Getting Started


The Workshop

All workshops are live on Zoom, with a replay option. They will run from 60 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the content.


All workshops come with a workbook, which you can download and use with the workshop or after.

Interactive Sessions

All workshops feature breakout rooms, where you can discuss the activities. It’s ok, it will be fun…

Facebook Group

I have a Group where you can ask questions before or after the workshop. 

Nonfiction Made Easy Workshops

The Journal Blueprint

The Journal Blueprint

In this workshop we will explore each of the elements you need to create brilliant content-rich journals to build your brand and business.

Content repurposing 101 workshop

Content Repurposing 101

How to turn your journal into many other things that all work together to build your brand and business.

Journal Magic

Journal Magic

Using the MAGIC framework, which stands for Map, Assess, Growth Focused, Interactive and Customise. This workshop will help you bring your journal alive by incorporating active learning strategies.

Personal Development Workshops

Wheel of Life

The Wheel Of Life

Learn how to use the wheel of life to know where you are are where you want to be.

Manifesting with the chakras

Manifesting With The Chakras

Unlock the power of the chakras with these unique workshop that takes you on a powerful journey through the chakras and what you want to manifest.

Art Of Confidence

The Art Of Confidence

Join this workshop to connect with your powerful, confident self and learn how to use the AOC tools to become more confident every day,

Oracle Of The year

The Wheel Of The Year

Learn how to create a year of focus for your personal development.

Oracle of the year

Oracle Of The Year

Intuit and create a guiding oracle for your year.

Conscious Decisions

Conscious Decisions

We make millions of decisions, but how do we know that they are the right ones? Join this workshop and learn a different way of connecting with your inner truth.