Writing therapy

Life doesn’t always go according to plan

Sometimes it feels messy, unorganized, Unpredictable and scary

You might be feeling low, fed up, naffed off or stressed out

And sometimes you do not know where to turn or who to speak to

That’s when listening to your inner voice is the only way forward

But how?

Writing. Using words to heal and connect to your divine inner wisdom.

Being listened to, heard and having someone to guide you

And having a sounding board, who will not judge you ever

We all go through ‘stuff’ 

Dale Darley

When we do wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that there is a way that you can find your inner peace and contentment again?

Writing therapy aka writing to heal

I know what it’s like. My life hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses, but when I head to bed and put pen to paper, the words flow and healing comes.

Keeping a journal which is focused on your healing is a wonderful way to make sense of the world, to gain clarity and to know how to move forward.

When you work with me, I listen and then provide guidance for a way to get the most from your journal and your life.

Starting a journal when things go awry could lead you into writing a book about your personal story. In this way you can heal further and inspire others to heal and grow.

I have helped many people to 

  • Start journaling and writing
  • Write a healing story (which may never be published – it’s the process that heals)
  • Write books that help others to heal and grow

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