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Identity and origins

The Healing Book Project - Identity And Origins

Through writing exercises on personal history and identity formation, you’ll uncover the foundation of who you are and how your past shapes your present.


The Healing Book Project - Relationships and Community

By documenting significant relationships and their influences, you gain insights into your interpersonal dynamics, which can profoundly enhance your narrative on building and nurturing meaningful connections.


The Healing Book Project - Challenges And Resilience

By writing about your own trials and the invaluable lessons they impart, you strengthen your perspective and create powerful narratives of triumph and perseverance.

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My Key Offerings

The Journal Blueprint

The Journal Blueprint is designed for counsellors, coaches, healers, and therapists who want to create content-rich transformational journals based on their stories and experiences. This service helps you:

  • Design a journal that captures your transformational framework, offering clients additional opportunities for personal growth.
  • Leverage the journal to expand your brand identity, create a roadmap for product development, and repurpose content to engage and expand your audience.

The Healing Book Project

The Healing Book Project is tailored for women over 40 who are looking to heal their stories through the power of writing and journaling. This program guides you to:

  • Heal through writing, uncovering and articulating your journey.
  • Use the wisdom gained to create a transformational journal or a self-help book based on your story.
  • Inspire and support others through your words and experiences.