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Accountability Coaching – A 12-Month Transformative Journey

12 Months focused clarity sessions for designing what you want.

12 Weeks Coaching

Getting to the heart of an issue and planning a roadmap forward.

Clarity Session

A one-off personalised clarity session.

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Together, we have the potential to achieve great things.

Join me for a one-on-one deep dive where we explore your current state, pinpoint what’s holding you back, and design a tailor-made action plan to reignite the fire within. We’ll look at your challenges from different perspectives and explore what you want and how you will achieve it.

I work with my intuition, energy tools, journaling, mindfulness and mind-body awareness.


What Is Life Coaching/Mentoring?

Personalised Guidance and Support:

Life coaching and mentoring provide personalised guidance tailored to individual needs. I work with you to help identify personal strengths and areas for improvement, offering support in developing and achieving specific goals. This one-on-one attention ensures that strategies are uniquely suited to you, leading to more effective and meaningful progress.

Accountability and Encouragement:

A key benefit of life coaching and mentoring is the accountability it provides. Having someone to report progress to can significantly increase motivation and commitment to goals. I am here to offer encouragement and positive reinforcement, which can be crucial in overcoming obstacles and maintaining focus on long-term objectives.

Skill Development and Enhanced Performance:

Life coaching and mentoring can lead to the development of new skills and the enhancement of existing ones. Whether it’s improving communication, leadership, confidence, self-worth, self-love, or other personal and professional skills, I provide the tools and techniques necessary for growth. This can lead to improved performance in various aspects of life, including career, relationships, and personal well-being.

Increased Self-Awareness and Confidence:

Engaging in life coaching and mentoring often leads to increased self-awareness. This deeper understanding of personal values, beliefs, and behaviours will enable you to make more informed decisions and embrace change more readily. As a result, there is often a significant boost in self-confidence, empowering you to take on new challenges and seize opportunities more effectively.

How Do I Know If Coaching is Right For Me?

You’ll know coaching is for you if you’re seeking personalised guidance to achieve specific goals, desire a supportive accountability partner, and are open to self-discovery and personal growth.

Desire for Personal Growth:

If you’re committed to personal development and eager to expand your skills, knowledge, and self-awareness, coaching can be a valuable tool.

Open To Exploration & Creativity:

I also use energy tools, intuition, and mind-body awareness methods. 

Openness to Feedback:

Coaching is beneficial if you’re open to receiving constructive feedback and willing to consider new perspectives and approaches.

Willingness to Take Action:

Coaching is effective if you’re ready to take action and make changes in your life, as it requires active participation and implementation of learned strategies.

Goal-Oriented Mindset:

If you have clear goals or aspirations but are unsure how to achieve them, coaching can provide the direction and support you need. Goals will only work when you work out how you get things done.

Need for Accountability:

If you find it challenging to stay motivated and consistent in your efforts, a coach can provide the necessary accountability to keep you on track.

My Approach

As a coach and mentor, my approach is deeply rooted in my open, intuitive, creative, and empathetic nature. Being open-minded, I welcome diverse perspectives and ideas, which allows me to understand and adapt to the unique needs and aspirations of each individual I work with. This flexibility ensures that my coaching and mentoring methods are not one-size-fits-all but are instead tailored to the specific context and goals of my clients.

My intuition plays a critical role in my approach. It helps me to quickly sense underlying issues or challenges that may not be immediately apparent. This insight enables me to guide my clients more effectively towards realising their potential and overcoming any obstacles they may face.

Creativity is at the heart of my problem-solving strategies. I believe that every challenge presents an opportunity for innovative thinking. By encouraging creative solutions, I help my clients explore new possibilities and perspectives, leading to breakthrough moments and transformative outcomes.

Lastly, being a good listener is fundamental to my coaching and mentoring style. I actively listen not just to the words spoken but also to the emotions and thoughts behind them. This empathetic listening creates a safe and trusting environment where my clients feel heard, understood, and supported. It’s through this deep understanding that I can facilitate meaningful growth and development in those I work with.

Dale Darley

About Dale

I hold an MBA from The University of Glamorgan, an ILM level 7 Executive Coaching certificate and an NLP Practitioners certificate.

Prior to becoming a coach/mentor, I taught Executive Leadership, Assertiveness Skills and Knowledge Management.


  • ILM (Institute of Leadership Management) Level 7 Executive Coach

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Reiki 1,2 & Angelic

  • Crystal Therapist & Healer

  • Nutritional Healing Therapist (Naturopathic)

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