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Memoir Made Easy

Memoir Planner

Ready to plan your memoir? Then, this comprehensive workbook is for you.


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Memoir Made Easy

A Comprehensive  Planner for Getting Your Story Out Of Your Head, Planned And Ready To Write

What’s Inside the Planner?

  • Vision And Purpose

  • My Book Exercise

  • Your Ideal Reader

  • Legal and Ethical Considerations

  • Idea Generation and Brainstorming

  • Research

  • Title, Subtitle And Blurb

  • Timelines And Themes

  • Characters

  • Narrative and Character Arcs

  • Plotting And Chapter Outlines

  • Starting To Write

  • Writing Planner

  • Editing Planner



Unlock the power of your personal journey with the Memoir Made Easy planner.

All good books start with a plan, and this planner encourages you to brainstorm your ideas and then guides you through to the point where you are ready to write. It has been designed to be your companion from the moment you contemplate writing a memoir.

We start by defining your purpose for writing, identifying your audience, and shaping your ideal reader profile. You’ll be guided to consider the complexities of legal and ethical considerations, equipping you with the necessary awareness to evaluate potential issues that may arise.

The planner nurtures your creativity and self-reflection through journaling exercises, starting with creating a story list. You’ll get to create a memory box or memory board. It also prepares you for detailed research and supports you in gathering relevant materials and conducting interviews.

You will explore and create a title and book description, after which you’ll go on an adventure through your life with a timeline of significant events where you will be able to identify key themes.

You’ll take a deep dive into understanding your characters, followed by strategies to help you establish your narrative and character arcs, ensuring that your story maintains a compelling momentum.

You will uncover the plot and turn that into chapter outlines, consider what scenes go in which chapter and be ready to write.

The Memoir Made Easy Planner doesn’t just help you organise thoughts—it inspires you to generate and capture new ideas. From the beginning, each step is designed to add layers of depth to your memoir.

It is not just a tool but a roadmap and companion in your memoir journey, guiding you towards a memoir that’s as unforgettable as the life it portrays. Unleash your potential as a memoirist and share your unique story with the world.