything is done I need to start again. Living in an old house and using rubbish builders means that it is very unforgiving.
The paint is peeling off around the kitchen window and it’s not lost on me that I am also peeling back layers of me. It was only painted last year and that might seem a pain.It actually tells me that rather than paint over the problem, that it’s better to go back and prepare the foundations so that when I paint this time it will have a better chance of sticking.
Today I am sanding my wooden work surfaces and putting linseed oil on them. It seems that as I need nourishing so does my home. It holds an energetic vibration of all that have lived in her. And she holds me in a peaceful embrace. More and more it has become like a she cave where I have licked my wounds, found me and inner peace.
I’ve often felt lonely living here, and this week something shifted after I was disappointed by someone’s actions (the feeling lasted about 2 seconds btw).
There is always a reason that things happen if we just trust that we are always moving in the right direction and now is as it is meant to be.
It was just the kick up the bum I needed to go and find things to do. Last night I went to a new (for me) Spanish conversations meet up – it was fab. There is a new evening dance class starting next Thursday – I’m so excited. Monday I start Pilates to help rebuild my core. Again all of these activities and what they will bring for me are becoming clearer.
This weekend there is a fiesta in the next village and there will be loads of fireworks let off tonight. Which will scare the pants off one of my dogs. I’m staying home to cuddle him. Our home will hold us all.

It is only by becoming a witness to what is going on that we can learn more about ourselves. We cannot control others and it’s far easier to accept they do what they do with the best resources that they have. Others are not responsible for our happiness and often not even aware of makes them happy. It is in our reflections and in trusting our divine inner wisdom that we find the answers that are right for us. And then we can do the right thing for us.

Whatever you are doing this week, I trust that you will enjoy it. Happy reflections.

Doing the right thing your way is a powerful choice

A few weeks ago when driving to the gym, a car in front slammed on his brakes and swerved onto the other side of the road causing the other driver to also slow.

He was trying to not run over a dead dog.

I pulled over. The scene was horrific. I have no idea if this is someone’s pet or if someone had grown tired of it and let it go.

I reached down to touch its ear as if somehow it might still be there. With three dogs of my own, it was distressing to think that this animal was left to suffer. Although one can hope that the suffering was short lived.

A lady stopped to ask if I was ok. She watched me – I was distressed – and protected me as I pulled its body out of the road. Others passing beeped I am not sure if they were annoyed or what.

Why was moving it out of the road the right thing?

Two reasons that this was the right thing

Despite this animal already being dead, it didn’t seem right for its body to take any more cars driving over it.

And its body could help to cause an accident if more people decide to swerve to miss it.

Despite what you think about death or animals surely in all of this there is a message about doing the right thing? Moving the animal so no one gets hurt. For me, there is also a bigger message about our values.

I am not one to walk by. I don’t want to fix people, but I am a good friend and if I can support someone I will. I do what I think is the right thing at that moment. I also do what I think is right for me, whether that is for me personally or for the wider world based on my values.

There will be more things that crop up for me as my life progresses and I hope that I will always do the right thing – for me and the world.

I was left wondering what ‘right thing to do ‘ I am currently neglecting.

What about you?

What does it mean to do the right thing?

I like this quote

Don’t try and do the right thing, because there is no right thing; there’s just the right thing for you. Scottie Thompson

It sums it up.

Your right thing will be based on your values and beliefs. You will act because what you are acting on means something to you.

When I see bullying or unfair behaviour if I can (safe to do so) I will halt it. Justice and fair play are values of mine.

How do you know that what you do is the right thing?

This is a tough question. Sometimes the right thing is to walk away, other times it will be to act on something. Either way, you will know. Later, let’s say you walked away from something and you feel regret then you now have a choice, don’t you? Act or live with how you feel. It is never too late to apologise (or do what you consider to be the right thing). It may not get a good response and that is none of your business. Even if not acting meant that someone else did something to themselves or others, that is not your fault. It is all about choice at that moment.

Often the right thing requires no conscious deliberate thought, you simply act. When my dog was in a panic in the canal and the ex-husband did nothing, I went in and rescued him. Foolhardy? Maybe, but it was my right thing.

Think of people who say after a brave act, ‘oh it was nothing, anyone would have…’ These people are amazing. Would anyone do what they did? Who knows? Their internal values barometer said ‘act’ and they did.

These are my thoughts about the right thing.

Trust your feelings

Quite simply when you observe something, it will trigger a feeling in you. Notice how that feels and what it means to you. Can you stand by? Do you need to act? Trust plays such an important part of doing the right thing. Ask what do I feel about this?

Make a conscious choice

If it is something that you can act on, that is not in the moment, go to your feelings and make a conscious decision based on them. You cannot know the future or the absolute outcome of your actions, but you can consider what might be the result. Feel what is your right thing and make a decision.

Act from love

The other day something angered me. The anger was temporary. In fact, I laughed when I realised that I had been triggered by water leaking into my house through the negligence of a rubbish builder. I saw it as the anger igniting action. The actions that I then took were from a different place – a place of love.

Let go of what the outcome might be

As I said above you can not predict the outcome of every action. Let go of what the outcome will be. If you have acted from love and trust your feelings then chances are it will produce a good result. If it doesn’t what can you learn from that? What might you do differently next time?

Doing the right thing is a personal choice

The right thing will always be a personal choice. Always go with your feelings. Heart, gut and then head.

What right things are you neglecting? I’m sure I have a few.

Right things form part of our stories. Is your a story that you want to turn into a book? Yes? Then please give me a call and we can have an informal chat about writing a book.

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