Write a book, share your story and change lives

Write your personal story / memoir

Your book and story has the power to change lives. Sharing it is the pathway to truly owning it and demonstrating how others can learn and make meaning in their own lives.

It is not just about telling your story, it is knowing that what you write will be read by others and that someone will be inspired by you.

Sharing your story will help you to find your voice, your essence and the true expression of who you are.

Your outcomes
You will have the right book for right now. Written in your unique way.

What we will be exploring



We'll dive into your story ideas and find the one that best expresses what you need to write about at this time.



We'll gently uncover your story and write it in a sensitive way that allows you to express yourself and heal as you write.



Gently supporting, inspiring and motivating you to write your best work.

Clients Books

Behind each of these books is a personal story. Each author chose how they wanted to share their story with the world.

Anandi - Breathe better, Sleep better
Andro Donovan - Motivate Yourself

Dale acted as a catalyst that kept me going when it got tough! Writing a book is a personal journey of breaking through a number of limiting beliefs that can give a new author many difficult days and nights of self- doubt. Dale provided constant cheer leader support, encouragement and structure. I would highly recommend her to any new budding authors.

Andro Donovan Personal Development for CEO's
Tara Halliday

 Tara Halliday 

 The Coach's Guide to Impostor Syndrome 


Big shout out to Dale Darley who's been helping me with structural editing for my book 'The Coach's Guide to Impostor Syndrome'. I'd written the content but it felt clunky, didn't flow and had obvious flaws like repetition. I didn't know how to fix it so I was feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Not fun!

Dale gave me great suggestions, tamed the confusing parts and told me the practical (and creative) steps. Now I'm really excited to be editing!!

Placing your trust in a coach to help you to plan, write and edit your book is courageous. When we work together my promise to you is that I will respect and honour your ideas, story and words.

Are you ready to share your story?

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