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Writing To Heal

The Healing Book Project

A sanctuary for healing, growth, and self-discovery.

  • Do you want to discover the healing power within your own story?
  • Are there past traumas or unresolved issues weighing you down that you need to process and release?
  • Do you crave inner peace and mindfulness amidst the chaos of life?
  • Are you ready to transform your experiences into a journey of healing?
  • Do you want to leave a meaningful legacy and make a difference in others’ lives?

Discover the Power of Writing To Heal

The Healing Book Project is a sacred space for women to heal their stories through my writing-to-heal process. The project will also support these women to write a book to heal and inspire others.

90 Day Journal Blueprint

Monthly Journeys

Each month, there is a ‘life’ focus that ensures that you dive deeply into specific themes. By dedicating each month to a unique aspect of your life, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. You will gain insights enabling you to transform your experiences into a powerful narrative.


Writing To Heal

In this safe healing space, you can articulate and process emotions, leading to incredible self-discovery and healing. By writing about your experiences, you gain new insights into your emotional and behavioural patterns, fostering empathy, acceptance, and transformational change.

Journal Blueprint Course

Your Story And Transformation

Each month you have the opportunity to reflect on your story and transformation as if you were writing a book. Because you may find yourself yearning to write one as we go through the months.

What You’ll Experience

Each month, you will explore a new theme, delving into aspects of your life and identity through a rich blend of activities, including:

  • Introduction to the Month’s Subject: Understand the importance and benefits of each month’s focus.
  • Writing Exercises: Engage in exercises that introduce and deepen your exploration of the subject.
  • Journal Prompts: Reflect on 21  prompts related to the month’s theme.
  • Mandala Coloring: A prompt for a 5-minute colouring exercise to bring mindfulness into your routine.
  • Therapeutic Writing Exercises: Exercises based on therapy to process and articulate emotions.
  • Deep Reflection and Emotional Exploration: Reflect deeply on the month’s subject and explore your emotional world.
  • Psychological Tools and Spiritual Reflections: Utilise psychological frameworks and integrate spiritual dimensions to enrich your healing.
  • Breathwork, Mindfulness, and Movement: Incorporate practices that support your writing and overall well-being.
  • If This Were A Book: Take the month theme and ask questions that will help you write a book if you want to.

    This Program Is For You If...

    Healing Book Project

    By asking these key questions and defining who this program is for, I aim to connect deeply with the right people, making you feel seen, understood, and excited to join the Healing Book Project.

    You Are Looking For A Different Approach To Healing: If you have past experiences that you want to process and heal, this program provides the tools and support to help you navigate and transform your pain into wisdom.

    You Love Writing or Want to Start: Whether you’re an avid writer or someone who dreams of putting pen to paper, the Healing Book Project offers structured exercises and prompts to guide you.

    You Crave Personal Growth: This program is designed for those who are committed to personal development and want to explore and understand themselves on a deeper level.

    You Value Spiritual Connection: If you are more spiritual than religious and want to connect with your divine inner wisdom, the spiritual reflections and practices integrated into this program will resonate with you.

    You Desire Holistic Well-being: With components that include mindfulness, breathwork, and movement, this program supports your overall well-being, blending physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

    You Aspire to Write a Book: If you aspire to write a book one day, this program will help you build the foundation, providing insights and techniques.

    You Want Community and Support: Join an optional community of like-minded women on similar journeys, offering peer support, encouragement, and shared experiences.

    The Benefits of Joining The Healing Book Project


    Emotional Healing

    By expressing and processing complex emotions through therapeutic writing, you will find relief from emotional burdens and a greater sense of inner peace.

    The program’s exercises help you cultivate self-compassion and forgive yourself and others, which are essential steps toward healing and personal growth.


    Increased Self-Awareness

    Through reflective writing and psychological exploration, you will better understand your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, leading to improved self-awareness.

    Understanding your past and its impact on your present will empower you to make informed decisions and embrace a path of continuous personal development.


    Spiritual Growth

    The program encourages spiritual reflections, helping you connect with your divine inner wisdom and find greater meaning and purpose.

    Integrating spiritual practices with therapeutic writing offers a comprehensive approach to healing, addressing mind, body, and spirit.

    Journals Women Writing

    Skill Development

    Regular writing exercises and feedback will enhance your writing skills and creativity.

    If you aspire to write a book, this program will provide the insights and confidence needed to start your writing journey.


    Safety and Emotional Support

    Writing about personal history can trigger memories of trauma. The program acknowledges this and can provide information on accessing mental health services and professional support.

    The program emphasises the importance of self-care and compassion, encouraging you to be kind and gentle with yourself throughout your healing journey.

    28 Day Journal 800

    Enhanced Empathy and Compassion

    Sharing your story and listening to others’ experiences will expand your perspective, creating deeper empathy and compassion for yourself and others.

    Building a sense of community with like-minded women will enrich your journey, providing support, encouragement, and shared understanding.

    Which Is Right For You?

    90 Day Journal Blueprint

    Monthly Workbooks

    You will receive a comprehensive workbook covering that month’s theme each month. The first is available on July 8th.

    90 Day Journal Blueprint

    The Healing Book Community

    As well as the monthly workbook you will also be a part of a supportive community.

    There will be masterclasses, writing circles and additional support.

    Journal Blueprint Course

    Online Courses

    What Else?

    Flexible Pathways

    Customised Experience: The program offers flexible pathways, allowing you to tailor your participation according to your personal comfort level and interests.

    Pace and Path: Engage with the material at your own pace and choose the paths that resonate most with your healing and personal development needs.

    Flying Solo Or Being A Part Of A Community: Do this on your own or connect with a community of supportive, like-minded women.

    This Program May Not Be For You If...

    Healing Book Project

    You Prefer Structured, Conventional Therapy: If you prefer traditional therapy sessions with a licensed therapist and aren’t interested in incorporating writing, spiritual reflections, or creative exercises, this program may not align with your preferences.

    You Are Not Ready to Engage in Deep Self-Reflection: This program requires a willingness to delve deeply into your emotions, past experiences, and inner thoughts. If you are not ready for this level of introspection, it might not be the right time for you to join.

    You Are Looking For Quick Fixes: Personal growth and healing are gradual processes that require time, patience, and consistent effort. This program may not meet your expectations if you are looking for immediate solutions or quick fixes.

    You Are Reluctant to Write: Writing is a central component of this program. If you are resistant to writing or do not find value in expressive and therapeutic writing practices, you may not fully benefit from the program.

    You Are Uncomfortable with Group Interaction: The program includes opportunities for community interaction and peer feedback. You might find this aspect challenging if you are uncomfortable sharing your experiences and insights with others.

    You Require Intensive Professional Support: Although the program provides resources and guidance, it is not a substitute for intensive, professional mental health treatment. If you need immediate or intensive therapeutic support, it is important to seek help from qualified mental health professionals.