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Let’s get started

The Journal Blueprint

Turn your story and transformation, or process into a transformational journal that you can use with your coaching or teaching.

Let’s get started

The Journey

Work with me 121, via online courses and get your transformational journal planned, written and published.

90 Day Journal Blueprint


Stage 1 of the process is to brainstorm ideas and decide what you want to create. We’ll explore themes, your ideal client, and the journey you want to take them on and create a rough outline.



Stage 2 involves expanding your outline and designing your journal based on your client’s needs and your transformational process. Then it’s about writing, writing, writing and editing to bring the magic.

Journal Blueprint Course

Publishing And Beyond

Stage 3 is all about cover design, interior layout and getting it published. Then it is about developing your roadmap for the future and raising awareness with the content inspired by your journal.

Online Course - Find Your Transformational Journal Idea

  • The foundational elements of transformational journals
  • Understanding what they are and how they differ from traditional Books
  • Uncovering the potential they hold for transformational work and what they mean to your brand and business
  • The importance of themes
  • Define and identify your ideal client
  • Understand potential outcomes for your clients
  • Map your client’s transformational journey
  • Understand the power of turning points
  • The power of outlining for refining your ideas

The Process



  • Uncover your story to identify the transformative moments in your life and understand their universal appeal.
  • Choose the idea for right now.
  • Gain clarity and choose a theme where you have authority and experience.
  • Understand the writers mindset.


  • Identify your ideal reader.
  • Design a framework that you could use for a series of journals.
  • Plan the journey for the journal.
  • Writing schedules.
  • Explore your journal roadmap.
  • Plan the release and marketing.


  • Create your journal blueprint.
  • Structure your experiences into engaging and easy-to-understand content for your journal, following your framework.
  • Repurpose or develop content that not only reflects your journey but also engages and inspires your audience.
  • Design a lead magnet and start to market your journal.
  • Write and edit your journal.
Journals Women Writing

Your Journal Blueprint

  • Review what else you can create from your journal blueprint.
  • Design your roadmap and add milestones and release dates.


  • The publishing process.
  • Consider routes to publishing PSF, KDP, Lulu and other platforms.
  • Cover Design.
  • Publish your journal.
28 Day Journal 800


  • Receive the 28-Day Introduction To Journaling Ebook (when you purchase the course bundle).
  • Gain PLR rights to publish as your own.
  • Use your ebook to create your version to support your clients.
  • Design a mini-journaling course.

Turn Your Ideas And Words Into Content-Rich Journals

Your journey contains a story full of strength, resilience, and transformation. It’s time to turn this into an inspirational content-rich journal that helps you build your brand and business, eventually, your first book.

But most importantly is an opportunity to create a valuable asset for your clients and potential clients.

Why a Content-Rich Journal?
The idea of planning and writing a book can be daunting. Where do you start? What do you say? How do you say it? How do you plan it?

A content-rich journal is the stepping stone you need. It is more than just the way you do things; it’s the wisdom gained from your personal transformation and insights designed to guide your clients through change.

Working With Me

We’ll work together to:

  • Identify the transformative moments in your life and understand their universal appeal.
  • Uncover your transformational processes from your story and know-how and decide what the theme of your journal is.
  • Identify your ideal reader and the outcomes you want.
  • Structure your experiences into engaging and easy-to-understand content for your journal.
  • Develop content that not only reflects your journey but also engages and inspires your audience.
  • Design a framework that you could use in this journal or for a series of journals.
  • Navigating the emotional and technical challenges of beginning your writing journey.
  • Laying the groundwork for your personal brand, setting the stage for your future book (if that’s what you want).
  • How to use the journal as a template for other content. E.g. A lead magnet, workbook, mini course or coaching program.
  • 28 Introduction To Journaling Workbook to use with your clients to inspire them to start journaling (private label rights).

Which Is Right For You?

90 Day Journal Blueprint

The 90 Day Program

Over 90 days, we will follow a more structured path to get your journal planned, written, edited and published.

As a group, we will support each other through each of the phases and support each other’s launches.

Work with me 121

We’ll meet weekly and move through the process in a personalised manner and spend time considering the best options for you and how we will get them done.

You’ll get a plan to work to, and we will, of course, have fun with our creativity. 

Dale Clarity Session

Clarity Session

Use this session to brainstorm ideas, get unstuck or find your focus for journals and other content.

Journal Blueprint Course

Online Courses

For you, if you like to work through creating journals and other content by yourself and in a group.S Start with Find Your Transformational Journal Idea and move on to Write & Publish Your Journal.


What Else?

Why Create Journals?

Insights: Journals provide insight into your methodologies and approaches. You can share your experiences and lessons learned and turn them into actionable knowledge.

Organising thoughts, theories, and concepts in a structured manner. This structured approach to knowledge can be invaluable in developing interesting journals, training materials and consultation frameworks.

The communication of ideas. This is particularly beneficial in settings where complex ideas need to be conveyed clearly and effectively.

Tool for Client Engagement: Journals can be used as part of your engagement strategy. They can be shared with clients to provide insights, provoke thought, or offer guidance, thereby enriching the client’s experience and learning.

    Quicker than a book: Ideal for those who want to share how to rather than their life story.

    Outcomes for Your Clients

    Improved Methodologies: By distilling your knowledge into journals, you can refine your methodologies, ensuring they are effective and up-to-date. This constant evolution of practice translates to better client outcomes.

    Enhanced Credibility: Publishing journals, whether online or in print, establishes you as a thought leader in your field. This credibility attracts clients and opens up new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

    Resource for Clients: Journals can be an invaluable resource for clients, providing them with insights and strategies to tackle their challenges. They act as a companion in the client’s journey towards self-improvement or problem-solving.

    Building a Knowledge Base: Over time, these journals become a rich source of knowledge and experience. This knowledge base can be leveraged for developing courses or creating content for your groups or memberships.

    Client Empowerment: By having access to the insights and reflections of their coach or consultant, clients feel more empowered and engaged in their own journey. They support your 1-2-1 work.

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    Meet Dale – Transforming Your Wisdom into Words That Heal and Inspire

    In every story, there’s a transformative power that can change lives. My mission is to guide you in capturing this essence, and your wisdom into transformative journals.

    With over 13 years of experience in writing and publishing nonfiction self-help books, my focus has evolved into transformational journals.

    The journey of transformation is a collection of pivotal moments, insights, and lessons. My role is to bridge your lived experiences and their creative expression, helping you to support others through your words.

    Why Dale Darley?

    As an emotional projector and an INFJ, I possess an innate ability to empathise deeply with you, intuiting the stories and knowing where the potential is locked within your journey.

    My top strengths—Strategic, Maximizer, Relator, Ideation, and Connectedness—are the foundation of my approach in the creation of content-rich transformational journals.

    My method isn’t just about writing—it’s about revealing, reflecting, and realising the vast potential your story and transformation have to change others’ lives.

    Through mentorship, you will discover how to uncover and articulate your journey and strategically use it to attract, engage, and inspire your clients, helping you build your brand and business.


    I’m passionate about journaling and writing because writing has helped me heal and grow for over 30 years.

    Journaling has changed my life and even helped me to save my life.

    Journaling and writing are powerful tools for growth, healing, and change. I have a deep understanding of how they work, and my mission is to help you support others with this powerful tool.

    Content-rich journals are a fast and interactive way to create change and transformation with your clients. They are also much easier to write than books.

    If you have content on your computer or in your heart that wants to be in a journal, I’m your gal. I have been a book coach for over 13 years, and I understand what needs to happen to get your ideas out of your head, off your computer and out there.