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Keep it simple with a little book

Nonfiction Made Easy

Little Books

Create transformational little books like these for your business.

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Nonfiction Made Easy


Plan Your Nonfiction Book

This book will guide you through planning your nonfiction book in a simple and structured way.

Major rewrite for 2024

Memoir Made Easy

Memoir Made Easy

101 questions to ask before you write a book

101 Questions


Meet Dale

As a passionate Transformational Journaling Expert, Writer, Coach and published author, I love creating personal growth journals. These are also used in my accountability coaching, courses and to support my clients.

The power of writing and journaling is well-known for growth, healing, and change. With a deep understanding of journaling as a transformative tool, I guide individuals and groups through introspective writing, helping them unlock their inner potential and navigate life’s complexities.

If you have content on your computer or inside of you and it needs to find a home in a journal, I’m your gal. After being a book coach for over 13 years, I can guide you through finding the right content, planning, writing and self-publishing.

The Journal Blueprint

Turn Your Story And Transformational Processes Into A Content-Rich Journal